The top 8 facts about Gamecocks wide receiver Dakereon Joyner, an acclaimed NCAA player


Football player Dakereon Joyner is a native of South Carolina and plays wide receiver for the team that bears his home state’s name, the South Carolina Gamecocks. The squad currently ranks sixth in the SEC East standings.

According to 247Sports, he only attended the University of South Carolina after it was too late for him to enroll on January 19, 2018, but he is already a student there. In addition, he has been recognized with a number of awards and prizes including the Unselfish Teammate Award, Strength & Conditioning Award, GPA Award and many more.

Dakereon Joyner

A few quick facts about Daekereon Joyner

Surname Dakereon Joyner
Date of birth May 24, 2000
Place of birth North Charleston, South Carolina
position wide receiver
class Senior
Height 6 feet 1 inch
weight 215 pounds
present team South Carolina gamecocks
education Fort Dorchester High School, University of South Carolina

Does Dakereon Joyner from the Gamecocks have a girlfriend? The dating scene in his life

Football fans are paying more attention to Dakereon, who is currently in his redshirt senior year at the University of South Carolina. Dakereon is a wide receiver for the Gamecocks, so he gets a lot of attention. Also, his fans await the announcement of his girlfriend and are interested in getting access to his personal dating life.

December 2021 marked Dakereon Joyner’s graduation from the University of South California.


Joyner is a player who is seen as having potential and he spends most of his time actively on the pitch or in the gym, wherever he can train. Also, unlike most rising celebs, he already has 35,900 followers on his verified Instagram account. Some of his fans look at his uploads to see if they can spot someone who resembles his girlfriend or wife.

Still, it’s a shame that he seems to have completely focused on his sporting career and kept his dating and love life away from media scrutiny. Although he has been courted by a few women, we assume the young footballer with a bright future must be unattached at the moment.


The Dakereon Joyner Family: Eight Little-Known Facts

  1. On May 2nd, 2000, Daekereon Joyner was welcomed into the world by his parents.
  2. Joyner spent his entire childhood in the North Charleston neighborhood of South Carolina.
  3. Dakereon Joyner was just 12 years old when his father, Damond Alton Joyner, died on July 19, 2009. At the time, Dakereon was a wide receiver for the Gamecocks.
  4. The day Joyner’s father breathed his last was July 19, 2009, and he was born on December 8, 1983.
  5. The South Carolina Gamecocks player is also a brother, and he uploaded some pictures of his niece to social media a few years ago. Serenity is the name of his first niece and only niece.
  6. Since both of Dakereon’s parents are of African American descent, it is likely that Dakereon has African American ancestry.
  7. He announced on Father’s Day that he was moving to South Carolina to commemorate his late father who lived there.
  8. On his grandfather’s side, Dakereon is the first male member to earn a bachelor’s degree after graduating from college.

Does Dakereon Joyner have a girlfriend?

There is a woman in Dakereon Joyner’s life, yes.

But there is not much information about his relationship. Twelve years have passed since he first saw his girlfriend. But tragically, his beloved died on February 14 this year. He shared the disappointing news with his followers via his Instagram account.


The couple had been together for some time and shared a deep affection for each other before their untimely death.

Dakereon Joyner Age Wikipedia and size

The age that Dakereon Joyner is right now is 21 years old. He was born on May 24, 2000 in the United States. His birthday is May 24th.


He is only 21 years old but has already made tremendous strides in his professional life which makes his future prospects much more promising. He started his football career at a young age as he was very enthusiastic about the sport and because of that he was very good at football.

We continue with Dakereon Joyner, who is not mentioned at this time in the article on Wikipedia dedicated to him. While he is known for his work, he does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated solely to him.


On the other hand, his well-known biography can be found in a number of different wikis spread around the internet.

He has a respectable height of 6ft 1in, which is relevant when talking about his build. He also weighs 205 pounds. He maintains his physical fitness and well-being through daily training.


Details on Dakereon Joyner’s parents

Dakereon Joyner was born to parents who are both compassionate and loving.

When he expressed his interest in becoming a wide receiver, his parents were a constant source of encouragement and support to him. Throughout his incredible career, they’ve been the most passionate fans he could ever ask for.


Unfortunately, his father had already passed away. His father’s influence was a driving force in his desire to pursue a career in the region. Because he cares about his dad, he wrote the words “Rest in Peace Pops” in his Instagram bio.

He has an extremely strong bond with his mother. His mother continues to be a rock of support as he works to build his confidence. He regularly sends pictures to his mother through the various social media accounts he maintains.

Dakereon Joyner
Dakereon Joyner

Dakereon Joyner proves once again why he is the ideal Gamecock partner

Since his time on the South Carolina program, Dakereon Joyner has earned a reputation for being a selfless teammate and one of the most admirable players in character. Long before his exploits on Thursday, when the Gamecocks defeated North Carolina 38-21 in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, the Gamecocks had a track record.

The fact that he only played one game during his freshman school season in 2018 and still chose to be a redshirt shows his commitment to the program more than anything else. In the end, he was traded from the position of slot receiver, where he had previously been, to third-string quarterback behind Ryan Hilinski and Jake Bentley. Then, after the injury Bentley sustained two years ago, he was named quarterback again. Ahead of Thursday was the moment most people think of when they think of Joyner as he replaced Hilinski following the massive uproar in Georgia in 2019.


Along the way, Joyner struggled with hamstring problems and a concussion, but the thought of retiring never crossed his mind. He didn’t think about changing schools. or engage in activities other than being a valuable member of the team. It’s important to keep in mind that this highly acclaimed double threat recruit hails from Palmetto State, where he held the title of Mr. Football. It’s unusual for modern quarterbacks to end up second- or third-team in August, but if you look up, he’s right in the game for the game against North Carolina. He’s an oddity among current quarterbacks.


It’s important to remember that the Gamecocks rotated quarterback duties between Collin Hill, Luke Doty and Riley Joyner when he was playing. Then, the most recent development involved Jason Brown making his way through the transfer office. There were five total quarterbacks who played snaps, but none of them could match the performance Joyner put on against the Tar Heels. He was present in Charlotte, ready to offer his assistance to the group. Those who have been following his Twitter feed for almost 2 years will not be surprised by this news. That’s hardly surprising considering his Twitter account is @Cant StopCinco. Obviously there was nobody who could stop him. It wasn’t the opposing coaching staff, personnel changes, or the defensive scheme of the bowl game.


It’s the sort of thing that coaches Will Muschamp, Mike Bobo and now Shane Beamer, and probably every other coach who’s walked through the facilities, never overlooked. Marcus Satterfield, who serves as the team’s offensive coordinator, is undoubtedly one of those coaches. It was he who made the decision to return Joyner to quarterback.

After Thursday’s game, Beamer reflected on their brief exchange early in bowl practice when Satterfield announced, “Hey, we’re going to field DK as quarterback. And with that I was like, ‘Okay, that’s nice. Let’s go.'”


Joyner didn’t blink.

Joyner explained that all that happened was, “he just deployed the staff” and that “came into the meeting, saw my name on the script, that was it.”


You’d never know that Joyner hadn’t thrown a pass in a game since the end of the 2019 season, late in a loss to Texas A&M, by the way he played to beat North Carolina, especially early in the game. Joyner in the bowl game was 9-on-9 passing for 160 yards and a touchdown, and he chipped 10 carries for 64 yards, including a 17-yard run.