The internet is outraged after Delta Innovative Services’ Matthew Barnett was released in the 2012 Daisy Coleman case.

Project Manager Matthew Barnett works for Delta Innovative Services. He rose to fame in 2012 after being accused of assaulting Daisy Coleman.

Daisy Coleman committed suicide in 2020, and her mother also committed suicide a few months later. She committed suicide overwhelmed by the loss of her two children. Daisy died in 2020 and her younger son died in an accident in 2019.

Daisy’s case has garnered a lot of media attention, even inspiring the documentary “Audrie & Daisy.” She won a Cinema Eye Honor for the film.

Where is Matthew Barnett from Delta Innovative Services?

Matthew Barnett has progressed throughout his life and is currently employed as a project manager at Delta Innovative Services. He and his partner live in a two bedroom estate. Although he said he would suffer no matter what, his work brings in $55,000.

He was accused of sexually assaulting Daisy Coleman, but he denied the allegations and insisted it was consensual. The fact that he was the grandson of Rex, a well-known Republican congressman, earned his family respect in the community.

He was charged with a lesser offense notwithstanding the charges and the charge of endangering a minor. He was also given a two-year probationary period.

Thomas Barnett in 2020

He then enrolled at the University of Central Missouri to continue his studies thereafter. However, for allowing a student alleged to have committed such a crime to remain enrolled at the university, officials were severely criticized by the public. He left school as a result, but the university later issued a statement saying those allegations had been withdrawn and he was now eligible to continue his education.

He disappeared from public view entirely after that, but came forward following the deaths of Daisy Coleman and her mother in 2020. He reportedly expressed his sadness upon learning of her death, per the Daily Mail. However, he added that he would find it difficult because he felt he had been wrongly accused.

Discussion of the Daisy Coleman Assault Case Online

Daisy Coleman, a 14-year-old girl, was attacked by Matthew Barnett, a 17-year-old Missouri youth, in 2012. A 15-year-old man is also accused of assaulting her 13-year-old pal in a similar manner.

Two years after the incident, the defendant pleaded guilty, but the charges were reduced to child endangerment, a second-degree misdemeanor.

Even the justice they received was the result of a long struggle. Following the allegations against Matthew, Daisy’s mother said she lost her job as a veterinarian at a clinic and her children were threatened and bullied. They even moved from Maryville to Albany, Missouri.

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What verdict was passed on Matthew Barnett?

Although Matthew Barnett was found guilty of a second-degree misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child, he was charged with criminal assault. He received a four-month prison sentence, which was suspended in favor of a two-year probationary period.

He also had to pay the Colemans $1,800 and submit to a drug test and community service. He was also prohibited from consuming alcohol and told that violating his probation would result in a four-month jail sentence.