What happened to Tim Drake in Gotham Knights? Cause of death and friend information


Tim Drake is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. He usually works with another fictional superhero named Batman.

Drake was the third person to play Robin, Batman’s crime-fighting partner. He first appeared in Batman #436 (August 1989), written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by Pat Broderick.


After the events of 2009’s Batman: Battle for the Cowl, he was known as Red Robin. In 2019 he became Robin again and briefly went by the name “Drake”.

What happened to Tim Drake in Gotham Knights?

Tim Drake is primarily featured in Detective Comics where he is one of the new Gotham team members alongside Orphan, Spoiler and Clayface.


Batman and Batwoman trained this group to fight against the colonists, which turned out to be a military group led by Batwoman’s father, Jake Kane. He had made himself into a more violent version of Batman.

After the team rescues Batman and Tim hacks their database to find out what their plans are, Jake unleashes two waves of Bat-Drones to destroy the League of Shadows. These drones are killing hundreds of innocent people.


Tim beats the first group of drones, but it looks like the second group will kill him, which is horrific for the Bat-Family and his old Teen Titans teammates.

But just as the second wave is about to meet Tim, Mister Oz teleports him to an unknown location and locks him up. Tim told his friends that they would find him.


Later, Ascalon, a robot created under St. Dumas’ orders, tells Batman that Tim is still alive, and Batman promises to find Tim.

How did Tim Drake die?

Drake and Dick Grayson were two of the first superheroes to become ill from the Anti-Life Equation.


The Anti-Life Equation is an invented idea from American comic books by DC Comics. Darkseid searches for the Anti-Life Equation, which is a way to fully control the minds of sentient beings. He sends his forces to Earth because he believes part of the equation is hidden in people’s minds.

Different comics have explained the equation in different ways, but most people see it as mathematical proof that life is meaningless.


Batman tries to talk to them, but he gets sick from both of them. Tim is killed off-scene and his body is left in the Batcave. Later Jason Todd finds it and buries it.

Who did Tim Drake work with?

In the Batman comics, Stephanie Brown played Tim Drake, also known as Red Robin.


She first met Robin in the 1990s Batman comics. She also starts dating Tim. She later becomes the new Robin and then Batgirl until the New 52 era when Barbara Gordon can walk again and reprises her role as Batgirl.

Tim Drake was named the new Robin, and then Stephanie was named the new Spoiler.


Spoilers often saw Robin working at night. Their business relationship grew into something more and Robin broke up with his girlfriend to be with Spoiler.

When Tim goes to boarding school, he spends less time with Stephanie. This puts such a strain on their relationship that Stephanie begins to believe he is cheating on her. They eventually broke up due to issues in their own lives.


Who is Tim Drake’s father?

Jack Drake is a fictional character from DC Comics. He is the father of Tim Drake.

As a well-known businessman, Jack could never sit still for long. He stayed in Gotham City long enough to meet Janet, a young woman who would later become his wife.


The couple worked well together in business and grew their business far and wide.

In time, Janet gave birth to Tim, the Drakes’ first and only son. Although Mr. and Mrs. Drake loved their son, business always seemed to come first.


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