What is it? all about their agreement with American Airlines for 20 supersonic aircraft

American Airlines announced Tuesday, August 16, that it has ordered 20 supersonic aircraft from Boom Supersonic, also known as BoomTechnology, an American company developing the Overture, the world’s fastest airliner.

The Verge quoted American Airlines as saying that the deposit for the first 20 planes is non-refundable. However, the agreement is subject to safety assessments and Boom’s ability to meet its obligations on a timely basis. Added airline:

Before delivering Overtures, Boom must meet American’s other typical requirements, as well as industry operational, performance, and safety standards.

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Miami to London in less than 5 hours? 3 hours from LA to Honolulu? That would be AMAZING, right? Both @BoomAero and we are prepared. Find out more about our collaboration with Boom Supersonic and the #Overture, which is expected to fly twice as fast as current generation commercial aircraft: bit.ly/3CdGycP.
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The full story about the partnership between American Airlines and Boom Supersonic

Boom Technology develops the Boom Overture, a supersonic aircraft. The airline will reportedly be unveiled in 2029 and will have a range of 4,250 nautical miles (about 7,870 km).

Boom’s next project, Overture, is attempting to be twice as fast as current aircraft. The duration of commercial supersonic flights will be halved thanks to this new strategy. These are also used for defense applications due to the company’s partnership with Northrop Grumman and the US Air Force.

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Recent Developments:
AmericanAir deposits 20 Overture aircraft. The world’s largest supersonic fleet will soon be owned by American, the world’s largest airline. In addition, the agreement includes an option for 40 Overture aircraft. bit.ly/3bSLUja s1039 s247

If the jets pass the initial stages of testing, the first Overture aircraft is expected to enter the market in 2025. The first test flights are expected to take place in 2026. American Airlines has made the decision to purchase approximately 20 Overture aircraft with an option to purchase an additional 40 aircraft should Boom Technology meet its requirements.

According to Boom, the Overture plane will be able to fly non-stop from New York to London in about 3.5 hours. They also claim that the 15-hour trip from Los Angeles to Sydney will take just six hours and 45 minutes.

Boom has mentioned that the price of the tickets could be around $5,000 per seat. However, American Airlines has not yet decided on the price.

Boom has been criticized by environmentalists for developing supersonic planes that use more fuel per passenger. However, Boom has claimed that its Overture aircraft are “net-zero CO2” and run on sustainable aviation fuel. However, the company has not yet provided any further details.

The deal between American Airlines and Boom Technology also says the plane will feature a curved fuselage, gull wings and an extra engine, making it a four-engine configuration.

Boom has signed a deal to deliver 15 Overture aircraft to United Airlines, which could result in a deal for 35 jets depending on the delivery schedule. Boom’s agreement with American Airlines has already been made public.

Boom Overture gives way as we remember the “Concorde”, an aviation marvel

With a top speed of 1,354 miles per hour, Concorde could travel from New York City to London in just 3.5 hours. Concorde ceased operations in 2003, which also marked the end of the supersonic jet fad.

The British Aircraft Corporation and Sud Aviation jointly developed and built the Concorde. Research into the creation of the Concorde began as early as 1954. On March 2, 1969, the first flight of the Corcorde took off from Toulouse.

However, Boom’s Overture, which has made many more promises than Concorde, is experimenting with cutting-edge technologies to make flying faster and more effective.