What is it? How to report a viral trend and its definition

The latest TikTok craze to take over the platform is the Kia Challenge. Every day new challenges are starting to trend on the platform. While some are entertaining and intriguing, others are not and risk serious harm.

Not all TikTok challenges are created equal, and a recent Kia challenge that has started appearing online needs to be reported quickly. The Kia trend started with a video posted by @robbierayyy in early July.

Tiktok Kia Challenge: What is it?

The Kia Challenge is the latest TikTok craze where fans try their best to start their KIA car with a USB cable. The engine of the KIA car, according to the popular trend, can be started without a key.

Many users showed in the TikTok videos how to start the car via USB cable. The madness immediately turned into a video challenge. To test the theory, users tried to duplicate the first one.

However, the challenge quickly went off course and has a negative impact on the real world. First, a video of a couple performing the KIA Challenge went viral. We can see how the USB cable was used on the Kia Challenge to start the car’s engine.

The popular TikTok video quickly went viral and rocked the TikTok community. Many people took up the challenge and reported successes, but many others found them harmful and dangerous.

Trending Viral TikTok explains the importance of the Kia Challenge

The Kia Challenge TikTok fad asks users to power on Kia cars via a USB connection, which could lead to theft and vandalism. The users are trying to use a USB cable to start their car.

The Kia Challenge shows how a Kia car can be started without a key. The “Kia car started with a USB cable” trend initially started with just one video on the website. Later, a few people demonstrated how to start the car with a USB cable.

TikTok users were excited to take up the challenge and some even claimed success. The challenge went viral after two men in a Kia car made a video showing how to start the car with just a USB cable.

How do I report a Kia Challenge on Tiktok?

Users must report the risky Kia Challenge immediately as it can lead to theft and vandalism. Reporting TikTok videos promoting the “Kia Challenge” is encouraged.

You can easily report a TikTok challenge if you think it’s inappropriately affecting others by clicking the white arrow next to the video. Then select the flag-shaped “Report” icon. The reason for reporting illegal activity can then be inferred and the process is complete.

Go to the user’s profile, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select Report to report the user. Hopefully the app will stop promoting criminal activities soon so users can focus on tasks that do no harm.

Teenage crime rate is on the rise because of the silly Tiktok videos

The risky Kia Challenge has contributed to a recent spike in juvenile delinquency. An Indiana woman recently died as a result of the TikTok Challenge. She admitted her car was stolen, damaged and many things taken.

When her nephew found out about the incident, he woke her up in the middle of the night. The victim of the Kia Challenge is an Indiana woman named Alissa Smart. The event occurred on July 22, 2022.

Smart claimed someone tried to break into her Kia using the USB cable method, shattering the window and breaking the steering wheel. She said they may be teenagers because they picked up bikes and Mountain Dew from their parents’ garage.

She added that the youths tried again to steal her car but were unsuccessful. She immediately reported the theft to the police and explained that she had incurred repair costs that she could not afford.