The untold truth about Anesongib’s ethnicity and nationality while taking down Austin Mcbroom

Anesongib is a popular YouTuber known for being able to do many things. He is a good FIFA player and an important member of the KSI team.

After betting on FIFA 14 with KSI and Wroetoshaw, he made his first big step forward. He and Harry have collaborated a lot since then, mainly on FIFA matches. He also played YouTube All-Stars at the Southampton 2016 charity football game.

The person creating the content is one of the most visited people on the internet. His YouTube channel has 2.31 million people following him.

In recent years we have seen anesongib more often. After winning his first two bouts as an amateur, he first took up boxing for money in Miami. This month, the YouTuber took on Austin McBroom at Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles. Then, in the main event, the internet star shocked everyone by coming from behind and winning by knockout.

After a humiliating defeat in his first professional fight, everyone watched the influencer in his second fight. After being knocked out, he took McBroom out of the ring with five of his punches in a feat that will go down in YouTube boxing history.

Fans want to know more about the influencer’s family, including his parents, fiancé and brothers. The influencer’s boxing career is going well, but fans want to know more about his family.


Anesongib’s race and family history

Anesongib is a mixed race person. He is a mixture of English and Arab, and both his hair and eyes are dark brown.

Ali Loui Al-Fakhri, a common Islamic name, is Anesongib’s real name. But he has more of an English accent now because he’s just been to the UK. His family moved to Europe when he was very young, so he was exposed to more than one culture.

In boxing, he is known as Beast from the East, Big Gibber and 7 Figure Gibber, among others. Because of his big nose, he went by the online name AnEsonGib. Written backwards, it’s called Big Nose Na. People have been talking a lot on Reddit about how Anesongib speaks. Some people say it sounds like a South African and others say it sounds like an Australian.

Austin McBroom, his most recent opponent, is an American originating from North Hollywood, Los Angeles and from the same country.

He is of Hispanic background. He is a professional basketball player, YouTuber, athletic trainer and influencer.

Anesongib was born in the UK

Anesongib is a UK citizen. He was born to Muslim parents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

He spent most of the YouTuber’s childhood in the city of Dubai. He graduated in 2014, but his YouTube career, which he started in 2012 when he was 16, kept him from getting a job.

Ali lives in the Halo Tower in Stratford. He lives with another YouTuber, MaxPlaysFifa, with whom he shares an apartment. This was proven to be true in one of Max’s films, Incredible Room Swap Revenge Prank.

When he played FIFA, Anesongib was known as the “King of the Pack”. He was known for getting very good players. Working with KSI and playing against the FIFA 14 bets was his big break.

Who are Anesongib’s mom and dad?

Anesongib was born in Saudi Arabia to British and Saudi parents. When he was little, his parents moved to England.

His family also includes brothers and sisters. Besides his own family, he loves KSI and the rest of the Sidemen crew the most.

Ali’s parents aren’t well known, but he once said on Twitter that they didn’t love him. Ali had never spoken about his private life before, so the YouTuber’s post was a very rare occurrence.

Anesongib fans were quick to respond to his tweet because he is their favorite YouTuber. Most people on social media thought the post was a joke, and the YouTuber also tried to have fun with his friends in the comments.

Someone who liked his post said: “Give you look like you were taken there against your will mate. Does your family make sense?”

Someone else said, “If they didn’t love you when you had that nose, how can they love you now when you have that nose?”

How Anesongib is dating and who he is dating

Anesongib is not dating anyone right now. Britt also has no plans to settle down in the foreseeable future.

The famous YouTuber also has a huge number of people following him on Instagram: 2.31. It’s weird to hear that cool people like him are still looking for a partner. But his social media doesn’t reveal anything about the people he’s dating, either. Gib has about 883.8k Twitter followers and 1.8k Facebook followers in addition to its main platform.

Anesongib has participated in many relationship challenges with the rest of the Sidemen crew. He was featured in four Sidemen’s Tinder videos in Real Life. Many women have called the YouTuber “cute,” but he’s also been swiped left on many occasions.

In 2022, the YouTuber will only be 26 years old. He has a lot of time to think about what will happen to him.

What will Anesongib be worth in 2022?

The Sun says Anesongib has a net worth of £861,000. He makes most of his money from YouTube and advertising.

Anesongib’s YouTube videos have been viewed a total of 271,390,265 times. Not only has he made money, but his fans love him too.

Boxing Planet says the YouTuber made between $900,000 and $1 million from his fight with Jake Paul. However, he made much less of his next fight with Taylor Holder.

So it seems likely that he will win his fight against Austin McBroom and get between $500,000 and $1 million.

On the other hand, Austin McBroom’s first fight with Bryce Hall reportedly netted him between $4 million and $6 million. McBroom will receive at least $1 million from the fight, although his payment from his match against AnEsonGib may not even come close to that amount.

Austin McBroom, his most recent opponent, has a net worth of $2 million. He owns the YouTube channel The Ace Family.

Likewise, his friend KSI is worth about $25 million in 2022. On the other hand, Austin McBroom’s first fight with Bryce Hall reportedly netted him between $4 million and $6 million. McBroom will receive at least $1 million from the fight, although his payment from his match against AnEsonGib may not even come close to that amount.

On Saturday night in Los Angeles at Banc of California Stadium, AnEson defeated Gib McBroom in the fourth round after bringing him down five times. Their fight was the main event of McBroom’s second Social Gloves show.


career in boxing

The internet star made even more money from his match with Austin McBroom. In addition, his match against Jake Paul is said to have netted him around £775,000.

Also, the influencer received another big payout last year when he fought TikTok star Taylor Holder in a boxing match at the YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing event. The amount was not published. The amount of money AnEsonGib lost to Tayler Holder hasn’t been released, but Mirror said so.

Jake Paul and Gib were scheduled to box each other professionally on January 30, 2020. For the people of Britain, the war began in the early hours of January 31st. Jake won by KO in the first round, embarrassing the YouTube star. It took 2 minutes and 18 seconds to finish.

Jake, Logan’s brother, beat Gib in his first professional match of 2020. After the match, Jake congratulated Gib on social media. He yelled, “WOW. INSANE. Boxing is not an option. I’m happy for GIB.” Jake has since won four more professional fights, but his upcoming match with UFC legend Anderson Silva will be his toughest test yet.

Ali is 175 cm tall which is around 5ft 9in. He fights in the cruiserweight division.


Thanks to social media, Ali has been able to help people in many ways. He once streamed on Twitch for 50 hours to raise money for a good cause.

AnEsonGib also played in a charity football game between The Sidemen. Since 2016, many YouTube stars have attended, making it an annual event. Some of the charities working together include the Saints Foundation, Charlton Athletic Community Trust and Childline.

AnEsonGib vs. Taylor Holder

The fight between AnEsonGib and TikToker Taylor Holder was scheduled for June 12, 2021. The first press conference for YouTube boxers and TikTok boxers was held on May 18, 2021. Keemstar and FouseyTube were in charge of the press conference, and all YouTubers and TikTokers who attended the event were in attendance, with the exception of AnEsonGib and Deji, who attended the event via video call. Also at the press conference was Slim Albaher, who is in competition with AnEsonGib.

The fight was supposed to be a tie, but two days later Gib was officially declared the winner and the event organizers apologized.