With their most recent pre-release single, "Pink Venom," BLACKPINK has done it once more and is racking up a tonne of views.

 BLACKPINK has developed into a significant global brand in addition to being a K-pop group. Because of this, the stuff they publish instantly draws attention and views from all around the world.

In the well-known online forum Nate Pann, a user started a discussion with the post "I wish BLACKPINK's songs were more diverse."

 The user who made the post noted that while BLACKPINK appears to have their distinct hue, their songs are all far too similar.

The online user added, "Although I think it's wonderful that BLACKPINK has a distinct hue in the songs they've released in the past and more lately,

I believe they have too many songs that are too similar because Teddy is the same producer of all of them. I believe that's still another factor contributing to the delay in their return.

 I'm curious as to when they will be able to make their next comeback after this one because they have a lot of songs that sound alike."