When does A Model Family start on Netflix? Release information, story and other information about the Korean drama series

A Model Family, a brand new Korean crime thriller, will debut on Netflix on Friday, August 12, 2022. In the series, a man’s life takes an unexpected turn after he steals money he accidentally finds in a car.

The drama stars a cast of well-known actors including Jung Woo, Park Hee-soon and many others. Without further ado, read on to learn more about A Model Family’s Netflix release date, narration, and other information.

Release date, Netflix description, trailer and more information about A Model Family

The anticipated Netflix debut of A Model Family is scheduled for Friday, August 12, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. PT (tentative time). There are 10 episodes in total, all of which air on the same day. A violent sequence surrounding a car accident opens the official show trailer. The protagonist is then seen taking cash from the back seat of the car.

A line that reads, “The main theme of the series is superbly laid down with this statement.”

“War, disease, accidents… A lot of people die from these things, but many more die from money.”
The trailer as a whole provides a terrifying atmosphere that lovers of psychological thrillers would no doubt enjoy. A compelling story that explores the deep themes of family, greed, morality and many other themes is what viewers should expect. Netflix’s The Swoon posted a brief synopsis of the film on their official YouTube page, which reads as follows:

On paper, they seem to be the ideal family. They are indeed in financial difficulties and are considering a divorce. Could her husband’s discovery of the drug cartel money be her only hope or her biggest nightmare? ”
No further details on the incident are currently available. But from the captivating teaser, it’s clear that fans can expect a show full of unexpected twists and characters grappling with their moral dilemmas. The program appears to have quite a bit of violence and action based on the teaser.

A brief overview of the cast of A Model Family

There are several very talented actors in the series. The main character of the series, Dong-ha, is portrayed by Jung Woo. He presents the different parts of his character with great ease and looks extremely good in the teaser. Over the years, Woo has appeared in many films and television episodes including You’re the Best, New Trial and Reply 1994 to name a few.

Gwang-cheol is portrayed by actor Park Hee-soon in the series. His roles in films like The Missing, All About My Romance, Seven Days and many others have made Hee-soon a household name. Besides the celebrities mentioned above, the film also features a number of notable actors in significant supporting roles, such as:

Kim Sung-oh plays Choi Kang-jun, Park Ji-yeon plays Joo-hyun, Yoon Jin-seo plays Eun-joo, Park Doo-shik plays Min-gyu, and Kim Shin-bi plays Oh Jae-chan.
Lee Jae-gon wrote the screenplay for the series, which is directed by Kim Jin-woo.

A Model Family will be available on Netflix on Friday August 12, 2022.