The thriller 365 Days 3 on Netflix: 5 things to know


One of the most famous film franchises to emerge from streaming juggernaut Netflix is ​​the 365 Days series. The platform proved to be the ideal setting for the premiere of a romantic drama like this, where the film is relatable enough to appeal to a distinctive audience. The first two films were remarkably successful and over time more people started watching them. Despite harsh criticism from reviewers, the 365-day films are still among the most popular films of recent history.

Everything we know about the third 365 Days movie comes from the teaser and a four-minute Netflix snippet of the opening scene. When Stranger Things season 4 released, the streaming service followed a similar strategy, releasing a clip from the season ahead of the full episode. The strategy appears to have worked for the popular sci-fi program, and it’s expected to work similarly for The Next 365 Days.


Before it launches, discover some interesting details about the latest 365 Days movie by reading on.

We know all this 365 days 3

1) The third installment may be the last installment of the series

The Next 365 Days, the third film in the series, will most likely be the last. The reason for this is that each film tells the story of a book from a trilogy of books by Blanka Lipinska, from which the stories were adapted for the films. After the most recent entry, the film series is also expected to come to an end, as the book series did with the third book.


The writer had said during the introduction of the sequels to the first film:

“I’m incredibly grateful that Netflix will be adapting This Day and Next 365 Days, the last two episodes of my 365 Days trilogy, to the big screen. I can’t wait to continue Laura and Massimo’s story and share this new perspective on the characters with readers of my books around the world.”


2) The third installment was recorded immediately after the second

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It’s understandable that the sequels took a long time to film as the producers planned to wrap up filming as soon as possible since Netflix announced the second and third sequels at the same time. Filming on the films was slated to begin in the following two months following the May 2021 announcement.


However, the two films were released at different times in order to preserve some cliffhangers for the audience and to ensure a steady flow of viewers. The fact that the first part got bad reviews from critics, but the story was still expanded by two more chapters says a lot about the popularity of the films.

3) Where the action is most likely to lead: A still from the sequel to the film

Massimo kidnaps Laura and gives her a year to fall in love with him in the first part, which was only about a hostage scenario. In the second part, the two main actors try to lead a regular life against all odds. The family’s interactions with the mafia provided the plot with the necessary tension.


The third film will probably take a more exciting turn and explore Laura’s reaction to Massimo’s opponent. This includes another man courting Laura’s affections, which complicates the relationship. Although certain aspects are expected to change, given the success of the previous films, it is likely that the film will maintain the tone it set with them.

4) The cast and people

In addition to Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who will no doubt return as the film’s two main characters, 365 Days 3 is expected to also star Magdalena Lamparska and Otar Saralidze. To build fan anticipation, the creators will likely keep any new characters off-limits.


Simone Susinna is expected to portray a new character named Nacho. Although the portrayal is expected to be a direct adaptation of the novel, the character’s specifics have not been released. Since the beginning of the franchise, all the actors – notably Sieklucka and Morrone – have become household names thanks to their appearances in 365 Days. It was Sieklucka’s first film.

5) What happened in the cliffhanger?

The ending twist of the second part, which was based on the implication that Laura Biel is dead, seems to have been just a cliffhanger that will not have much meaning in the later part of the plot, based on the first four minutes of the film the Netflix before the release of The Next 365 Days. It’s interesting to note that a similar cliffhanger was used to keep viewers hooked at the end of the first part as well.


This is also one of the factors that contribute to the franchise’s intense writing criticism from cinephiles around the world. Despite this, the films managed to attract fans of the franchise. Massimo’s reaction after learning of the baby’s death was another cliffhanger from the first film. The upcoming film is also expected to address this issue.

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According to the trailer, the story will become more mysterious and the characters’ relationship even more complicated. Perhaps the relationship would also lead to action if the mafia and outsiders were involved.

365 Days 3 launches exclusively on Netflix on August 19, 2022.


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