The Patient Episode 7 Summary and Analysis

The seventh episode of the thriller series The Patient, airing on FX and available on Hulu, is called Kaddish. This episode continues the aftermath of Elias’ death. After Alan Strauss discovers the letter Sam Fortner puts in Elias’ mouth, he reckons the authorities will arrive anytime to arrest Sam Fortner for the crime. Sam is finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that he had to kill Elias as he tries to figure out how to deal with the discomfort he is feeling. Alan continues to brood over his late therapist, Charlie, while searching for a solution to the problem he’s facing. Alan is currently in a difficult situation. The gripping episode ends with some important revelations, which we’ve broken down for you. Let’s talk about what we’re up to!


A Summary of Episode 7 of The Patient

At the beginning of “Kaddish,” Alan is shown having a dream in which he is in a concentration camp with his son Ezra. In his head, he is having a discussion with Charlie, trying to decipher the meaning of the sentence. The therapist takes his frustration out on his son, saying that after he converted to devout Judaism, the son completely erased him and his wife Beth from his life. He endeavors to publicly perform a prayer known as kaddish, but quickly finds that he has forgotten the words. Alan also considers the possibility that the authorities will discover the note and travel to Sam’s house, where they will rescue him and most likely end the serial killer’s life. In addition, he considers the worst-case scenario where Sam discovers the news before Elias’ body is buried elsewhere, which could serve as impetus for Sam to kill Elias.

Meanwhile, Sam encounters a professor from his past named Mr. Buchella. Sam asks Mr. Buchella if he remembers Sam’s youth or not. He also lets the professor know that he hasn’t been feeling well lately, which the professor is surprised to hear. Sam has asked Mr. Buchella to consider becoming his therapist and Mr. Buchella has promised to do so. Sam also inquires if it would be beneficial for him to continue seeing his therapist, to which Mr. Buchella replies that it would be a bad decision on his part. Candace Fortner unexpectedly receives a call from her son, Sam, who wants to know if anything was wrong with him as a child. Sam calls his mother to inquire about it.

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The Conclusion of The Patient Season 7 Episode 7: What Happens to Elias’ Body? Will Alan’s note be discovered by the police?

Alan informs Sam, the serial killer, that he needs to show empathy to the deceased’s family and leaves the body for them to see one last time after Sam kills Elias. Sam just killed Elias. It also offers Alan the ability to compose a message and put it in Elias’ mouth so the authorities can find him and rescue him from the situation. Sam, on the other hand, disobeys Alan’s instructions when confronted by a truck driver at the site where the body is to be dumped. Sam worries the driver will recognize him and give authorities leads that could lead to his arrest. As a result, he stores the body in a safe place.

It’s possible that Sam hasn’t yet buried or otherwise disposed of the body, although he doesn’t specify where the body is kept or what really happened to it. The information he shares with Alan makes it clear that the body is not in danger, and Alan has a good chance of being successful in his attempt to convince the serial killer to carry out the plan another day. Since Sam is wracked with guilt over Elias’ death, it’s possible he can complete the quest. More than that, he has compassion for the loved ones of the deceased. Alan could use the fact that Elias’ death has left him significantly devastated and convince the serial killer to leave the body for the benefit of the deceased’s family.

If it turns out to be true, the authorities could uncover Alan’s note and save him from the serial killer. However, the likelihood of Sam discovering the news before leaving the body for Elias’ family is greater than ever, especially given that the body is in his possession at the moment. There’s a good chance Sam will discover the message when he thoroughly cleans the body to remove anything and everything that would lead law enforcement to him.

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Will Sam kill himself?

Ever since he killed Elias, Sam hasn’t been the same as before. Sam’s decision to kill the “restaurant guy” provokes waves of regret that unsettle him more than satisfy his urge to commit murder. The seed of empathy that Alan sees in Sam germinates to the point where Sam can comprehend that he was behaving in a way he shouldn’t have been. Sam concludes that the most important thing he has learned is that he has no control over his own life as he is driven by his impulses to kill. After talking to his mother, Candace, and his ex-wife, Mary, he comes to the conclusion that he wasn’t as good with the people who were or are closest to him as he should have been.

The next thing we see of Sam is he’s standing on a bridge, staring at the water below, apparently contemplating jumping the bridge to end his life. Sam will likely consider suicide as his only option at this point, although the idea occasionally crosses his mind. He could give Alan or even Mr. Buchella a chance to help him change his behavior and if it doesn’t work Sam could decide to end his life by taking his own life. Suicide is a possibility. Especially now, with regret catching up, the serial killer might not want to spend the rest of his life in slavery to the deadly urges that drive him. However, if Alan manages to convince him to hide Elias’ body somewhere and the authorities discover the therapist’s note, they may be able to arrest him before Sam takes his own life.

Alan must make the decision of whether or not to help Sam with his suicidal thoughts in his capacity as a therapist, as he may not want to help the person who might kill him. Therefore, the outcome of Sam’s story could also be determined by what Alan decides to do with Sam’s urge to end his life.



Charlie calmly watches as Alan speaks openly to him about this challenging subject. Sam returns with food and a printer to offer Alan the poems he couldn’t remember reading as a gesture of goodwill. Sam’s strong actions have earned the therapist’s admiration. He was finally able to put himself in Alan’s shoes and experience what it was like to deal with his problems. Just as Alan’s situation seems to be improving, he asks Sam about Elias. Sam did not leave Elias’ body where it could be found, much to his disappointment, utter disbelief and torment.

He simply states that he left it in a place where no one could find it without giving a location. At a traffic light, Sam was about to do what Alan was hoping for when a driver of another truck stopped and mysteriously peered into Sam’s bed where the body was shrouded. The trucker would be able to identify Sam as the perpetrator if he really left and the body was found by the police the next day. He may have been spotted by the police, and as we’ve seen in previous episodes, his biggest fear is being arrested.

The last glimmer of hope that life had given Alan disappears. He got a little stingy looking at all the positive results. The prayer is printed out for him by Sam after setting up the printer. From his reactions, he appears to be telling the truth, and consistent with his history of self-control issues, he is sincere. Alan trembles with disappointment and horror. He asks for Sam’s privacy as he takes the paper in his hands. After a short time, Sam complies with his request alone by returning to the other room. Sam waits silently, wondering what it says while Alan performs the prayer in Beth’s honor.

Thus, Alan’s strategy was unsuccessful. The two possibilities he had discussed with Charlie were both wrong, but a third, unexpected possibility turned out to be correct. We all assumed that would be the case given the overall context of the series. Because it’s now almost possible that Sam’s home will serve as the setting for the conclusion of Season 1. The ending gets more unsettling by the second, but the writers could still pull a rabbit out of a hat.

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