What was the conflict between Desus and Mero and why did they split? Discussion on Reddit

After numerous reports of the end of their program and hints of animosity between the two comedian hosts, the late-night discussion show Desus and Mero announced their split.

Desus and Mero’s Showtime run on the network began in February 2019 and lasted until June 2022 before being cancelled. The decision to end the show has been the subject of multiple internet speculation.

Let’s find out more about what led to their split and the alleged rivalry between the two comedians, who co-hosted the show for four long years.

Reddit: What prompted Desus and Mero to divorce?

Reddit users have been debunking user-posted theories about comic duo Desus and Mero’s breakup for the past few days.

A thread on Reddit a few days ago said that “watching the Desus and Mero submarines feels like taking a time machine. Will the Bodega Boys ever recover from this?

When they stopped uploading new episodes of their podcast, rumors of the comedy duo’s demise began to circulate. I’m not the one holding things up, Mero retorted as fans broke out over the latest installment of the podcast.

Mero shrugged off responsibility while Desus made no explanations and only made derogatory remarks. Fans assumed the two had a falling out because Mero lost chemistry with his pair and Desus was successful and had better options.

Reddit rumor about duet Desus and Mero breaking up

The comedy duo’s decision to split up and end the late-night program without them both was finally confirmed by a tweet from one of them, which read:

shouts Showtime and shouts to the hive, thank you for joining the adventure. I am satisfied with the program that my team has produced in each episode. Big things are coming soon.

Desus affirmed the fact that art still exists and that better things are on the horizon.

What conflict arose between the duos Desus and Mero?

Although it seems like Desus and Mero’s relationship ended after they lost their spark, devoted fans of the show believe their feud ultimately led to their breakup.

The chemistry between the two wasn’t as strong as it used to be, almost to the point of death, so they could have seen the breakup coming a while ago.

Desus Nice, a family man trying to break into the business, has filled in for Jimmy Kimmel on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Kimmel. Young and single, The Kid Mero is constantly experimenting.

Therefore, the two seem to have chosen different paths over time. With the podcast being suspended for so long, there must have been a tipping point when both acknowledged it.

Rather than taking sides, her followers have come to terms with the fact that bands and couples will eventually fall apart and each must find their own path in life.

Journey of the comedic duo Desus and Mero Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero TV Program debuted on the Showtime streaming platform in February 2019 as a late-night, half-hour talk show.

Along with Uncommon Sense and Joking Off, the couple appeared on MTV’s Guy Code Season 5 and had already made a name for themselves.

Showtime May 2022 episode starring Desus and Mero

Viewers enjoyed The Kid Mero and Desus Nice’s hilarious lines and how they balanced each other, and they kept their amazing connection with each visitor. When the Bodega Boys podcast, which was a smash hit, was released, Desus and Kid were at the peak of their powers.

Sadly, they just announced their split and each of them will now pursue their own careers, ideally in the comedic realm of the entertainment industry.