The Patient Episode 9 recap and ending, explained

Unsolved Mysteries: Abducted by a Parent on Netflix tells the heartbreaking story of Abdul Aziz Khan, who has disappeared and is believed to have been kidnapped by his mother, Rabia Khalid.

Abdul Khan, Aziz’s father, and Rabia had long argued in court over who should get custody of Aziz. The alleged kidnapping was the final step in the fight. Rubina Khan, Abdul’s sister, was also on the show. She spoke about how the whole family was affected by what had happened. So how about we find out more about them?

The patient episode 9

Where is Rubina Khan today?

Rubina Khan reflected on the day Aziz Khan was born in November 2010 and said that it was the best thing that had ever happened to her family. Abdul loved spending time with his son because he was a caring father. However, his relationship with Rabia changed over time. They decided to break up in April 2014 and Abdul thought at the time that they would hit it off. They shared custody of Aziz. But Rubina said on the show that Rabia seemed wary and never really knew who Rabia was. After they broke up, Rabia moved to Atlanta, Georgia to find another job.

At first it was a bit difficult for Aziz’s father’s family. Rubina added, “It taught us to cherish every moment we had together.” After being separated for a few months, Rabia filed for a divorce. It was then that Rubina found out that her nephew’s mother was in constant contact with attorneys to find a way to keep Aziz in Atlanta, Georgia. At the same time, people close to Rabia said she prevented Aziz from seeing his father. After a bitter custody battle, the assessors ruled that Abdul should have primary custody of his son.

The court date was set for November 28, 2017, but Rabia and Aziz were nowhere to be found while Abdul was there. At the time, Rubina thought Rabia was trying to make the process last longer. But when they looked at it, they realized it was probably a lot worse. After Rabia and her husband Elliot Bourgeois closed their bank accounts and quit their jobs, they appeared to have disappeared. The police thought they had Aziz with them. Since then, Aziz, Rabia and Elliot have not been easy for the US Marshals to find.

On the show, Rubina said Aziz’s family would never stop looking for him. She also said: “My family has lost a lot of happiness. We don’t celebrate holidays as often as we used to.” She resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, with her husband Fawad Khan. They love their two children very much. Also, Rubina is a doctor, just like her brother, who is also a doctor. She completed her residency training at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation in Louisiana. She specializes in internal medicine. Rubina has been a doctor for more than ten years. She has her own practice and collaborates with many other hospitals.

Alan Strauss tries again to find a way out of his prison in the basement in episode 9 of “The Patient”. He believes this will work faster than if someone finds the note in Elias’ hidden body. In the last few episodes, we often left Sam’s house to follow other characters. In episode 9, the show returns to the style of the early episodes and the camera stays at Sam’s house. Now that the end is near, Sam hatches a mad plan to end his misery once and for all, but Alan’s fate is still uncertain.

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Episode 9 of “The Patient”: A review and the end

Alan keeps trying to peak his empty tube of foot cream and talks to Charlie about it and other things in a weird way. He also often has bad dreams about Auschwitz, and this time he dreams of waking a man from a bad dream. Alan tells Charlie that he saw the famous psychiatrist Viktor Frankl in the concentration camp and woke him from a bad dream, which went against Frankl’s own principles. Charlie reminds him (and us) that the Austrian psychiatrist who lived through the horrible concentration camps said that if you had a nightmare in the camps, you shouldn’t be woken up because reality is worse than any dream. Charlie sees Alan’s dream as a sign that the human spirit will triumph in the end, but Alan sees it more as a message to himself that he shouldn’t let Sam kill him without fighting back. Alan’s view of the situation has changed as he was previously afraid to attack Sam because he would lose. It is also clear that he sharpened the tube to attack his captor. In the next few scenes it also becomes clear that Alan has a real plan to attempt this attack and maybe get out of the house as he is now certain that his earlier plan of hiding a note in Elias’ body is not working Has .

The patient episode 9
The patient episode 9

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On that particular morning, the therapist calls out to his patient and says he has something important to discuss. When Sam walks in, the therapist tells him that he doesn’t want the young man to see another therapist. Alan says when a patient switches therapists mid-treatment, it seems like they’re trying to take it easy, which almost never works for anyone. But the man also says in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t want Sam to see his counselor because that would mean Sam would kill Alan. Sam is also amused and happy with Alan’s honesty, which makes him trust him even more. Alan tells his patient about the work of Viktor Frankl and says that people’s relationships are often where they find meaning in life. He wants Sam to have a relationship, preferably a romantic one. When Sam says he’s not good at making new friends, Alan jumps at the chance and tells him about his plan. He also says that trying to get back together with his ex-wife Mary might work for Sam since he had a real relationship with her and wouldn’t have to start over. Sam is unsure at first because he remembers Mary not understanding some of his actions and wondering if he loves her or not. But Alan knows how to handle the situation. Maybe he’ll realize that Sam wants to be with Mary again too, and in the end he’ll be able to convince Sam to see her again. Alan says it would be best if Sam invited Mary over to his house and he could hear what they were talking about too. The two men consider how they could go about this, but Alan only pretends to think before suggesting a baby monitor. Sam also tells his mother Candace about this new turn of events. His mother is surprised, but since she has always liked Mary, she doesn’t mind the plan. It was eventually decided that Sam and Mary would sit on the second floor and talk while Alan watched them through a baby cam monitor from the basement. Alan says this will help him understand Sam’s situation and help him, but what he really wants to do is stab Sam during this time. The empty tube of ointment he rigged as a weapon wouldn’t kill Sam in one hit, and the psychopath would definitely fight back in other situations. However, Alan believes that Sam would not be able to fight back when Mary is at his house because he would be too afraid to tell Mary his terrible secrets.

During his conversation with Charlie, the dead friend/therapist tells Charlie that not only could Alan’s plan fail, but it could also result in Sam killing Mary. Charlie also points out that if Mary were to die, it would be because of Alan’s choice and he would have to live with it for the rest of his life. Alan doesn’t give up and also talks to Sam about how to handle the meeting. The next morning, Mary comes to the house and has brunch with them. Sam stumbles a lot when trying to talk about something important and Alan knew this was going to happen. Nervous, the young man goes into the basement and asks Alan for help. Alan is ready to hit Sam with his gun. However, Alan cannot go through with his plan because it makes him feel bad. He leaves Sam back to the brunch table. When Alan hears Mary talking about leaving, he wants to yell at her and tell her about his situation so she can help him, but he stops himself. After Mary leaves, Sam goes down to the basement to tell Alan how upset he is that another of Alan’s plans for him failed. He insisted that he would see the school counselor soon. Alan now tells Sam that he should talk more with his new therapist about his father and how he has affected his life. This plan backfires the most. Alan was probably trying to get Sam to tell him more about his father so he could buy himself some more time. He tells Sam that all of his killings were caused by his anger at his father, not his anger at the people he killed. He might want Sam to forgive himself for his actions and stop doing it. But that has exactly the opposite effect, as Sam is now certain that killing his father would end his need to kill people. Determined, he sets out to find and kill his abusive father and end his habit of killing.

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