Watch this video to see the Tennessee Police Department manhandling an African American man.

During an investigation into a possible traffic violation, Tennessee police were seen on camera brutally beating a young African American man.

The video begins with Brandon Calloway being followed to his home by police in Oakland, Tennessee, a city about 40 miles east of Memphis. In the footage, the two officers from the Oakland Police Department look intimidating as one officer brandishes a baton and the other pulls out a taser. Below you can see how things are developing.

Everyone is surprised and outraged at the harsh way the Tennessee Police Department is treating Brandon Calloway.

In the footage, a woman can be heard calling Brandon’s name and asking police to back off. She even orders them never to hit him again. When Calloway entered a cave at the top, the police gave chase and began tasering him. Then a third officer arrives at the crime scene.

The woman can be heard screaming again

Why are you following him and hitting him? He’s not armed. I have to call my mother. I need to contact his mother.
All three police officers tried to surround the suspect.

According to a police affidavit, officers attempted to pull over 25-year-old Brandon Calloway after he ran the stop sign. In his gray Chevrolet Camaro, Calloway allegedly “sped” away in a 20-mile zone while traveling at 32 mph. According to their records, officers turned on their lights when he didn’t stop.

Andre Wharton, Calloway’s attorney, told WMC that his client was not informed they were stopping him because the Tennessee police had not yet deployed their sirens. As Wharton put it

“Brandon was clearly trying to understand what happened. Why are you keeping up with me? I don’t break rules
How violating a traffic stop “results in brain injury, hospitalization and significant pain and suffering,” the attorney claimed, is still a mystery to him.

Internet users react negatively to the shocking brutality of the Tennessee police force

Any update on the first reason the police showed up at the house? If I ever saw a coward, it was this cop who put his foot on his neck after agreeing.

After the video went viral on Twitter, the behavior of the police and their use of force against Brandon Calloway was sharply criticized. Online users have also criticized the hypocrisy of the police, which disproportionately punishes African Americans for even minor offenses.

No one can explain why the cops used such excessive force on Calloway for a fairly minor offense that could have been dealt with in a number of ways.

Mark Davidson, the county’s attorney general, has asked TBI to investigate the arrest and use of force, but the Tennessee Police Department has not yet issued a statement.

The Calloway family is heartbroken over their son’s abuse

In April 2021, Brandon earned his college diploma and joined the National Society of Black Engineers. His parents commented on how proud they were of their son’s achievements.