What is Morgan Raphael’s sun sign? One of the Cosmic Love contestants works full-time in the business.

On August 12, Cosmic Love, a new dating program on Amazon Prime, debuted with four unique participants and 16 potential partners. The program depicts a journey towards love, aided by astrological clues and suggestions. 29-year-old full-time businesswoman Morgan Raphael is one of the singles on the program.

The AstroTwins, aka The AstroTwins, and the enigmatic Astro Chamber have helmed the singles (voiced by Cree Summer) throughout the program. Singles are expected to find true love with her help. The program can also be seen more as a social experiment to see if zodiac signs are actually relevant.

On Amazon Prime, the official synopsis of Cosmic Love is as follows:

“Four people try to find their ideal partner in this novel social experiment using astrological matchmaking. Each person is a symbol of one of the four astrological elements (Air, Fire, Water and Earth).”
How it goes on:

“They have their passionate experience in the Astro Chamber, a retreat led by a magical guide. They mix, pair, date, sort, and finally make the most important decision of their lives. Will they marry their soulmate based entirely on astrology?”

Bun Undone is the name of the self-care company owned by Morgan Raphael of Cosmic Love

Morgan, a 29-year-old Virgo, is passionate about her health, personal development and “an incredible skincare routine.” She attended Penn State University to study applied communications, public relations and advertising.

A native of New Jersey, he began working as a catering sales assistant at Boutique Bites after graduating with a 3.65 GPA. She then moved to Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide, where she worked in various marketing roles for two years to gain excellent expertise.

She was employed by Limitless in Chicago as Influencer Marketing Manager in August 2018. She then moved to the Liebman Wellness Center and worked there for two years as Digital Marketing Manager.

Raphael eventually launched Bun Undone, a platform to encourage women in wellness, fitness and health, as her own wellness self-care company in 2017. The Chicago-based wellness blogger’s main goal is to motivate other women to embrace their femininity and be comfortable in their own skin while pursuing their own wellness journeys. It’s a platform where she publishes a motivational fitness blog to encourage women to get in shape and stay healthy.

The Cosmic Love singer also briefly spoke about her fitness journey on her blog. She wrote:

“Although I’ve always had a strong passion for fitness, wellness and beauty, juggling all three isn’t always easy. To do this, we must all learn to laugh at our mistakes and “let go of our buns”.
The fitness blogger also publishes diaries and books summarizing her take on living a healthy and fulfilling life. She recently published her Self-Care e-book and guide, Self-Care Society, in an effort to spread happiness and support the healing of others through daily journaling.

The “hopelessly romantic” Virgo girl loves astrology, home decorating and curating the ideal soundtrack. Additionally, Morgan enjoys traveling and continues to encourage others to have a good attitude towards life and healthy mental health.

Viewers can watch every episode of Cosmic Love on Amazon Prime.