What happened to Laura Bradbury? Kidnapping and missing persons case at Indian Cove Campground


Three-and-a-half-year-old Laura Bradbury disappeared while vacationing with her parents at Indian Cove Campground.

There have been several cases of disappearance over the years. Missing people are no longer a shock. Some people experience kidnapping, others experience far worse consequences.


The globe was also shaken by the case of Laura’s disappearance. At the time of her disappearance, Laura was an infant and her situation is particularly peculiar.

What year did Laura Bradbury disappear? investigation into her kidnapping

Travis, Laura’s older brother, and they made their way to a nearby portable bathroom. Laura was waiting outside when Travis entered the restroom.


Laura was not to be seen when Travis exited the restroom. 250 people searched Laura’s whereabouts when people started looking for her everywhere.

Despite the use of dogs, horses and helicopters, there were no leads in the hunt for Laura around Indian Cove Campground. A tracker dog followed her trail for about a mile before she lost it. Only three days had passed before the official search was stopped.


However, Laura’s family was confident they could find her. They began their preliminary search for Laura, handing out flyers and T-shirts with her picture on them. They also took part in debate programs on radio and television, and the disappearance was re-enacted twice during prime time.

One of the earliest missing children to be pictured on milk cartons was Laura, whose disappearance made national headlines. However, there were still no clues.


How old was Laura Bradbury when he disappeared?

Laura had barely turned three when she disappeared. People from across the city tried to help find Laura after her case made national headlines.

The case lacked any clues. Witnesses reported seeing a man in his 50s driving a metallic blue van at Indian Cove Campground before Laura disappeared. A similar looking male was spotted in Burns Canyon a short time later.


The sheriff’s office even hired a hypnotist to try to elicit more details from campers who had seen the bearded, portly man and his car. After that, however, there was no evidence of the van either.

Who were Laura Bradbury’s parents?

Patty and Mike Bradbury, Laura’s parents, gave birth to her. Travis Bradbury was her older brother who was 8 years old.


The way the police handled the problem didn’t sit well with Laura’s parents, who decided to take matters into their own hands. They assumed the police did nothing to help despite knowing Laura was missing.

Laura’s mother Patty died in 2001 and her father Michael wrote a book about his daughter’s kidnapping in 2010 called Laura Ann Bradbury: A Father’s Search.


In 1986, near the park’s west entrance, hikers found a skull they believed belonged to Laura Bradbury. The only thing we could tell from the skull’s features was that it belonged to a child, but the DNA didn’t match Laura’s.

Michael has attempted to have the skull taken to a morgue so he can claim his daughter’s remains, but has been unsuccessful. Laura’s disappearance remains unsolved to this day.


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