When will ABC Press Air Your Luck Season 4 Episode 6? release date, three returning actors, and more

The sixth episode of Press Your Luck’s fourth season will air on August 18th. Three contestants will return to the game show in the future episode to atone for Whammy sending them back empty-handed and keeping fans in their seats.

Players from Texas, Georgia and California have another opportunity to win a sizeable sum at Press Your Luck. The exciting episode will be moderated by moderator Elizabeth Banks.

Episode 6 of Press Your Luck season 4 is all about

The sixth episode of “Press Your Luck” airs at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC. The latest episode, REDEMPTION!?, is described as follows:

After losing to WHAMMY, three of our favorite former contestants are back on Press Your Luck to try and make amends.
The following three players will return to get revenge on Whammies and receive cash and prizes:

San Ramone, California is Sandy Chesnut’s hometown.
Augusta, Georgia is the hometown of FaLawna Barton.
Dallas, Texas is Mark Tshuma’s hometown.

The three competitors had all taken part in previous game show episodes and “know something about big risks,” each said. “I faced the whammy and went home empty-handed,” the group said.

Sandy, one of the competitors, earned $45,750 with her “lucky hand” up to the very last spin. Whammy knocked Sandy off her feet during the final spin, leaving her unbalanced.

She is currently back on the show with two other players to try her luck again. Since the show gave her this “once in a lifetime event,” Sandy has “kept feeling that spin over and over again” and “couldn’t be happier.”

The three players will do everything in the following episode to defeat the Whammies. As in previous episodes, to win the spin on the Big Board, the three contestants must each correctly answer a simple question. In order to win money and other rewards, they must defend themselves against the Whammies. If not, thanks to the whammies, they’ll be out of balance again.

The bonus round is only accessible to players who successfully dump the animated character; all others are eliminated. However, the last player still has to defend against Whammy in the bonus round.

Briefly check Press Your Luck Season 4 Episode 5

This isn’t the first episode where a former cast member has returned to exact revenge on the whammy. Russ Stebick, a native of Alpharetta, Georgia, participated in Episode 5, having previously participated in the reality game program in 1985 when Peter Tomarken served as the host.

Russ initially managed to win the game, but Whammies defeated him “in the second”. Despite this, he “made about $9,000 in cash and prizes.” Russ hit a punch in the previous episode and lost the $3,750 first-round prize money. Brooklyn and Julio, the other two players, received $4,750 each.

In round 2, Brooklyn received only one spin while Russ and Julio received five. Brooklyn won $16,250 while Russ made $24,229 while Julio lost it all to Whammy.

After a string of intermittent wins, Julio was eliminated at the end of the program after receiving the whammy four times.