When will Starz P-Valley season 2 episode 7 air? Explore more information and spoilers

The second season of P-Valley debuted on Starz after a two-year hiatus since the series first aired in 2020. The first episode aired on June 3, 2022, and additional episodes have aired every Sunday since. Unfortunately, episode 7 of the second season did not air on time due to a planned airing delay for the program.

The imaginary town of Chucalissa, Mississippi is the setting for the stripper drama, which tells the stories of Nicco Annan’s uncle Clifford, owner of The Pynk, and the ladies who work for him. Season 2 focuses on Uncle Clifford and her girls’ lives outside the club, delving deep into their origins and backstories.

The current season, established shortly after the epidemic, shows how everyone’s chances have radically changed. Unfortunately for Mercedes and Uncle Clifford, Hailey recently bought a majority stake in The Pynk. She must now find a way to sustain the business while fighting the impulse to shut it down and move on.

Episode 7 will be released this Sunday, so let’s take a look at the potential storylines presented in the remaining episodes of this season.

Episode 7 of P-Valley Season 2 will provide more information about Uncle Clifford’s past

Fans can expect the 10 episodes of P-Valley Season 2 to provide additional information about Uncle Clifford’s past on Sunday, July 24, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Starz.

Nicco Annan opened up about this season’s surprises in an interview with Digital Spy.

“So this season — in Season 2 — you get more insight into that backstory to see how this place was a cotton mill and then turned into a juke joint and there was a hand switch between Ernestine (Loretta Devine) and Uncle Clifford’s mother, Beulah, and then from Beulah to Uncle Clifford,” Loretta Devine explained.

Annan continued

We’re called in because of a gap shift that occurred there, and as a result, Season 2’s narrative and story is expanding.

A little more information on what to expect will be revealed in the episode’s promo. It hints that Autumn (Elarica Johnson) may face a confrontation from Uncle Clifford over the sale of her inheritance. Terrica and Mercedes (Brandee Evans) discuss Terrica’s unwanted pregnancy while the two discuss their options.

Jackson, the title of the official Episode 7 synopsis, reads as follows:

“Uncle Clifford opens the door to the past while he struggles with her future. Mercedes, meanwhile, grapples with the challenges of motherhood.” The seventh episode of P-Valley will focus on a pivotal plot development following Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford.

This upcoming episode will feature a highly emotional Lil Murda. In the last episode, the character had recently lost Big Teak, and he’s now balancing his grief with a range of other difficulties, including needing Clifford’s forgiveness. Even if he wants something, it doesn’t mean he will get it.

Another teaser shows Murda struggling to show Clifford that he is indeed a kind man. He accomplishes this by tending to Ernestine’s medical needs. At this point, one can assume that the story is more complex than it first appears. While Lil Murda is looking to win over Uncle Clifford, it’s also fair to say that he enjoys showing his compassionate side.