Tour de France: what happened to Egan Bernal? Health updates for Colombian cyclists and race participation information

Egan Bernal suffered two collapsed lungs and 20 broken bones as a result of the catastrophic tragedy at the end of January, which required seven consecutive surgeries to repair. Egan Bernal revealed shocking details about the incident.

Bernal gives his first post-collision interview in a 50-minute video interview with Semana (opens in new tab), the Colombian news agency’s YouTube channel.

He drives for the UCI WorldTeam Ineos Grenadiers and comes from Colombia. He was the youngest champion of the Tour de France since 1909 and the first rider from Latin America to achieve it in 2019.

Details of Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal’s collision

Egan Bernal is already back on the road after getting into a potentially fatal situation when he crashed into a bus.

The Ineos Grenadiers driver was captured while driving amidst the beautiful hills of rural Colombia alongside his brothers Ronald and Brandon Rivera, a teammate and pal. Also traveling with the group a few days before Bernal’s accident was Rivera, who had recently recovered from an injury that left him with a broken elbow and dislocated AC joint.

Bernal Egan Egan Bernal trains on an ergometer during treatment

The Colombian posted on social media to express his satisfaction with his recovery. After the fall, Bernal suffered fractured vertebrae, a shattered right femur, a fractured right patella, chest injuries, a punctured lung and multiple fractured ribs, according to a medical update from Ineos Grenadiers.

He was treated at La Sabana University Hospital. Difficult spine surgery, surgeries to repair fractures in the knee, femur, right metacarpal and mouth, and procedures to treat dentoalveolar fractures have all been reported in the hospital update.

Competing in the Egan Bernal Tour de France in 2022

For a few weeks there were doubts about Egan Bernal’s participation in the 2018 Tour de France. One of the best racers is the coffee farmer. Fans therefore questioned the existence of the rival for the upcoming edition.

But the zipaquireo met with journalist Héctor Urrego and confirmed his participation in 2022 to ensure he is committed to his training to return to this important race and try to repeat the 2019 victory to get everything clear make.

The Colombian initially replied “yes”. Our main focus for this year’s training and dedication will be the Tour de France. It is time to return to the path we started in 2019 but have since strayed slightly from.

In addition, the driver announced that he would soon enter Spanish territory to lay out the plan and details for the future campaign. The driver is currently focused on getting in the best possible physical shape so he can be at his best for the rest of the upcoming season.

Egan Bernal’s health is rapidly improving

Egan Bernal could return to cycling before the end of the 2022 season as his coach Xabier Artexte is optimistic the Colombian can fully heal from the horrific injuries he sustained after colliding with a parked bus in Colombia in January.

Despite the lengthy recovery process, the 25-year-old Ineos Grenadiers rider is already working with physiotherapists and proudly showing off his rapid improvement online.

Artexte is encouraged by the fact that he is working to increase his musculoskeletal stability and has already twisted his legs gently while riding a stationary bike.

If we were to take normal recovery times into account, the answer would be no. Artexte spoke to La Gazzetta Dello Sport about a possible return to racing before the end of 2022.