What happened to Anthony Templet? Documentary “I Just Killed My Dad” about a missing child

Anthony Templet was living in Louisiana at the time. He was only 20 years old. In June 2019, he killed his father, Burt Templet, at the family home by shooting him.

WAFB9 says the initial charge against Templet was second-degree murder. However, the sentence was changed to manslaughter after his family said he acted in self-defense after his father beat him for years.

He pleaded “no dissent” to a charge of involuntary manslaughter in his father’s death the year before. As a result of this request, he was granted five years of supervised probation, but credited for the time he had already served in prison.

Wikipedia on Anthony Templet

Anthony Templet was only 17 when he killed his father and he spoke recently about the event.

On June 3, 2019, his father was shot dead at their home in Baton Rouge. After that he was taken into custody. According to local news station WAFB9, Anthony told a 911 worker over the phone that he was responsible.

Burt died just days after being shot. Anthony told 911 that he and his father got into an argument because his father tried to hit Anthony. He agreed that he had shot his father three times.

According to what Anthony told police, the fight started when they were arguing over Anthony’s phone. WAFB9 says Burt tried searching Anthony’s phone to see if he spoke to Burt’s ex-wife, Susan Templet. Anthony said his drunk father tried to attack him before the man ran into his room and grabbed a gun from the bedside table.

Anthony Templet is not there

Anthony Templet defended himself by shooting his father three times. However, as more reports came in, a shocking fact came to light.

Anthony’s long-lost half-sister Natasha contacted him when it wasn’t expected. She said Burt took Anthony away 11 years ago, meaning he had been missing for more than a decade.

Natasha told Wafb.com that Burt took then five-year-old Anthony from his home in Texas in 2008 and took him to an undisclosed location. She said it took her 11 years to find out if her brother was alive or not. She went on to say that Anthony’s father had a pattern of abusing him and keeping him away from other people when he was young.

She spoke about what they did at home every day before Burt took Anthony with him. She said that Burt and her mother were together for about ten years. Still, the entire time they were together, they were too mean to each other.

When Burt took Anthony, his mother Teresa and sister put up “Lost Child” posters, but no one called them back or gave them any information. As soon as Burt had Anthony, he started keeping him away from other people and wouldn’t let him go to school. Because of this, Anthony didn’t speak to many people outside of his family.

The attorney says Anthony’s attorney, Jarrett Ambeau, said his client left his father alone and often hurt him.

Where is Anthony Templet now?

At this moment it is not clear where Anthony is. Anthony has just started his trial period in 2021 so it’s likely he has yet to complete it.

Based on what Distractify says, Anthony is scheduled to finish high school and seek counseling. He can also meet the terms of his punishment by taking a full-time job or going to school. Let’s assume he is able to do all these things without getting in trouble. Then his criminal record could be clarified in the long term. It means it will no longer exist.

Decider says that since being paroled, Anthony has reconnected with his mother and the rest of her side of the family.

In the documentary, a younger version of Anthony struggles to control his emotions while watching an old interview video of himself. The past version of herself thinks for a moment before answering “yes” when asked if she thinks she can lead a normal life.