What did the last take in the movie Royalteen mean? (Spoiler)

On August 17, 2022, Netflix introduced Royalteen. Based on the Arvingen book by Randi Fuglehaug and Anne Gunn Halvorsen, the film by Per-Olav Srensen and Emilie Beck.

It was a simple watch that allowed plenty of time to navigate the challenging world of teenage dating while also dealing with societal stigma. The film has an interesting premise and a terrific pace.

There were several revelations and assumptions in the second part of Royalteen. The film treated the character of Lena (Ines Hysaeter Asserson) with an air of mystery from the start.

Viewers had to piece the puzzle together to understand Lena’s past and Karl Johan’s (Mathias Storhi) present after the film laid out the character’s complexities in the very first sequence.

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When a teenager develops an unexpected affair with the crown prince, she must fight to keep her scandalous past and a significant secret from being exposed.

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The final image of the film was outstanding and conveyed a completely different idea. Read on to learn how royalteen ends.

An ideal teenage love story with a glimpse into the future, the royalteen graduation

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Essentially, Royalteen was similar to most other teen romance films except for its incredibly timely and bold premise. The main characters went through a difficult time due to their personal challenges, but they eventually accepted each other and declared their love for each other. The problems in this film were more tangible than in others.

After leaving her vacation early and seeing familiar faces, Lena decided to call Prince Kalle and express her love. Not long ago, Kalle’s relatively clean past was revealed when Lena thought he was the “party prince.” However, Kalle’s twin sister Margrethe (Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne) arrived before Lena had a chance to meet Kalle and say something to him.

Lena’s younger brother Theodor is actually her son, says Margrethe, who explained that she knew all of their secrets. Lena complied with Margrethe’s threat to stay away from her brother.

Lena cut off communication with the prince and collapsed in her house. Her mother, however, falling to the ground ended her collapse. In fact, her mother avoided a heart attack. This forced Lena to admit her guilt. She revealed Theodor was her child live on Instagram and vowed never to be ashamed of him again.

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Fortunately, her friends and classmates responded very kindly to this confession. Her friend Tess showed up at her house the day before her prom and persuaded her to join them. Everyone cheered and encouraged Lena as she entered. Nevertheless, Margrethe warned her to avoid her brother.

A short time later, Prince Kalle appeared on stage and began performing the song Lena was named after. Lena apologized to him for lying as they made eye contact. To the delight of everyone at the prom, Kalle forgave her and they kissed. Margrethe found that disappointing.

The last shot was a little clear and indicated something else entirely. Margrethe was seen getting up from her table and falling to the ground. This had little impact on the situation and was completely inexplicable. It was possibly a means to get a sequel off the ground.