What happens at the end of Persuasion? Will Anne get another chance at love?

Jane Austen’s Persuasion has been remade for the big screen. The Carrie Cracknell-led 2022 adaptation of the famous book, starring Dakota Johnson, became available on Netflix today.

The adaptation tells the story of an estranged love affair of a 27-year-old lady who seems to have found a new chance at love in a fresh and creative way.

In Persuasion, Dakota Johnson plays a young woman named Anne Elliot who still regrets losing her love. Will she right her past mistake, or will fate have someone else in store for her when she meets her old love Captain Wentworth (Cosmo Jarvis) eight years later?

Beginning with her brief but intense relationship with Wentworth, a sailor from humble beginnings, Anne recounts how she was persuaded to end it as he was neither rich nor destined.

Then, after giving us a little insight into her conceit and narcissism, she introduces us to her father, Sir Walter, her older sister Elizabeth, and her younger sister Mary. We quickly learn that Anne is nothing like her family.

When she learns of her father’s sudden bankruptcy, things change quickly and her everyday life is full of new things. Now that the family has to move to Bath, they are letting their sizable property out. When Anne is left behind with her married younger sister, Mary, an awkward reunion ensues between Anne and her ex-lover, Wentworth.

It’s always fun to watch Dakota Johnson. However, this movie is simply IT. It increased my passion for Anne Elliot and my appreciation for this story. She really brings SO MUCH LIFE, SO MUCH BRIGHTNESS, SO MUCH LOVE to the role of Anne. #Convincing

The two still have feelings for each other, but when Anne realizes that Wentworth is courting Mary’s sister-in-law, Louisa, she rears her ugly head in jealousy. Similarly, Wentworth becomes jealous when a charming young stranger takes an interest in Anne while they visit Lyme.

When Anne returns to Bath, she encounters the stranger again and learns that he is Mr Elliot, heir to her father’s (Henry Golding) estate. After that, the two show signs of romance. However, Anne is distraught when she learns of Louisa’s engagement. Despite this change, Wentworth and Anne seem to be having a hard time breaking up.

Will Persuasion give Anne a second chance at love?

When Wentworth visits Anne at her family’s estate in Bath, Mr Elliot tells him that he is there and wants to marry her. While it’s obvious that Anne still has feelings for Wentworth, the circumstances surrounding Louisa’s engagement make it unlikely that anything will change.

But then things change quickly. Anne finally gets a second chance at love when Mary visits Bath and offers to take Anne to Lyme for a brief reunion.

During their conversation, Anne learns that Louisa has left her first love behind and is now in love with one of Wentworth’s Navy buddies. She insisted Wentworth and Louisa were engaged, but they weren’t.

The news leaves Anne speechless. She then discovers a letter written to her by Wentworth, claiming that his love for her is still the same despite their long-standing estrangement. When Anne sees each other again, she experiences a second chance at love.

After periods of jealousy, betrayal and quiet romance, Persuasion has a happy ending before Anne and Wentworth’s love reignites. Watch the 2022 Netflix version of Jane Austen’s book now.