When was Johnny DePhillip born? All the info we have on the Bachelorette star


JohnnyDePhillipo is one of the 32 hopefuls looking for love in the 19th season of the venerable American reality television show The Bachelorette.

Johnny, one of the 32 contestants on The Bachelorette, is 25 years old and looking for a smart, outgoing and active spouse to start a family with. He’s from Palm Beach Gardens, works as a real estate agent for Compass, and seems to have a cute dog, which all feels significant.


The Bachelorette with Rachel and Gabby’s Reality TV Cast

DePhillipo, a native of New Jersey, enjoys classical music and is a big fan of the likes of Barry White and Frank Sinatra. Hopefully his taste in music will help him find the right partner for marriage. He also loves dogs and regularly posts pictures of his dog Kilo on his Instagram.


Johnny DePhillipo Bio and Wiki

Known for his presence on season 19 of the dating reality series The Bachelorette, which starred Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey – the runners-up on the reality TV show The Bachelor from season 26 – Johnny is a real estate agent and a reality Palm Beach tv-personality. Florida.

On the set of The Bachelorette he revealed that he grew up in an Italian family in Palm Beach and likes to go surfing with his friends or use his free time to plan his next trip. When he was younger, reality TV star Johnny wanted to be a rapper and loved telling hackneyed jokes to his friends. In his free time, he enjoys fishing with his buddies and surfing the oceans.


Johnny, a reality TV star, is surfing the ocean

He worked as an insurance agent in insurance sales before deciding to pursue real estate as a career. He is a family man with good relationships with his loved ones; This trait could help him win Windey’s affections this season.

Age and height of reality TV star Johnny DePhillip

A contestant on The Bachelorette, Johnny was born in the 1990s and raised in Margate City, New Jersey, where he spent his childhood near the beach. He is very proud of his Jersey roots and The Garden State will always hold a special place in his heart. Reality TV Personality from Palm Beach.


At the age of 25, Johnny is currently single and entered The Bachelorette competition to win the heart of one of the season’s two leads, Rachel Recchia or Gabby Windey. He is approximately 6 feet 3 inches tall and keeps up with his personal hygiene and physical fitness.

Facebook Johnny DePhillip

Compared to the other contestants, Johnny’s Instagram profile currently only has around 2,000 followers, but it’s safe to say that this small number will see a huge increase after the season starts on July 11, since the season has only just begun and there’s still time for him to become a fan favorite.


His Instagram name is @johnyxdep where he frequently shares photos of himself having fun. He enjoys hanging out with his mate, going on adventures, and partying when he’s not working. His posts about participating in various adventure activities show that he believes in living every minute to the utmost.


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