What is John Easterling 2022 Net Worth? Where is Olivia Newton-John’s husband now?


Olivia Newton-John, a famous British-Australian singer, businesswoman, activist and actress, died after a battle with breast cancer. She has been suffering from this disease for 29 years.

The late singer-songwriter reportedly passed away peacefully at her ranch in Southern California on August 8 at the age of 73. The news broke when someone reported it on her Instagram profile, where she had more than 500,000 followers.


She is now survived by her daughter Chloe Lattanzi, husband John Easterling, sister Sarah Newton-John, brother Toby and other family members.

Olivia Newton-John’s husband How much will John Easterling earn in 2022?

John Easterling is a businessman and environmentalist from the United States. He is married to Olivia Newton John.


The Sun said he is also the chairman of Amazon Herb Company, where he is also the CEO. After his wife passed away, some netizens want to know how much he will be worth in 2022. Celebrity Net Worth Says Death Singer Was Worth $60 Million

So we think it will now go to either her husband or daughter. Also, as a businessman and environmentalist, he may have a lot of money that he has never told anyone about.


The 70-year-old widower has been with her for almost 20 years and helped her fight breast cancer. In February 2021, the late singer opened up about her partner. She also said that she was “very lucky” and that he helped her and supported her decision to treat her long-term illness with herbal medicine.

Is John, Olivia Newton’s husband, lost? What’s the matter with him?

Olivia Newton’s husband is not lost. Instead, he was the one who announced to her social media followers that she had died.


He didn’t get as much attention as the singer. His wife only spoke about him in February 2021. After that, she told people everything about him.

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But everyone knew they had been friends since 2005. Olivia also said her husband helped her as much as he could. Together they established the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund with the aim of providing ongoing support for research into herbal medicines for cancer.


When the company opened, she had already been told that she had stage four breast cancer that had spread to other parts of her body. She then told an interviewer that her husband grew cannabis for her to use as medicine, which helped her in every way.

Olivia Newton-John had how many children? Some of her other family

Olivia Newton-first John’s marriage to former American actor Matt produced her only one child, Chole Lattanzi. The mother and daughter used to show up together at events and on social media.


Olivia already had cancer when she met John Easterling and they had no children together. But speaking about her now-deceased husband, the songwriter felt lucky to have him because he had helped her and kept his promise until her death.

She also has a brother, Toby, and a sister, Sarah, who are also part of her family. Tottie, Fiona and Bret are her niece and nephew. After her death, their names surfaced on the internet.


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