When will Bravo RHOA season 14 episode 11 air? details explored

Hold on everyone! A difficult RHOA episode is expected to air tonight.

Bravo Cabin Fever, the eleventh episode of RHOA’s 14th season, will air on July 24th at 8:00pm ET. One day after the first broadcast, the episode will also be made available on the station’s website. The episodes are also available to viewers on Peacock, FuboTV and Hulu Plus.

In a preview, Kenya and Sanya talk about how Marlo kicked her nephews out of their house and Sanya tells Marlo the same thing. This will highlight the episode’s growing rift between Kenya and Marlo. The episode will also feature fight scenes between Drew and Fatum.

What can viewers expect from RHOA Season 14 Episode 11?

Fans had to wait a week to know if Kenya Marlo listened and stayed in her cabin or if she went out for the night after last week’s RHOA episode ended on a cliffhanger. Kenya is set to return from her own lakeside home in this week’s episode, indicating she did not spend the night at Marlo’s home.

She can be seen in the promo dancing with other women and having fun with Drew after coming back in the morning. In the preview, Marlo didn’t immediately respond; Instead, she declared that Kenya could not lose her composure.

Before the women even leave home to check out Blue Ridge’s stunning filming locations, however, things are set to heat up between them. The two argue over Kenya’s comments about Marlo’s nephew and Marlo’s accusation that Kenya is a liar. Sanya will intervene between the two women.

Kenya and Sanya discuss this in the preview. She claimed that Marlo was plagued by many demons and that she could not befriend someone who was unable to take care of her nephews. Before asking her to leave, Marlo had previously housed her nephews while her sister was going through a difficult time.

Kenya has made comments about Sanya behind her back, which Sanya will share with Marlo. It would be exciting to see how their relationship develops and if Marlo decides to evict Kenya from their vacation home.

The synopsis of the episode is:

“Marlo maintains her stance on the ultimatum she gave to Kenya as the Blue Ridge journey progresses; However, when Fatum unexpectedly turns there, the feud between Drew and Fatum is reignited. Marlo has a breakdown and decides something unexpected.”

Shereé Whitfield’s friend Fatum Alford will also join the women on the trip, much to Drew’s delight. She can be heard complaining to her husband about Fatum joining the girls in the preview. While Fatum throws a bone to the ground, the exact context is not yet known.

RHOA fans can see another argument between Drew and Fatum.

The women are at odds because Fatum told Drew that Shereé’s assistant, who she shared with Drew, was spreading rumors that Drew’s husband was gay. Fatum confessed that she had hired someone to conduct a background check on Drew and her husband Ralph at Shereé’s slumber party. She claimed the two were involved in some form of fraud and used many names, including one for a woman named Danielle.

Danielle was eventually identified by Drew as her assistant, and she accused Fatum of stalking her. She later claimed that Shereé was to blame for Fatum’s actions.