The video of Haryanvi dancer RC Upadhyay performing “Coco Cola Layo” has attracted a lot of attention on the Internet.

RC Upadhyay, a dancer who is a member of the Haryanvi community, has a sizeable following. A large number of people gather to watch her on stage. In addition, the videos of her dancing receive a significant number of views on YouTube. Many Haryanvi songs have gained considerable popularity on YouTube. The dancers featured in the music videos for these songs are able to win over audiences. One of those songs in Haryanvi is making its way through the internet right now.

Coca-Cola Layo

The video of RC Upadhyay dancing is once again gaining popularity on social media platforms. Fans are absolutely crazy about RC Upadhyay’s incredible moves featured in this video. In this video, she moves to the beat of “Coco Cola Layo” to which she dances. Her incredible moves on the dance floor are exploding on YouTube.

Views for the associated video

She has an enormous amount of public support. RC Upadhyay once again draws your attention to the stage dance of Sapna Chaudhary. In a manner not dissimilar to Sapna Chaudhary, RC Upadhyay has produced dance videos that have gained traction on social media. RC Upadhyay manages to captivate everyone in the room with her daring antics. According to unconfirmed reports, her videos are extremely popular among viewers. So far, 2,968 people have seen the film.