The official cause of Anne Heche’s death was revealed days after the actress was taken off life support

MAR VISTA, LOS ANGELES: Days after it was reported that her life support had been turned off following her death, Anne Heche’s death was ruled an accident.

The 53-year-old actress died from smoke inhalation and burns, the Los Angeles County Coroner said. She also has a “fractured sternum from blunt trauma,” which is a “serious condition” often caused when a person’s chest hits the steering wheel in an accident.

Heche’s life support was switched off on Sunday August 14 after health officials found people who were a good match for his organs. She died a week after being seriously injured in a car accident while “high on cocaine”. Heche had not been drinking alcohol, but the drug was found in her blood after the accident. She had been spotted with a bottle of vodka in her drink holder. Heche is said to have been brain dead days after the accident in which her car caught fire.

Lynne Mishele, whose home Anne Heche rammed into and killed her, has a GoFundMe page that has raised over $100,000 for her.

What is the name of Lynne Mishele? Anne Heche drove her car into a woman’s house and set it on fire.

Heche’s organs were kept alive even after her death so that they could be given to other people. TMZ heard from sources that surgeons removed several organs over the weekend. It is not clear which they are or how many there are. Her sons Homer and Atlas are still alive.

Initially, the LAPD considered the accident a possible felony because the woman at whose home the car crashed was injured. Lynne Mishele, the wife, was in the house at the time. It is not clear how badly Mishele was injured. But police have now said that “no further investigations will be carried out” in this case. However, according to People, “any information or recordings requested prior to this turn of events will continue to be collected as a matter of form as they come in.”

After Heche passed away, a family representative told TMZ, “We have lost a shining light, a kind and cheerful soul, a loving mother and a devoted friend. Anne will be greatly missed but will live on through her beautiful sons, her famous works and the causes she was so passionate about. Her bravery in always speaking the truth and spreading her message of love and acceptance will have an impact that will last.”

In an Instagram post, Mishele shared her sadness and sent a message to the late actress’ family and friends. “It is very sad to hear that Anne Heche has passed away. Her family, friends and most importantly her children have really lost a lot and my heart goes out to them,” Mishele said in an Instagram video post. “This whole situation is sad and there are no words to describe it. Sending my love to everyone involved,” she said. Before the accident, Mishele was helping her dog with cancer get well. Mishele was almost injured in the crash so a GoFundMe was set up for her. The house, however, was ruined.