Interesting facts about French theater director Thomas Poitien

Thomas Poitevin is a French actor and playwright who has recently gained popularity through his role in the series, New Format. After he entered into the television industry, Poitivin was also very popular on social media for his short comedy videos. Despite giving many outstanding works in several films and series, Poitevin’s personal life has always been a mystery.

Here we will talk about the secret life of the playwright as well as the current life of the director. We will also examine Thomas’ professional involvement.

Thomas Poytoin was born in Fontainebleau.

Poitevin was born in 1980 in Fontainebleau, France to his parents. Both his parents were French.

Although not related to the glamor industry, Poitien’s parents had very stable professions. His father was an airplane pilot while his mother was a painter.

With such a stable work life, the Poitevin couple must have raised their son big. Thomas also received immense support from his mother and father to continue his interest in the television line.

Thomas is a graduate of Modern Literature.

In addition to being an established actor and director, Thomas is also a writer. He joined the Hector Berlioz Municipal Conservatory of Dramatic Art in 2002.

Following his passion for writing, Poitien joined Paris Sorbonne University to pursue a degree in literature. After earning his degree, Thomas trained as a writer-director at the European Film Production Training Center.

When did Poitevin start his career?

After working as a trainee writer and director for a few years, Thomas made his debut in 2010 in BM Colts’ Drink Trail directed by ACM Group. Realism by Catherine Hargreaves, Big Freeze, and more.

In 2018, he gave his first solo on stage, The Desperate Do Not Lack of Panache where he played several roles in a succession of sketches. She performed her second solo on stage from September 2021 to April 2022, Hélène Francois.

Poitevin played fashion designer Pierre Balmain in the show The New Look.

Adding to his social popularity, Thomas is set to shine as French designer Pierre Balmain in The New Look series. Pierre was a fashion designer and founder of the famous post-war fashion house Balmain.

The show is based on the rise of Christian Dior’s fashion line in post-World War II Paris. The series also features other famous actors including Ben Mendelsohn, Juliette Binoche, Hugo Baker etc.

Thomas’ popularity peaked in 2020.

Along with acting, directing, and writing, Poitevin has discovered a great way to increase his popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. He released A series of pastilles Les Perruques de In the form of short videos that went viral in no time.

The 43-year-old wears colorful wigs and plays several characters in the video series. In less than a year, her videos have received over 100k views resulting in over 92k and 23k followers on Instagram and Facebook respectively.

Is Thomas Poitevin Married?

No, as of early 2024, the actor and writer are not married. Thomas who is already in his early 40s is currently only focusing on his professional and financial growth.

Although he is quite active on his social media handles, Poitiun doesn’t share anything other than his work life. This indicates that they are not currently dating anyone.

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