The Floor is Lava Mermaids: Where Are They Now?

The reality show Floor is Lava, developed by Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal and available on Netflix, offers a new take on a well-known and beloved children’s pastime. Players on the show are asked to move from one place to another without touching the ground. This is quite similar to the goal of the game that gives the show its name. If a player fails to complete a task successfully, they will be dropped into the bubbling red lava located at the bottom of the room. The obstacles may be difficult, but the prize for the winning team is $10,000 and the floor is a lava lamp.

Some of the teams are gaining a following of fans of their own due to their strong performances on the show, and Season 3’s mermaids are no exception. Despite the fact that they got off to a less than stellar start, the trio of close friends were able to overcome the obstacle and claim the reward up for grabs. Of course fans are interested in knowing what the band is up to at the moment and we’re here to provide an update on that front.

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The lava journey begins on the bottom of the mermaids

In the fourth episode of the third season of Floor is Lava, professional mermaids Orielle, Naiya and Quintessence make the bold decision to adopt the modernized version of a well-known game from their youth. As a tribute to what they did for a living, three young women have decided to call their troupe the Mermaids. The group of three had a lot of willpower and were willing to do a lot of fish puns so they could compete and beat the other teams. You were instructed to move through the Haunted Attic in the first few rounds of the competition.

Naiya was unable to keep her balance on a relatively small jump and drowned in the lava shortly after the mermaids’ challenge began. In order for Quintessence to continue progressing along the path she chose, she needed Orielle’s help as she had already made some progress in that direction. Orielle’s attempt to jump from a mannequin onto a platform was unsuccessful as she failed to properly catch her target and fell to the ground. Because of this, Quintessence was forced to reconsider their previous steps and take an alternative path. She completed the task alone by moving along the walls of the chamber, and this allowed her team to advance to the next round. Before her, no one in the cruise crew had been able to complete the course.

The competition between Team Mermaids and Team Bakers to place the three stones on the volcano’s mouth started on an equal footing for both teams. However, when it came time for the mermaids to climb the volcano, they were delayed by a considerable amount of time to begin the ascent. Team Bakers had a significant advantage over them, but everything got messed up when one of their teammates got trapped in the lava. Although the other two bakers placed their stones before any of the mermaids had even placed their first stone, they still failed to win the game as all three mermaids still had a chance to win. The three mermaids worked their way to the top and fully coped with the task with patience and perseverance.

floor is lava
floor is lava

Who are these merpeople and where are they now?

Sheroes Entertainment is a party entertainment company offering a variety of party services. Orielle, Naiya and Quintessence are all members of the Sheroes Entertainment team. Due to their profession as mermaids, young people have great affection for the three. Regarding the locations of each of them, it appears that Orielle is currently living in Oregon with her lover and enjoying a great relationship with her. Orielle revealed in June 2022 that she was able to fully embrace her sexuality for the first time in the previous month, Pride Month, and that she had support from many people for her happy progress.

Meanwhile, Naiya, also known as Naiia Lajoie, is involved in the entertainment industry as an actor and underwater stunt performer. Roman Claybourne was born to his parents Naiya and Dan Claybourne in July 2022. In August 2022, the happy mom reached the end of her 9-year residency in Los Angeles, California. She is content with how far she has gone. The same goes for Quintessence, also based in the Golden State, who finds immense satisfaction in the role of professional mermaid and aquatic performer. We hope they have a bright future ahead of them and wish them the very best in all aspects of their lives.

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