Were Kelly Ronahan’s Leg Wounds Due to Munchausen Syndrome? Reddit has a theory

People on the internet say Kelly Ronahan’s leg ulcers are a sign of Munchausen Syndrome.

People have heard of Ronahan’s bad luck before; She is the woman who has to deal with the pain of her aching legs every day.

After she went viral on TikTok, people started paying attention to her. Through the platform, many people online learned about their tragedy and urged them to stay strong during this difficult time.

A ballet dancer who wanted to use her talent to reach heaven had to give up her dream of becoming a top performer. However, she never gives up hope of getting better soon.

Learn about the story of one woman and the problem her leg is facing today.

Kelly Ronahan

Were the wounds on Kelly Ronahan’s legs caused by Munchausen Syndrome?

People think Kelly Ronahan has Munchausen Syndrome after seeing her story about her leg wounds and pain online. It is a mental disorder in which people pretend to be sick or intentionally make themselves sick.

The main reason someone with this syndrome does it is to get care and attention from others. Kelly’s troubles began in July 2016 when she was rushed to the hospital.

Although she was taken to the hospital for a seizure, doctors later determined that she made her condition up. A lot of people thought she had a mental health problem called Munchausen Syndrome because of it.

Her story dates back to 2014 when she was a young ballerina who required a blood transfusion every week.

In early 2016, she said, “Get three bags of blood every two weeks. It’s three people, three blood donors, who come to my rescue every two weeks.” The doctors at the time couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her blood.

Meanwhile, her health continues to deteriorate. By the time she was 30, her legs hurt and she had blisters.

Posting it on Instagram, she said: “After being trapped by my legs for so long it was so intense. I’m very sore today but I love it!”

“I’ve been in such a dark place for SO, SO long. My mind is trying to freak me out, “OMG, what if it happens again? What if this is a dream and I wake up with lazy legs?”

Story on Reddit about Kelly Ronahan

Kelly Ronahan has received negative comments online, particularly on Reddit, after rumors spread that she had injected feces into her legs.

People on the internet say she put poop in their open wounds so they would get sick and have their legs cut off. Some people were concerned after hearing the Reddit story about her mental health.

Although some users felt sorry for her, they thought she would take away blood transfusions and skin grafts from people who really needed them.

People on Reddit also believed the story that her health deteriorated after she started getting hate on social media.

Kelly is on social media telling her followers about her health.

Kelly danced ballet in her youth, but due to health reasons she could not fulfill her dream of becoming a top ballet dancer.

Her health has deteriorated over the years and her fans are very worried about her. On the other hand, Ronahan hasn’t given up on getting better and keeps trying.

Kelly Ronahan
Kelly Ronahan

Where is Kelly Ronahan in 2022?

People who like Kelly Ronahan worry about where she is in 2022. Her last Instagram post was on April 6, 2021 and it said:

“I would probably apply to make up for my ‘inner beauty’. I feel ugly on the inside, and it shows on the outside…”

Her leg is said to have been cut off at this point. But no one can figure out what it means.

The story of Kelly Ronahan is very sad. Most people are finding out on TikTok now, but some saw Kelly go from being a healthy woman wanting to go back to ballet to a frail woman who had to have her leg severed to save her life.

No one could figure out what was wrong with Ronahan, which hurt her downfall even more. She went from one strange illness to the next, leading to people saying she made up her symptoms to attract attention. Strange rumors circulated online that Kelly squirted feces down her legs to make herself sick.

This piece takes a closer look at the story of Kelly Ronahan

Kelly became known for requiring blood transfusions every week to treat a rare blood disorder.

Kelly Ronahan first came to prominence in 2014. She had a rare blood disorder that required blood transfusions every week. Her hemoglobin levels continued to fall each week, and doctors couldn’t figure out why.

By March 2016, she was given 95 liters of blood. “I get three bags of blood every two weeks, which means every two weeks three people save my life by donating blood to me,” Kelly told Global News. Without the transfusions, my organs would stop working and I would die in a month or six weeks.”

Kelly got progressively worse despite receiving blood transfusions. Because of her illness, she was no longer able to work as a ballet teacher. “I’m scared to hear about the future because every time I get a blood transfusion, I get more and more allergic to blood,” Kelly said.

People on the internet felt sorry for Kelly and helped her every time she posted an update. Ronahan joined an organization that encourages people to donate blood to get more people to donate.

Ronahan was rushed to hospitals in July 2016 for having seizures. But doctors sent her home when they found out she made the seizures up.

People held a blood drive in her honor after she said she had done it. Even after she told people what the doctors said, they continued to help her. Several blood drives were conducted on Kelly’s behalf throughout 2016.

Her appearance on a local news station made people even more certain that Kelly was ill and needed help getting through.

In early 2017, Kelly’s port became infected, resulting in sepsis. Ronahan also told her fans that she has been obsessed with exercising and suffers from eating disorders. She also said she injured herself before she got sick, but the scars she showed didn’t look like they were three years ago.

Also, Ronahan’s port became infected again, requiring doctors to keep an eye on her for three weeks. Kelly had seizures and a rash just before she was supposed to go home. Kelly was hospitalized in April 2017 for a different reason and had blood drawn.

Tests showed her hemoglobin levels were normal, leading to rumors that she was pretending to have a rare disease to attract attention. Kelly put an end to the rumors by saying that the doctor was plotting against her.

Ronahan’s leg problems were first seen in 2018 and quickly spread over the next few months.

Kelly Ronaghan

Ronahan said her blood condition was caused by MS and uterine fibroids, but she had no evidence to back her claims. Kelly said she has fibroids and needs a hysterectomy to get rid of them.

By 2018, people really believed Kelly made it up. In April 2018, her port was taken out because she no longer required blood transfusions.

A month later, Kelly said her feet were swollen and she had blisters that seemed to come out of nowhere. Kelly’s impulsive tugs at the blisters made them bigger. She said she was in so much pain that she needed painkillers, but the doctors wouldn’t give her any.

Throughout 2018, Kelly’s condition worsened. The scabs turned into much larger sores. When Ronahan had seizures and blistered her hands, the medical mystery became even harder to solve.

As the wounds on her legs worsen, doctors worry about her circulation problems and nerve damage. Kelly received mean comments on social media, which is bad for her mental health.

As her condition worsened, the photos she posted became increasingly difficult to view. She told her fans that doctors told her they had an autoimmune disease. She got skin grafts in 2019 and things seemed to be getting better.

In early April 2019, she posted that she had just finished her first walk in a few months and was excited about it. Kelly resigned:

“After being trapped by my legs for so long, it was so scary. Even if I’m very sore today, I love it! I’ve been in such a dark place for SO long, SO long. My mind is trying to freak me out, “OMG, what if it happens again? What if this is a dream and I wake up with lazy legs?”

In May 2021, Kelly’s legs were cut off for destroying her grafts

After picking at the sores on her legs, Kelly went back to the hospital a few weeks after her hopeful Instagram post. She was detained for three days so doctors could try to save her legs.

Several experts looked at her case, but none of them could figure out what was wrong with her. Kelly said she lost feeling in her legs and ankles over time. The wounds wouldn’t heal because they were too big and Ronahan couldn’t stop trying to stop the healing process.

Doctors eventually told her she needed an amputation. By then she had lost one of her toes. After the surgery, Kelly wrote the following update:

“I only started PT a few hours after surgery. Good shit, this hurts, but I don’t want to spend another summer in bed, so I’ll work hard. I won’t lie, I cry about 20 times a day. I’m so sad and shocked by this I can’t even spit. It’s tough.”

After Kelly’s surgery, she slowly posted less on social media. She told her followers that she’s looking to get prosthetics, and she’ll likely update them on her progress.

Ronahan was accused of lying about being ill to attract attention. People fake illnesses to attract more attention online, but not many go so far as to cut off their legs. We can’t say anything about Kelly, but we hope she gets over what happened to her and leads a happy life.