The Narcos-Saints ending is described. Is Jeon in custody? How much money does Kang get?

Conceived and developed by Yoon Jong-bin and Kwon Sung-Hui, the crime series Narco-Saints, also available on Netflix under the names Suriname and The Accidental Narco, is inspired by real-life occurrences. Kang In-gu, an ordinary businessman from South Korea, uproots his life and moves to Suriname to start a new business in the fishing industry. Kang’s life, however, is turned upside down when he becomes involved in a plot to apprehend a drug lord named Jeon Yo-hwan who has taken control of the nation. Because of this, Kang must overcome a series of obstacles and control the course of events in order to successfully capture Jeon. Because of this, viewers are probably curious about the outcome of Kang’s mission. In this case, I’ve included all the information you need regarding completing Narco-Saints. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Narcos-Saints end

A synopsis of the first season of Narco Saints

The story of Narco-Saints revolves around Kang In-gu, a low-income person struggling to survive in suburban South Korea. Despite this, Kang is a savvy businessman who can negotiate favorable deals for his customers. Kang assumed the role of primary caregiver for his younger siblings after the deaths of both his parents. Although he is married and has two children, he cannot offer them a comfortable existence. When Kang’s childhood friend Eungsoo finally returns from his trip to South America, Kang is overjoyed.

Ray is a species of fish commonly found in Suriname but not typically eaten there. Eungsoo comes up with a concept for a business that will transport skates and sell them to Kang. It has a large following in South Korea and can be bought cheaply in Suriname. As a result, Kang sees an opportunity to significantly increase his wealth, so he sells all of his businesses and relocates to a country in South America. Kang and Eungsoo start a fishing business in the country of Suriname.

Kang reckons his company will run smoothly after striking a deal with the military. Kang, on the other hand, has problems with Chinese drug dealer Chen Jin, who wants to get involved in the operation. Meanwhile, Kang visits Pastor Jeon Yo-hwan and discusses the issues he has with Cheng. Jeon decides to take care of Cheng alone and takes control of the situation. As a direct result, Cheng has promised not to interfere in Kang’s professional endeavors. However, Kang’s package is confiscated by the Coast Guard after cocaine is discovered inside. When Choi Chang-ho Kang comes to his aid, he is saved from the harsh punishment he faced after he was imprisoned.

It is revealed by Chang-ho, who works for the NIS, that Pastor Jeon is actually a drug lord who controls most of South Korea’s cocaine distribution. He uses the church as a cover for his business, which he runs in Colombia with the help of subcontractors. Chang-ho explains that Jeon tried to smuggle his cocaine by taking advantage of Kang’s company. In exchange for Kang’s help in capturing Jeon, he promises Kang his freedom. After some thought, Kang finally decides to accept the position on the condition that he be compensated for his work. Jeong comes to the conclusion that according to the Chang agreement, he should become an undercover agent for the NIS. ho is

Kang uses Cheng as bait to lure Jeon in, then reveals that he has a source in Asia capable of selling Jeon’s cocaine across the region. To talk to Jeon, Chang-ho pretends to be the delivery man Sangman. A contract is formed in the short term, although neither Jeon nor Kang trust the other. Following the confiscation of Jeon’s shipment at the Brazilian border, his main mode of transport for contraband was put out of service. As a result, Jeon has reason to doubt Sangman’s motives. Sangman suggests sending the drugs through Puerto Rico, but Jeon objects, so the two have decided to end their agreement. As a direct result, Chang-ho and Kang must devise an alternative strategy to apprehend the notorious drug lord.

The Conclusion of Narco Saints Season 1: Has Jeon Been Arrested?

In the sixth and final episode, Jeon finds himself in a precarious position and must find a way out. Because of the theft of his show, his partnership with Chen is over. Because of this, Jeon is forced to kill Chen and the other men to recover the drugs. After successfully recovering the narcotics, Jeon visits Sangman with the intention of making a new business deal. After initially refusing to take the route, Jeon makes the decision to use Puerto Rico. As a result, Sangman is not fully convinced of the deal. However, after Jeon offers to transport the package quickly, Sangman, aka Chang-ho, agrees.

On the other hand, Jeon is concerned about the transaction given recent events such as the death of David Park and the involvement of the Brazilian army. Therefore, Jeon decides to delegate the task of handing over the shipment to one of his goons instead of doing it himself. Kang argues with Chang-ho to force him to hand over the narcotics shipment. Jeon, on the other hand, isn’t willing to take the risk. Because of this, Chang’s plan to arrest Jeon at the handover got messed up. Despite this, he is able to improvise and ends up capturing Jeon’s man, whom he then hires to convince Jeon that the transaction went smoothly.

Meanwhile, Chang-ho manages to secure the drugs and take the storyline to the next level. Chang-ho works with the DEA to conduct an operation against Jeon’s base. In the end, the strike is successful and members of the drug cartel are arrested by the DEA and NIS. Jeon tries to run away but Kang can stop him. As Chang-ho approaches to arrest Jeon, the two continue to attack each other. The cartel boss quickly decides he’s been tricked and gives up. Jeon has been dodging the police for a number of years, and his keen perception of potential danger has helped him escape almost every time. But this time, Jeon’s instincts fail him and he falls straight into the elaborate trap set for him. In the end, Jeon is held accountable for his misdeeds and Suriname is freed from the drug lord’s control.

Narcos-Saints end
Narcos-Saints end

Does Kang get his money?

Throughout the series, Kang is portrayed as a family man dedicated to helping his wife and children lead more fulfilling lives. After Jeon’s interference, Kang is given a second chance to succeed in the corporate world, this time with the support of Chang-ho and the NIS. If Kang manages to help Chang-ho capture Jeon, the deal he makes with Chang-ho is for him to receive a payment of 5 million won. In the final episode, Kang puts his life on the line to capture Jeon and complete the task. Over the course of the show, Kang faces and overcomes a number of challenges and threats, but he continues to pursue his goal in hopes that it will provide him and his family with a better standard of living.

After successfully completing the quest, Kang can return home and spend time with his family. It’s a moving experience that brings Kang back to earth and reminds him that spending time with his family is more important than making money. As a result, he makes the decision to never put his life in danger again. At the end of the story, Chang-ho visits Kang at his residence in South Korea. Chang-ho responds to Kang’s request regarding his overdue payment by stating that the NIS cannot pay him directly. Instead, they will give Kang three army karaoke machines to own and operate on his own. But Kang, fed up with the degrading lifestyle of being a bar/karaoke runner, turns down the offer because he’s fed up with the job.

In the tense final minutes, Chang-ho explains that Jeon delivered a message just for Kang. Jeon is interested in buying the baseball that Kang stole from his house as it has a fake autograph on it. On the other hand, Chang-ho reveals that Jeon confirmed to him that the autograph is real. After Kang realizes this information, the show ends. The final scene gives the impression that autographed baseball is incredibly expensive and could offer Kang an opportunity to earn enough money to improve his family’s standard of living. As a result, the series’ conclusion focuses on Kang’s efforts to rent with his family to increase their income.