What happened to Chris Kaba? Drill rapper shot dead by Streatham police

According to exclusive reports or sources, the incident happened on Monday when Chris Kaba tried to leave the scene with the suspect vehicle.

He was warned many times but he didn’t stop the car so the police had to shoot him.

When they first shot the car, the bullet went through his body, and he had to leave the world in a certain way. Footage of the whole scene is also quickly making the rounds on social media, which infuriates everyone.

Chris Kaba

So what did Chris Kaba do?

At the moment we don’t know what happened because the authorities didn’t say anything other than that he tried to leave the crime scene with the suspect vehicle and they had to shoot him because they had no other way to stop him.

But in the midst of it all, his friends and family got angry on social media and asked the police why only Mr Kaba was shot. They also said that their daughter, who married Mr. Kaba, is in great pain because she lost her better half.

A witness who heard the sound of the tragedy said it was “terrifying” and the bang was so loud he could hear it even though he was inside his house playing video games. That showed how serious the situation was, but he couldn’t see anything. We’ve included details here from other sources, and if we find out more we’ll let you know.

Chris Kaba Biography – Chris Kaba Wiki

Englishman Chris Kaba, named Madix, was a rapper and musician. Chris was nominated for a MOBO Award for Best Newcomer in 2016 while he was in the drill rap group 67. Chris was killed by armed police at the end of a chase in Streatham, south west London on September 5, 2022.

The rapper was treated at the scene but died early the next morning after being rushed to the hospital. Police have told Chris Kaba’s family and friends that they are sorry for his loss.

In a statement released on September 7, 2022, Commander Alexis Boon said, “I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the family and friends of the late man, and I know how devastating and long-lasting this horrific event will be for them.” I know that this event is very disturbing and I would like to reassure the public that the Met is fully cooperating with the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) as they conduct a thorough and independent investigation.

“I also know that the family and people in the area want to know what happened. I know the IOPC investigators are working hard to find out what happened, but they also need time and space to do their job. Myself and the local police commander met with key partners and members of the community. We will continue to work together to speak to and reassure the public at this difficult time,” he said.

Chris Kaba dude

Chris Kaba died on September 5, 2022 in Streatham Hill, south west London. He had turned 24 years old.

Chris Kaba girlfriend

It is unclear who Chris Kaba’s girlfriend is. Prosper Kaba, Chris’ father, said Chris has a girlfriend and is expecting a daughter in a few months.

Family of Chris Kaba

Who is Chris Kaba’s mom and dad? His parents are Elaine Kaba (mother) and Prosper (father) (father). It is unclear who his siblings are. Kaba’s family lives in the UK.

In early September, police shot and killed Chris Kaba. One of his close friends said, “He was going to have his first child in a few months and he wasn’t in a gang.” Now his child will not have a father. it makes me sad He had nothing to do with gangs or anything like that.

Chris Kaba’s mum couldn’t believe what she was hearing and fought back tears as she said: “You took my heart. My son is gone and I am so sad. I can’t stop wondering why the police thought they had to do this. Wasn’t there anything else to do?”

His father also said: “We don’t know what went wrong. He didn’t deserve to be hurt. We’re heartbroken, don’t know what to think and can’t at the moment. He was always joking and having fun, and he had many friends. He was looking forward to becoming a father, but his girlfriend is still in shock. He was thrilled to be teaching his daughter how to talk, walk and do all the other things that dads do. He had wanted children for a long time.

Chris Kaba
Chris Kaba

Chris Kaba’s race

Chris is a black man who hails from Africa. He was born in England and is English.

Parents of rapper Chris Kaba

Prosper and Elaine Kaba were named as Chris’ parents. His father Prosper is said to have lost his composure when he arrived at where his son was shot and his mother Elaine fought back tears as she told reporters outside the family home how sad she was.

Chris’ father Prosper said: “We don’t know what happened.

“We’re heartbroken, we don’t know what to think and right now we can’t think straight.

Brothers and sisters of Chris Kaba

Chris appears to be an only child as his parents have no other children.

Rapper Chris Kaba girlfriend

Chris loves his longtime girlfriend very much. Five months later, the two wanted to get married. Karimah Waite, the daughter of Kim Alleyne, is his future wife.

Children of rapper Chris Kaba

His disgruntled friends also said in the report that he was on the verge of becoming a father for the first time.

5 things to know about Chris Kaba, aka rapper Madix

  • Chirs Kaba was known as “Itch” on the London hip-hop and rap scene. His nickname was “Rapper Madix”. He’s a great musician who recently joined the drill rap collective 67.
  • Rapper Madix and his fiancee Karima Waite are expecting their first child. They had been engaged for a while and were planning the birth of their child in the coming months. They found out they were going to be parents to a little girl.
  • Elaine and Prosper Kaba fought back tears as they told the media how much they missed their son Chirs Kaba after his birth. Also in his family tree was a person named Jefferson Bosela.
  • He wanted to marry Karima Waite and the two had big plans for the next year. But just five months before the wedding, everything went horribly wrong.
  • Rapper cMadix, better known by his stage name Itch, was a big fan of Premier League football. He and a friend recently watched Manchester United play Arsenal.

Chris Kaba died, what killed him and why

He came from England and rapped and played music. He died when he was just 23 years old. He died after police shot at him in south London. He died on September 5, 2022 in London, England. The death of Chris Kaba has saddened his family and friends, who are expressing their sorrow by paying tribute to him online. If you want to know why he died, keep reading this article.

Chris Kaba Race, Country of Origin and Religion

He is a famous English rapper and musician who makes a living out of it. His country of origin is England and he is of mixed ethnicity. Nobody knows what his religion is.

Chris Kaba’s work and childhood

Chris Kaba was born in London, England.

He earns his living as an English musician and rapper.

Chris Kaba died at the age of just 23.

67, a drill rap group, had him as a member.

Wife, partner and affair of Chris Kaba

Reports on social media state that he is engaged and that his fiancee’s name is Karima Waite. If you want to know more about his love life and who he’s dating, save this page because the public domain says we’ll know soon.

Her son is Chris Kaba (father, mother)

His father’s name is Prosper Kaba and his mother’s name is Elaine Kaba.

Chris Kaba Net Worth

English rapper and musician Chris Kaba was also a musician. He used to make a lot of money doing what he did. He is believed to have a net worth of around $2 million.

How old is Chris Kaba?

He was born in 1999 in London, England. He lived for 23 years.

What college did Chris Kaba go to?

Chris Kaba attended primary high school and received a good education. He then attended private college, where he learned new things and improved his skills.

Based on the information. He died on September 5, 2022 at the age of 23. As far as we know, he was pursued and shot dead by London police late in the evening of September 5th. He died in the hospital. He is also known as a member of the London drill rap group 67. Drill rap group 67 was nominated for the 2016 MOBO Awards for his amazing skills. He was also known by the nicknames “Rapper Madix” and “Itch”. Below are links to his social media profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and his wiki.

Who was Chris Kaba?

to He was a professional English rapper and musician.

How old was Chris Kaba?

to He had turned 23.

Who is Chris Kaba’s wife?

to Karima Waite is the name of his future wife.

What is the name of Chris Kaba’s father?

to Prosper Kaba

What is the name of Chris Kaba’s mother?

to Elaine Kaba