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Tala Alamuddin, Amal Clooney’s sister, founded the fashion brand TALA.

Tala Alamuddin is one of the people who make stylish face masks. Their website says “Le Masque” which means “never lock”. It gives comfort to people who are not sick but are afraid of getting sick.

Born in New York, she is just as smart and interesting as her sister Amal. She has a daughter and is married.

Tala Alamuddin

Who is Tala Alamuddin? She is Amal Clooney’s sister

Tala Alamuddin is the founder of the TALA clothing line. She is Amal Clooney’s sister.

She recently spoke to HELLO! about how she is helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Tala’s patterned face masks called “Le Masque” make people feel safe and stylish at the same time. All the money will be sent to the Singapore Red Cross to help people injured by the coronavirus.

Tala used to live in New York City before marrying Nagi Hamiyeh, a businessman from Singapore. She has been living in this country for some time, but it is not clear if they are still together.

Tala is smart, like her barrister, and she went to school in London at Richmond American International University. Mia, Tala’s 12-year-old daughter, was the flower girl at her aunt’s wedding. She helped the bride with her train.

Vogue says Tala also had to help because the dress was so heavy. According to a testimonials page on a dog walking website, Tala loves dogs and once had a German shepherd named Mojo.

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Tala Alamuddin has made a range of face masks that are trending

Tala is safe and stylish at the same time. All the money was sent to the Singapore Red Cross to help people injured by the coronavirus.

In Asia, where Tala has lived as an expat for more than 20 years, face masks are a common household item and are often used to protect against disease and pollution.

She said: “I have lived in Asia for more than 20 years. Part of the goal of the TALA brand is to help people in need through fashion in any way we can.”

“We made Le Masque to get through these horrific times that have never happened before,” Tala said. Masks are often used in Asian homes to get rid of pollution, colds and make skin look better.

5 facts about Tala Alamuddin

  • The Tala face mask was made by Tala Alamuddin, sister of Amal Clooney.
  • She is married to Singaporean businessman Nagi Hamiyeh and currently resides in Asia.
  • Mia, her 12-year-old daughter, was the flower girl at her and her husband’s wedding.
  • Tala loves dogs and has had many of them as pets throughout her life.
  • Tala is smart and creative, just like her sister Amal, and she’s been on different stages.

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George Clooney may have to make his next visit to his sister-in-law behind Plexiglas

Tala Alamuddin LeTallec was arrested for drunk driving and sentenced to three weeks in prison. Her sister Amal is married to Oscar winner George Clooney. Police say LaTallec was driving her husband’s car early on May 13, 2019 when she was pulled over. She had been drinking before getting behind the wheel and the officer who arrested her said he could smell the alcohol on her. Not only that, she even had a hard time driving while he watched. When they gave her a breathalyzer, she blew over the limit three times.

This isn’t the first time she’s drunk driving either. The same thing happened to her in 2013. As a repeat offender, she has pretty bad consequences: she has to pay a hefty fine, three weeks in prison, and four years of her driver’s license suspension.

Singaporean making clothes

Tala is the eldest of the Alamiuddin sisters. They also have two half brothers from their father’s first marriage. Amal and Tala were born in Lebanon but when they were young their family moved to the UK where they grew up. InStyle says Tala graduated from the American International University in London in 1995. Tala currently resides in Singapore but has spent time in New York City. When she married Nagi Hamiyeh, a businessman from Singapore, they moved to the Asian country. Page Six says they have since split and that she is now married to an Italian businessman whose name has not been released. She is said to have four children and a number of accessories.

Totally Tala style

Tala’s style is known for being bold and different. She really likes fringes, and InStyle says she’s been spotted wearing fringed clothes and fringed bags. With her brand Totally Tala she turned her love for accessories with fringes into a profession. The line’s Instagram page features colorful bags with all the fringes a fashionista could wish for. The pieces are currently only available in Singapore, which is a shame.

sisters in places of power

Little sister Amal is also known for her clothes, but what really makes her famous is her long history as a human rights lawyer. She is a barrister, which means that she can practice law in the USA, England and Wales, among others. She has worked as a lawyer at the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, both in The Hague. Her client list includes Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine who was persecuted by the corrupt government of pro-Russian President Yanukovych, and Nadia Murad, an Iraqi Yazidi woman who was captured by ISIS but escaped and is now fighting for women, who were victims of mass crimes.

The Wedding of Amal and George

In 2014, George Clooney married Amal. The Oscar-winning heartthrob and the director both know how amazing his wife is. Speaking at a recent event in LA, he said, “I’m George. I’m married to Amal Clooney.” Tala went to her wedding, but she didn’t do anything special. She helped her litter sister get ready for their big day and Tala’s daughter Mia was a flower girl. Amal’s move was Mia’s big task. She had to carry it down the aisle.

Tala Alamuddin
Tala Alamuddin

Charged with drunk driving

PageSix says Tala drank two glasses of wine and a glass of champagne over dinner with a friend in May before getting behind the wheel of her husband’s BMW. When police stopped her, they said she smelled of alcohol. She couldn’t find the emergency brake either, and when she was looking in her purse for her driver’s license, she accidentally hit the gas. A breathalyser test showed she was well above Singapore’s legal limit of 0.08%, so she was arrested for things like drunk driving and lack of insurance. She later admitted that she was guilty.

Sentenced to prison

Tala is in big trouble because this isn’t the first time she’s done something wrong. She was also caught driving under the influence in 2013, and her driver’s license was suspended for two years. She was also charged with negligent driving in 2010 and reckless driving in 2004. This time she has to pay a $6,400 fine, lose her driver’s license for four years and go to jail for three weeks.

Let’s hope Tala uses Uber next time she wants to have a fun night out.

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Tala Alamuddin is Amal Clooney’s stylish sister. Here are 6 things you should know about them.

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle’s sister, is the newest stylish celebrity sibling in town. Pippa Middleton has to make room for her. Tala Alamuddin, the sister of Amal Clooney (who is also an Alamuddin), caught our attention while dating her sister and known husband George Clooney in New York City. Tala Alamuddin’s sister is Amal Clooney. At the group dinner, Tala surprised everyone in an unevenly tailored dress and edgy white vest. She completed her outfit with black snakeskin boots and a matching bag. There is no doubt that this family has a lot of good genes (and great style too!).

She loves being a sister

Tala was with Amal the whole time she married George Clooney. Since there weren’t that many people at the wedding, the bride chose not to have a maid of honor. But the MOH duties were taken over by the bride’s younger sister. For example, she helped the bride get ready for her walk down the aisle.

She lives in Singapore

Tala lived in New York City before marrying Nagi Hamiyeh, an international businessman who lives in Singapore.

She is a style risk taker

She’s sporting everything from sky-high snakeskin boots to bags with dramatic fringe accents, and it doesn’t look like she’s slowing down in the fashion world any time soon.

She is beautiful and smart

A story in the school’s alumni magazine states that the dark-haired woman graduated from Richmond, The American International University in London in 1995.

she has children

Mia Hamiyeh, Tala’s 13-year-old daughter, was the flower girl at George and Amal’s wedding. Amal is married to George. Before the bride made her big entrance, Mia had a very important task to do: she had to help her with her heavy train.

She loves pets

She has a heart for dogs and lives with her family with a German shepherd named Mojo.

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