The Cleaning Lady Episode 5 Summary and Ending, Explained

In Season 2 of Fox’s The Cleaning Lady, Thony tries to find a new direction after Arman and Garrett are no longer in her life.

But she’s in trouble after trouble, and episode five is more of the same. Thony and Arman work together in the episode The Brit to help Arman pay off his debt faster. Meanwhile, Garrett searches for a criminal named “The Brit”. As a result, Thony, Arman and Garrett’s paths cross, leading to exciting drama. Here’s everything you need to know about The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 5 if you want to catch up on what happened and how it ended.

The cleaning lady episode 5

The cleaning lady season 5 episode 5

The episode, titled “The Brit,” begins with Thony and Fiona running their own cleaning service. But it is difficult for them to find new customers. Fiona worries about Chir’s mental health and Jaz and her father just got back from a trip. Fiona searches for cleaning jobs as much as she can and gets a call from a dancer named Ginger. Meanwhile, Arman and Nadia argue over how to pay back the money they owe Robert Kamdar. Thony’s slow way of selling drugs, on the other hand, makes her impatient. Because of this, Arman decides to do something himself. He wants to move a big load to make $200,000, but Thony doesn’t agree because she thinks it goes against her values. So Arman and Thony go their separate ways.

While searching for Cortez, FBI Special Agent Garrett Miller meets Special Agent Tyler Jefferson. Garrett finds out about “The Brit,” a mysterious drug dealer in Las Vegas, over Maya’s phone. He learns that The Brit will soon be transporting a large shipment of drugs, so he directs his network of intelligence sources to keep an eye out for The Brit. Robert hurts Arman’s feelings by using him as a hired muscle, making him very angry. After Arman beats up one of Robert’s business partners, Robert tells him to call Thony to clean up the mess.

Meanwhile, Ginger gives Thony and Fiona a job. But Thony has to go when Arman calls her and says he needs help right away. When Thony finds out about Arman’s situation, he decides to help him get through it. But Nadia gets jealous when Arman and Thony work together, causing her and Arman to fight. Fiona does the work with the help of her family, which makes Ginger happy. Ginger gives Fiona a long-term contract because of this. Thony does as Robert tells her and then sets about closing the drug deal with Arman.

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How does the fifth episode of “The cleaning lady” end? Does Garrett catch Thony and Arman?

Arman and Thony agree to take the drugs to street dealers so she can make a quick buck and Arman can pay Robert Kamdar back. The two people close the deal and get their money. Meanwhile, Garrett’s spy tells him about the drug deal. To get at The Brit, Garrett decides to stop the drug deal. But when Garrett gets there, the deal is done and the dealers drive off in a truck. Garrett manages to catch up and stop the truck.

Garrett finds out that Arman and Thony are the drug dealers. He points a gun at her and demands that she tell him what’s going on. Garrett wants to arrest Arman, but he lets Thony clear her name first. Thony, on the other hand, takes the blame for the drug trade and tries to protect Arman. Still, Garrett doesn’t believe Thony’s story. Garrett decides to put Thony and Arman in jail after they gave him no reason to let them go. Thony, on the other hand, makes a deal with Garrett.

Thony tells Robert Kamdar that Cortez works for him. Garrett pursues Cortez and wants to capture the criminal so he can free Maya. So Thony offers to help Garrett catch Robert, who she sees as a bigger criminal and Cortez’s boss. Thony says that Robert is a loan shark who invests in almost every illegal business in Las Vegas.

Garrett knows from what Thony says that Robert Kamdar is the mysterious Brit he’s looking for. Because of this, Thony asks Garrett to let her and Arman off the hook. In return, Thony agrees to help Garrett by telling other people about it. In the end, Garrett doesn’t put Thony and Arman in jail. He agrees to Thony’s deal, which puts him, Arman, and Thony in the same awkward alliance they were forced to form at the end of season one.

The cleaning lady episode 5
The cleaning lady episode 5

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The poor woman keeps getting caught up in fights that aren’t hers and she doesn’t seem to get a break. In the final minutes of “The Cleaning Lady” Season 2 Episode 5, she did something that made her situation worse than being involved in Hayak’s dealings. She offered to be a confidential informant for Garrett and said she would give Robert Kamdar on a silver platter. And Kamdar is a very dangerous person, as we’ve seen in our short time with him. Not only that, he kind of owns Arman right now, making this a very confusing and difficult situation for the extraordinary character who was forced to deal with the criminal mastermind in Vegas and turned into a “thug in a suit”.

Garrett caught Thony and Arman with a truck full of drugs and a duffel bag full of money. This put Thony in a difficult position. At that point, they didn’t have many good options, and their main goal was to stay alive. Thony has always been imaginative – she always finds a way. She also promised to bail Arman out, so she told Garrett that she would be his informant because she felt she was doing the right thing for everyone, including herself since she couldn’t risk going to jail walk. But if I’m being honest, I think getting caught in the midst of Kamdar’s criminal empire would be worse than being arrested. If Kamdar finds out that she works for the FBI, there is no way she can take care of Luca. Kamdar is very cruel.

Arman didn’t have much say in the matter, but it was clear he didn’t like their underhanded plan. Arman wanted to take the blame for Thony and let him go, but she wouldn’t let him because she was there to help him. If he got caught, he wouldn’t make it through prison a second time, and he wouldn’t be able to pay his way through.

Arman will feel bad about Thony’s situation because he’s the one who got her there. His insistence on selling street drugs to make more money landed her in another mess. Arman and Nadia wanted to take over their drug empire because they didn’t think Thony’s moral behavior would make them enough money, but they didn’t consider the dangers that came with it. Arman had a clear idea of ​​what he needed to do to get away from Kamdar, while Nadia just wanted to get back to her carefree life. Things might have been different if Arman had listened to Thony and put his trust in her.

Most of the time I didn’t like the way Arman looked down on Thony’s doubts. Selling drugs without a license is against the law, but Thony wanted to make sure that if she had to, she would at least do some good and bring good into the world. She deals with what happens to the drugs after giving them to other people.

It was mean of Arman to bring up all the things he’s done for her and keep them from her. He even said he “killed for her,” referring to the seedy motel attendant. While all of these things were true, it hurt to hear Arman cite them as if he were doing everything for his own gain. Don’t get me wrong, Thony fought for him even with the few tools she had. It wasn’t fair of him to point the finger at her; It was a cheap shot that left a bad taste in my mouth. And I understand that Arman feels the pressure of working for Kamdar in many ways: he’s losing his status, he can’t focus on his business, and he’s been reduced to a thug and teaching the people he used to work with . bloody” lesson. He beat the man to a pulp because he was so angry about his situation. He gets lost in the process, and that’s not good. When Thony saw how poorly Arman was doing and how much he was suffering, she understood why he felt he had to pay the money back. They didn’t have much time, so she agreed to help him transport the item. If she had just given it to her dealer, they might have avoided encountering Garrett, but it’s too late now.

When they were caught off guard and spotted, Thony played the only card she could.

Garrett works for the FBI, but if he can get what he wants, he’ll turn a blind eye. He knows, in a way, that Thony is no threat and is just in the wrong business to support her family. And although he doesn’t like the “handsome” Arman and wants to kill him, he wants to save Maya and kill more Cortes.

There are some good things about being a cleaning lady, like hearing some private and tense conversations. That’s what got Thony into this mess in the first place, but seeing Kamdar hook up with Cortes was her salvation because she could shoot this and give Garrett in exchange for her and Arman’s freedom. However, I use the word “freedom” in a broad sense because Kamdar owns Arman but Garrett now owns Thony.

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