The Woobles Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

Adrian Zhang and Justine Tiu, two entrepreneurs, were in the second episode of season 14 of Shark Tank to talk about their product, The Woobles.

The founders of The Woobles want to make learning to crochet easy for everyone, young and old. Because the product appeals to such a wide range of people, many people want to know more about the company. Don’t worry because we have answers for you!

The Woobles Shark Tank

Who are the Woobles and what do they do?

Adrian Zhang and Justine Tiu met when they were both students at Duke University. Adrian earned his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Economics and Justine earned her Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Justine also spent a semester at the Technical University of Berlin, where she studied German, computer science, statistics and political science.

After graduating from Duke University, it was only natural that they would both pursue successful careers in their own fields. Before becoming a director at Deutsche Bank, Adrian was an associate at JP Morgan. On the other hand, Justine worked as an intern at Cisco Systems and then as a UX Designer at Google (later promoted to Senior UX Designer and Lead). Also, Justine is currently working as a Senior UX Instructor for Kenzie Academy, while Adrian has dedicated his full time to The Woobles.

Although crocheting has been around for a long time, Justine got the idea for The Woobles when she wanted to make a little animal figurine for her friends. She didn’t know how to crochet so it took her a while and a few tries before she could make something that looked good. But Justine realized the process was so simple that anyone of any age could do it. As crochet was about to become more popular in the United States, she thought of creating a product that would teach people how to crochet while making it seem like a fun thing to do.

The Woobles is mainly a book about how to crochet small figures. Even though Justine and Adrian created different versions of their product, each kit contains the same things: balls of yarn, a 4mm crochet hook, stuffing, yarn needles, accessories to make the figure look better, and a video with all the instructions. Also, each pack comes with a pouch and is put together with the utmost care, but as the price goes up you might expect more variety in color and numbers.

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Where are the Woobles?

Readers would be surprised to learn that Adrian and Justine started their business in July 2020 with just $200. But their product got a lot of good reviews and people were excited to try something new, so sales for The Woobles went through the roof almost overnight. So, Adrian and Justine sold more than $5 million worth of the product in the first two years after its release. Additionally, their drive and determination to succeed eventually paid off when they were featured in a number of well-known magazines and websites. Sources say that Adrian and Justine were invited to “Shark Tank” because a producer saw their product in a magazine and liked it.

At the moment, The Woobles comes in separate packs of different colors, each of which can be used to create a specific type of figure. Also, the company sells packages that can help people who want to get their hands on more than one crochet figure at a time. Also, Justine and Adrian sometimes drop limited edition Woobles along with a few normal animal figures. We are pleased that interested customers can purchase the kits on Amazon and the company’s website. A single kit costs between $25 and $30, but bundles can cost up to $100. With the company making more than $5 million in sales in just two years, we can be sure it’s growing fast and will continue to thrive.

LOS ANGELES, CA: As the world slowly returns to normal after the Covid lockdown, stress and anxiety are at all-time highs. Many employees are slowly giving up their convenient remote work jobs to work in the office. If you’re looking for something relaxing to do when you get home from work, you want to keep learning new things like you did during lockdown, or you just want a new hobby, then crocheting is perfect for you She! The Woobles are here to help when the thought of picking up a crochet hook and going through a few YouTube tutorials is enough to get you not even crocheting.

The Woobles is a DIY crochet kit that includes everything you need for your first crochet project, from yarn to step-by-step instructions. With this unique set, you can be sure that you will soon be the crochet king or queen of your friend group. Adrian Zhang and Justine Tiu, founders of The Woobles, will show their unique DIY crochet animal toys to Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec in the next episode of Shark Tank Season 14. Will Woobly’s cute stuffed animals attract the attention of the sharks? We’ll have to watch the episode to see how the Sharks react to the pitch. In the meantime, you can read all about Woobles and find out who we think is most likely to steal the deal.

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Describe the Woobles

The Woobles are perfect if you are looking for a new hobby or want to learn to crochet. The Woobles is a DIY crochet kit that allows anyone to make their own animal toys. Inspired by the Japanese word “amigurumi” which means small knitted or crocheted stuffed animals, Woobles gives its customers the tools and instructions they need to create plush toys like Felix the fox, Jojo the rabbit, Pierre the penguin, etc. in the brand’s catalogue.

A step-by-step guide with video tutorials showing you everything from holding a needle and yarn right down to the first few stitches in the kit.

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You get everything you need to make a plush toy

A piece of crochet that has already been started, so you can start practicing the main skills right away.

A troubleshooting guide that makes it easy to start over if you screw up.

If you’re completely lost and need help or guidance, you can get personalized help.

The Woobles Shark Tank
The Woobles Shark Tank

Who came up with the idea for The Woobles?

Adrian Zhang and Justine Tiu, who are married, came up with the idea for The Woobles. The two people met when they were both students at Duke University. Tiu holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with minors in Fine Arts and German. Zhang, on the other hand, has a bachelor’s degree in both biomedical engineering and economics. Zhang worked on Wall Street after college and Tiu became a UX designer at Google. News Observer says the pair decided to form The Woobles after what they called “career disappointments.”

Tiu explained on the brand’s website how the two came up with the idea for The Woobles, which was sparked by a difficult DIY project. Tiu said, “My first stuffed animal was one I crocheted not long ago. I wanted to make a homemade gift for a friend and I’m not going to lie about it. It was’nt easy. I didn’t realize how little I knew. I’ve spent a lot of time putting together YouTube videos, crochet blogs and charts. I’ve tried to modify what I found to work for what I’m doing. I did a lot wrong. And I hoped a lot more for the best. All I could think was what the heck does a girl have to do to crochet a cute penguin?! And that’s why we made The Woobles: to make it easy for people who are just starting to learn to crochet.”

The pair see Woobles as more than just a DIY crochet brand. They think their kits help people feel better by getting them to try something new. “But there’s more to The Woobles than just crochet. It’s about showing yourself that there’s always something new to learn. Change how you think about yourself and your potential for growth. And the feeling that you can handle anything that comes your way,” reads the brand’s website.

After a producer read about Zhang and Tiu in a magazine, they were asked to try themselves for the show Shark Tank. At first, the couple didn’t want to do it because they thought they didn’t have “TV personalities.” However, they eventually united when they realized the show was all about telling good stories.

How much is The Woobles and where can I buy it?

There are six permanent animals in The Woobles’ collection, and there are also limited edition kits that come out regularly. Each kit costs between $5 and $120 depending on which one you choose. Each kit has everything you need to make a wooble:

What happened to the Woobles?

The Woobles were released in July 2020 and kits and accessories have sold for more than $5 million. The entrepreneurs told News Observer that they plan to use any money they get from the judges, dubbed “the sharks,” to hire more people, like software developers, to build their online digital experience.

The company has also announced that its book, Crochet Amigurum for Every Occasion, will be released in October 2022. “One year ago today, a book editor contacted me. She was using one of our kits to learn to crochet and thought The Woobles would be a great book. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this. 21 patterns? 200 pages? Lots of pictures and videos? I thought it would be a lot of work. But she made me believe her. And I’m excited to announce today that Crochet Amigurumi for Any Occasion is now available for pre-order! ‘ posted on Instagram about the brand.

Who’s gonna tear it down?

The sharks decide whether or not to invest in the company based on a number of factors such as sales figures, profit margins, demand for the product, etc. Since this is an ed tech product, Robert Herjavec might want to make a trade.

The second episode of Season 14 of Shark Tank will re-air on ABC on September 30, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Catch up on new products like The Woobles, Banana Phone, Stealth Bros & Co. and Turbo Trusser in the latest episode.

Did you miss an episode? Do you want to be caught? Episodes can also be viewed on-demand and next-day on Hulu. You can also watch past seasons and episodes on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

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