What motivates AJ Waterman to leave Fox 6? What is his goal? What we know about his future plans is as follows


Famed meteorologist AJ Waterman is rumored to be leaving Fox 6 and his fans are going nuts.

AJ Waterman is a journalist based in Canton, Massachusetts. He is an AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist and has been nominated for an American Emmy.


From a young age he was constantly interested in the weather and weather reports. Waterman has always been aware of his areas of interest and has pursued a career in those areas.

What motivates AJ Waterman to leave Fox 6? What is his goal?

Since early 2019, AJ Waterman has been working as a meteorologist for FOX6; Recently, speculation surfaced that he could leave the program.


The presenter has less than ten years of experience with Fox Corporation and already has two Emmy nominations. In 2019 she started working there. Due to its development, it is now a leader in the region.

However, AJ himself has not commented on the speculation that he could leave Fox 6 anytime soon. He also shared pictures and daily weather reports on his Twitter account. Fox 6 is also silent on Waterman’s departure.


As such, the news seems to be hearsay only at the moment. Waterman was an active participant in organizations such as the Beta Alpha Chapter of the Sigma Zeta Honors Society and the American Meteorological Society.

AJ also mentioned that he had always been fascinated by the weather, even as a little boy growing up in New England. From the age of four he was exposed to extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and snowstorms.


What are AJ Waterman’s plans for the future?

Aj has remained silent on his decision to leave Fox 6. As a result, he has also avoided speaking about his ambitions for the future or what the future holds for him.

The meteorologist discovered through his LinkedIn page that he was serving as a volunteer weather observation intern at the Blue Hill Observatory in 2007. However, he worked as an intern for the Precision Weather Service. He is still media coordinator for FO Waterman Associates.


But from 2013 to 2015 he worked as a meteorologist for LSC-TV News 7. He also acted as the main forecaster for the Vtrans VIAM project. He previously held positions at WMTV, NBC 15, 1 News, WHDH-TV, WMTW-TV and other networks before joining Fox Corporation in 2019.

Who is AJ Waterman’s wife?

On his social media accounts, AJ has never shared photos of himself with a romantic partner. Also, he has never publicly revealed his romantic status.


Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether AJ is currently single or involved. In any case, AJ seems to be living a happy life. He enjoys both his work and travelling.

He seems to be having a good time and enjoying his life based on his social media activity. When not working, he enjoys skiing and various other activities.


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