What does TikTok’s Kia challenge entail? An Indiana resident’s car had its car seats and diaper bag stolen.

The Kia Challenge is a brand new trend that has joined the list of TikTok special trends. A recent incident involving the Kia Challenge cost hundreds of dollars in auto repairs because an Indiana’s car was left in terrible condition. Alissa Smart discovered she had become a victim of the Kia Challenge on July 16 when she woke up. She believed teenagers were responsible for the damage to her car.

Many people have questions about the difficulties after the incident. As the popularity of TikTok increases, a number of trends and difficulties are manifested. Some of these trends are hip, original and fun. However, others are uncommon and even dangerous. Let’s determine if the Kia Challenge is creative or harmful.

Is the TikTok Kia Challenge dangerous?

The latest addition to the short video sharing application is called the Kia Challenge, in which users try to start a Kia car using just a USB cable. The current fad is about not requiring the car keys to start the vehicle’s engine.

After some people showed how to start the engine of a Kia car using only a USB cable, the video quickly gained popularity. The news of the Kia challenge spurred many people to try this hack and unexpectedly the hack was successful as they shared in the comment sections of numerous videos on the subject.

Alissa Smart, an Indiana lady, was a victim of the Kia Challenge on July 16. She realized this after being woken up by her niece to tell her that her car had been broken into. However, few things, including baby carriers and car seats, have been dropped from the Kia; the vehicle itself was not stolen. Fox59 quoted Smart as saying:

“How someone can see two car seats and a diaper bag and still commit such a horrific act” amazed, terrified and alarmed me.

She further added:

“My car needs repairs but I can’t afford it so now my two kids and I have no way of getting around.”

Smart informed the Revers police of this event. In their opinion, postings such as the Kia Challenge should not be made on the platform as they would encourage further slumps.

How to report these illegal videos?

We often come across videos that are neither morally nor ethically sound. The best course of action at this point would be to simply report the video so TikTok can quickly delete it and prevent it from going viral. The Kia Challenge is no different in this regard. To keep the public and their facilities safe, report any videos of the challenge you find on the social media site TikTok by following these instructions.