Understanding the ending of ‘Goodnight Mommy’ (2022) The woman in the mask, who is she?

Overview of the Goodnight Mommy Storyline

The film Goodnight Mommy is a remake of the Austrian film of the same name. The story revolves around Elias and Lukas, who are identical twin brothers and pay a visit to their famous mother at her house in the country. When they got there, they realized that their mother was in some way unusual. In addition to putting on a surgical mask, she has fundamentally changed from who she was before. Her kind and caring maternal traits have completely disappeared. Instead, she maintains a cold and distant attitude toward the boys, and can even be quite hostile towards them at times.

Elias and Lukas suspect that the woman hiding behind the mask is not their mother. But who else could she be if she isn’t her mother? And does she have any intentions that would put her children in danger?
Let’s take a closer look at the movie

Good night mom

Why does the so-called mother hide her face with a mask?

They were surprised when they arrived at their mother’s house to find that she was wearing a face mask. They’re clearly surprised by this information, but she explains that she recently had cosmetic surgery and is covering her face with the mask while it heals.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that her mother, an award-winning actress, is careful to keep her youthful looks. However, there are indications that the woman in question is not her mother after all. As a result, it is possible that the would-be scammer will only use cosmetic surgery as a practical means of disguising their true identity.

Why do you think the boys suspect their mother is a scammer?

Shortly after their arrival, their mother goes through certain ground rules with them. She warns them not to make noise or enter their bedroom or office, and she also instructs them not to go into the barn.

Elias and Lukas believe something is wrong because their mother would never put such restrictions on the family.

When she refuses to sing them the bedtime ballad she used to sing them, it fuels their suspicion that she is hiding something from them. She claims that they are now too old for bedtime songs, but the boys are skeptical of her explanation, believing that she is an imposter who does not know the lyrics of the lullaby.

A photo of Elias’ family posing together, given to them by Elias, is also discarded by the masked woman. The fact that her mother used to keep pictures of them is further evidence that she may not be who she says she is.

The woman’s eyes are the next thing to consider. The young men remember that she had blue eyes and they find an image that supports their memory. However, the woman they live with has green eyes.

After some time, when they decide to disobey the woman’s orders and search the barn, they find blood on the wall. At this point, the female enters the barn and immediately begins to behave aggressively towards them. This behavior is also very different from what they observe in their mother.

The boys manage to escape and take refuge in a neighbor’s barn nearby. However, the boys are returned to their mother’s home after the owner called the authorities and reported the theft. They claim to authorities that the woman living there is a fake, but when authorities actually see the woman, she is not wearing her disguise and appears to be the boys’ real mother.

The woman orders Elias to his room, but he manages to overhear the conversation with the police officers. The woman is heard saying, “He was playing at the pool and must have slipped on some water.” She overhears. It’s awful to think that the line between reality and fiction no longer exists.

What exactly does this sentence mean? The truth emerges much later in the film.

Is the woman in question the mother of the boys?

The boys are not yet convinced by the woman’s claims that she is their mother. Instead, they believe she is an unknown person who underwent reconstructive facial surgery to look like her mother.

They tape her to her bed while she sleeps and keep her there. As soon as she comes to, Elias soaks her in ice water and asks her about the whereabouts of her biological mother. She reveals to them that she is her mother and when they inquire about the difference in the color of their eyes, she explains that she occasionally wears colored contacts.

They are cut off by the police, who called earlier to check on them. They inquire about their mother’s whereabouts and Elias informs them that she has left home to go somewhere. They leave the boys at home when called to another assignment, although one of the officers has some reservations about the accuracy of this narrative.

After that, Elias and Luke escape the scene. However, before they travel too far, Elias informs Lukas that he neglected to bring his toothbrush. Upon returning home, he discovers the colored contact lenses his mother had been wearing.

After realizing that the woman is his mother, he frees her from her bonds. On the other hand, there is still a mystery that has not been solved. There is another person in Elias’ life who is not who she says she is, even though she turned out to be an imposter. The answer to this question can be found in the barn, where Elias’ mother takes him when she wants him to face the reality of the situation.

What does Elias discover when he examines the barn?

Elias’ mother tells him to look at the bloodstained wall in the barn. Here he and we discover a hole in the wall caused by a bullet.

We learn from Elias’ mother that when he and Lukas were children, they played with a real gun when it was loaded. As a result, a sad event happened when Elias accidentally shot Lukas.

Elias cannot come to terms with the fact that Luke has been murdered, and when his mother tries to force him to do so, he lashes out at her. She was injured when she landed on the ground after falling from the barn attic. The lamp she was carrying crashed to the ground, causing the hay to spontaneously ignite.

Elias escapes the barn just as the structure behind him begins firing, trapping his mother in the blazing structure. Elias looks up, having a hard time comprehending what just happened, and sees both his mother and Luke walking towards him. After the hug, his mother tells him that there is nothing wrong with what he did.

Good night mom
Good night mom

Who is Elias’ mother and does he have a brother?

no It’s quite obvious that Elias has trouble distinguishing between reality and fiction, which Elias’ mother previously addressed in her conversation with the police.

They are only hallucinations when Elias meets them at the very end of the film. This suggests that the Luke we see throughout the film was also an invention of Elias. Throughout the film, Luke is a figment of Elias’ imagination. If you watch the film again, you will notice that the mother only speaks to Elias and not Luke, which is evidence that Luke was never actually there. If you watch the film again, you will notice that the mother only speaks to Elias and not to Luke. You will also notice that at times Luke seems more like Elijah’s reflection than a living, breathing human being. This is something else you will notice.

The grief and anxiety that Elijah felt after his brother’s death contributed to the development of his insanity. He created a universe in which his brother lived and was healthy to cope with the traumatic event that took place as well as the feelings of isolation he was experiencing.

The behavior exhibited by his mother earlier in the film was also a direct result of the traumatic event. Struggling with her own grief, she kept her distance from her son, likely leading to resentment against Elias for accidentally killing his siblings. It’s likely that she got rid of the image Elias created for her because she didn’t want to be reminded of her dysfunctional family when she looked at it.

The film is less of a horror film and more an exploration of loss and how it can affect our lives. The film that came out in 2014 contained the same ideas but be warned that if you watch the Austrian original you will find a darker and more violent film than this one!