TS Madison Plastic Surgery – Explored Before and After Photos

In recent years there have been rumors that American TV star TS Madison has had at least one rhinoplasty.

The well-known activist made her mark and made history with her appearance on the set of the romantic comedy Bros.

At the beginning of the project there are two gay characters. One is an introverted podcast host who lives alone and the other is a lawyer who is always shirtless in clubs.

The opposites attract theme works for the film because they fall in love, although they don’t know why. The film is directed by Nicholas Stoller and produced by Judd Apatow. It shows the full color palette of the Pride flag.

In fact, Madison, who plays Zola, couldn’t contain her delight when they received a standing ovation at the film’s world premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. She called it a groundbreaking movement for the community because it was a moment that would go down in history and change the way most people spoke.

Also, they dealt with the serious issues by making fun of romance while the audience laughed with them. The cast and crew bonded even more after the press conference, and their energy spread the word across the internet.

The creators also plan to release the film in 3,000 theaters on September 30th.

TS Madison

Before and after pictures of TS Madison’s plastic surgery

TS Madison, who is 44, is one of the few people to admit to having plastic surgery.

The drag queen has been honest about the work that went into her body as she went from male to female. In an interview with Ballroom Throwbacks Television, she began her list of surgeries by stating that her nose had been repaired twice. Her amazing eyebrows aren’t real because she had them raised.

But her teeth, which she had crooked as a child, were the most shocking change. The dentist is busy because he made her look really good.

She doesn’t know how many injections she received for her silicone implant because she can’t remember. She had cut scars all over her body, even on her groin.

Long in the limelight, she’s learned that appearances can be deceiving and only time will tell what kind of people her friends really are.

But she doesn’t think everyone in the spotlight needs to work on their face because she’s seen people in real life who are so naturally beautiful that touching their bodies would be a crime.

In fact, she also spoke about the new age of silicone implants and what this means for people as the number of safe clinics dwindles. Everyone wanted to be prettier and flashier, but they didn’t consider the risks of working with unlisted professionals to save a few bucks.

She knew what she was talking about because she had just left her old doctor who wanted to give her body time to get used to the chemicals, but she was in a hurry to be the IT girl.

She had come to terms with her beauty over time and shared before and after pictures of herself on her Instagram account.

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TS Madison’s Rhinoplasty and Botox – Did She Have Jaw Surgery?

TS Madison, an American reality TV star, had nose surgery and botox. But we’re not sure about the surgery on her jaw.

She’s not the same person as she used to be because she wasn’t comfortable with her body until she changed her mind.

As a child, she didn’t know what the odd feeling was about going to church school. She was afraid of being taken over by the devil because she was sure what she wanted was bad. She lived alone because she couldn’t fight between her male and female sides, which was part of her spiritual struggles.

Things changed when she saw Ru Paul on TV and The Crying Game. People would call it stupid and not understand what it meant, but the game helped her come out to her family, which was a good thing.

When she was a junior, her father thought her upbringing was lacking. He asked her about everything from harassment to confusion and she had to tell him she was born that way. They couldn’t accept her for who she really was, so they decided to cut ties with her.

The incident made her more aware of her children, and she hoped talking to them would help her understand them better.

Her problem was that she loved women but never wanted to be with one. She found that the only way to find out what she was feeling was to give up her belief and start over.

When she was turned down for jobs, she was already changing her looks. She had a hard time understanding why people were treated badly just for being themselves, especially since she had to knock on every door before she went bankrupt.

At first she looked down on the prostitutes, but when her money ran out, she had to do the same job to stay alive. But her problems didn’t stop when she got silicone poisoning from using it too much and had to stop.

TS Madison’s job and wealth

As of 2022, TS Madison is worth about $1 million. She earned a lot of money as an actress and TV personality.

In fact, her story is in the stars, as it landed on the covers of magazines after going viral on Vine in 2013.

After working in adult films, she struggled and had to show her naked body, but she found a ray of hope and decided to try show business again. She never gave up and was willing to work hard in any way to achieve her goals.

The viral video got her so much attention that she signed to Pink Money Records and released her first single, “Feeling My Fish.”

Her 2016 album, The New Supreme, didn’t do very well because she was working hard on other things. Ru Paul invited her to be a judge on his show, so they became good friends.

But she rose to fame playing the role that made her a star in the Netflix movie Zole. Janicza Bravo, the director, made sure to keep her in the cast because she impressed him in 2013.

In 2021, all her hard work paid off when WEtv gave her a one-on-one show called The Ts Madison Experience for being so kind and happy. As the first show of its kind, it made history. It was also one of the few shows on the network to feature a female lead.

When she discussed another trip to Hollywood in the promos, the way they were set up made it seem like they were reality shows. Fans were shocked and cheered when parent company World of Wonder got involved.

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The show was picked up for a second season

Plus, her journey had enough ups and downs to write a book about what she was doing in 2015. It’s called A Light Through the Shade: An Autobiography of a Queen.

TS Madison
TS Madison

David is TS Madison’s boyfriend

Fans have taken an interest in Ts. Madison Hinton’s boyfriend and love life.

Ts Madison, who was born in Florida and is now 44, hasn’t spoken much about her relationships because her life is already so public. On National Boyfriend Day, she posed with a hot guy named David, which caused rumors to spread.

He held her leg for a sexy photo while they both looked straight at the camera. He was very interested in his partner, so it was clear they hit it off.

In 2019, she was proud to say that she wanted to wish her boyfriend on National Boyfriends Day and share their special love on the timeline.

The man with 64,000 followers on Instagram is a singer, artist and bodybuilder who is good at what he does. He’s worked hard to get in shape and never missed a chance to show it off.

On the other hand, Hinton’s social media account, therealtsm, is private and has 700,000 followers. She keeps things real by tweeting about how the weather is always changing and she makes sure internet idiots learn a lesson.

She doesn’t stay with one man for too long either, as she has been seen with many men she is close to, including director Judd Apatow.

What series is TS Madison from?

She became the first black trans woman to star in and be responsible for her own reality show, doing so with The Ts Madison Experience.

How can I watch the TS Madison show?

Now you can stream the reality show The Ts Madison Experience. You can watch it on your Roku with Philo or Spectrum TV.

How old is TS Madison?

TS Madion was born on October 22, 1977 in Miami, Florida, USA so he is 44 years old.

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