What happened to Jessy Jacob Dog on TikTok? The social media star is set to be arrested, according to Twitter and Reddit


Famous social media personality Jessy Jacob is currently trending online after she bullied a dog and made derogatory remarks about other people’s dogs.

A video posted by Jessy Jacob, a TikTok member, immediately gained widespread popularity. The video is believed to have been removed for violating TikTok’s service rules.


As a result, TikTok also deleted the user’s account. More than 100,000 people become admirers. As a result, the @jakethes.d account is now nowhere visible on Tiktok.

Who is Jessy Jacob and the famous dog abuse TikTok video?

Social media influencer Jessy Jacob is known for her TikTok videos. Her latest TikTok video went viral and showed her harassing a service dog without apologizing. She reportedly had a close relationship with her dog, which may have contributed to her online fame.


Before her account was deactivated by TikTok, the content creator also had thousands of followers on the video network platform. The account was terminated because the video violated the site’s rules and contained confidential information.

The video has already been saved by viewers who are now sharing it on Twitter and Reddit. The video has already sparked discussion on a number of Reddit subreddits and comment sections.


Old and real name of Jessy Jacob

Jessy Jacob hasn’t revealed her age, but she appears to be in her 20s and attracted attention when her online dog molestation video went viral.

But at the right time, no one knows her real name. However, based on her account name, it is most likely that her real name is Jessy. The TikTok star has been very discreet about her private life.


Social media reaction to Jessy Jacob’s dog

Given the viral footage, we’re assuming she’s American. The influencer on TikTok is known for leaving rude comments on her videos. She communicates her beliefs in her videos and firmly believes that she is right.

Reddit and Twitter think the social media star should be arrested

Jessy Jacob molested other users and dogs in her films, which wasn’t the first time she’d done it; Despite this, she had done this a number of times before and users are outraged by her mistake. Users on Twitter and Reddit believe she should be arrested.


Also, TikTok deleted her account. She has thousands of fans on the platform. As a result, she changed the name of her Instagram account, which she currently keeps private.

Jessy will retract her actions and offer an explanation of why everything is happening. One commenter expressed a wish for justice to be served to those who deserve it.


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