What is Jade Bender Ethnicity and Nationality? Everything we know about the actress

Senior Year actress Jade Bender may have mixed ancestry.

American actress Bender is known for her roles in the films Senior Year, Night School and Major Crimes. In those 12 years, the actress appeared in seven shows. In 2010, her first TV show was called Warren the Ape. After five years, she returned as Jassie in the film Bad Night.

That same year, Jade guest starred on the TV show Bad Night Premiere with JennxPenn, Lauren Elizabeth, Trevor Moran, Lohanthony and others for the documentary Teens Wanna Know.

In 2014-2005, Jade played Alice/Alice Herrera/Jessie in three episodes of the TV show Major Cromes entitled Wish You Were Here, Turn Down, Jane De. She also pretended to be Shada Raqib in the second season of The Player as Shada Raqib.

What race and country is Jade Bender? is she asian

Bender comes from a mixed background as her father and mother are not from the same country. Fans think Bender is Asian because of her looks, but she was raised in the United States and is an American citizen. She turned 24 this year. She was born in September.

Jade has won the hearts of her fans for her role in the Netflix original series Senior Year. She is very charming and a great person. In the film, Rebel Wilson played Stephanie, who was a high school cheerleader.

But Stephanie’s 20-year coma changed her cheerleading world. Now that she’s 37, she’s ready to live her high school dream. Bri Loves is played by Jade in the film. It was the last film she starred in before she died in 2022.

Jade has worked with actors Rabel Wilson, Mary Holland, Molly Brown, Sam Richards, Zaire Admas, Zoe Chao, Ana Yi Puig, Justin Hartley, Tyler Barnhardt, Chris Parnell, Michael Cimino, Bradon, Tiffany and others.

Alex Hardcastle was in charge of the show, and Adre Knauer, Arther Pielli and Bardon Scott Jones wrote the screenplays. Jade worked on the show. This movie was released in the United States on May 13, 2022. It was filmed in different locations like Atlanta, Georgia and USA.

Rebel Wilson, who stars in the movie Senior Year, came out as gay on June 9 and posted a picture of her friend on Instagram.

Jade Bender Parents who love fun

Jade was born to parents who cared for her and loved to have fun. Websites say Jade’s father’s name is not the same. Some of them talked about Lon and some about Arthur. But on social media sites, the actress shared the photo with her father, not his name.

However, Peggy Bender is still Jade’s mother. The actress posted a picture of herself and her mother when they were young on February 21, 2020. Both wore an identical white dress. But Jade’s mother didn’t have a hat on her head.

From the way they smiled, it looked like they were twin sisters. Because of this, Jade looks more like her mother than her father. On April 12, 2019, Jade opened up about how funny her father is and what memories she has of him. He may have been at the party with her daughter wearing a t-shirt that said “Stupid Dad.” The relationship between father and daughter is very strong.

Simu Liu and Jade Bender made their relationship official on the red carpet at the LA Premiere of “Bullet Train” at the Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Meet Jade Bender siblings Chasen Bender

Chasen Bender is Jade’s only brother or sister. From her profile, Chasen was the eldest son in the family while Jade was the youngest. Even though the actress hasn’t spoken out about her brother on social media, they have to take care of each other.

On Instagram, the actress spoke more about her dog, colleagues and cast members than her family. Jade looked worried about her job. In 2010, the actress made her television debut in the Warren the Ape episode Crash Course.

In 2017, Jade made her mark as Rasha in A Cowgirl’s Story. Two years later, she played Mila in the TV movie Night School.