When will the third episode of City on a Hill season 3 air on Showtime? Exploring the release date and more

This Sunday, Ward and Rohr return in a brand new episode of the popular crime drama City on a Hill.

The television show was developed by Charlie MacLean and is based on a story by Ben Affleck and MacLean. City on a Hill is set in early 1990s Boston, where attorney Decourcy Ward and corrupt FBI veteran Jackie Rohr form a strange friendship. Together, the two take on a case that will transform the Charlestown family of gunmen and the city’s entire criminal justice system.

Here is all the information viewers need to know about the upcoming episode of City on a Hill Season 3.

When will City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 4 air?

The fourth episode of City on a Hill Season 3 airs August 14 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime. Hotstar also offers a streaming option for it.

Kevin Bacon plays FBI Agent Jackie, Aldis Hodge plays Assistant District Attorney DeCourcy Ward, Jonathan Tucker plays Frankie, Mark O’Brien plays Jimmy, Lauren E. Banks plays Siobhan Quay, Amanda Clayton plays Cathy, Jere Shea plays Detective Hank, Kevin Chapman plays detective Dickie and Jill Hennessy plays Jenny in the television series.

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode is as follows:

“Decourcy takes on a complex case involving a murdered police officer as she attempts to become Boston’s next prosecutor. Caysen, growing estranged from the officers in his unit, is recruited as his aide. The Rohrs leave Benedetta for her freshman year at NYU while the Drydens work to find a solution to their Victoria problem. When they return with empty nests, there is no silence. A dark secret is revealed when Siobhan receives a scary phone call.”
In City on a Hill, Cathy Moriarty plays Dottie Ryan, Rory Culkin plays Clay Roach, Kevin Dunn portrays Nathan Rey, District Attorney Nathan Rey, Officer Hugo Rhys, Mark Ryder portrays Father Diarmuid Doyle, Sarah Shahi plays Rachel Benham, Jimmy Cummings plays Tommy Hayes , Georgina Reilly plays Corie Struthers, James Remar plays Richard “Richy” Ryan, Gloria Reuben plays E

Episode 2 recap

A Program of Complete Disorder, the previous episode of City on a Hill Season 3, was directed by Christoph Schrewe and written by JM Holmes. It aired on Sunday August 7th and showed Jackie trying to find out what really happened to Dominique on the way to work.

When Jackie Rohr realized it was all a business transaction, he approached two FBI agents and offered to help them with one of his old cases. Jackie Rohr then used this interaction to get the information he needed. Victoria, meanwhile, locked herself in her chamber before using Moustafa’s help to escape.

Still at his father’s house, Ward had a hard time understanding why his father had decided against getting help. Franklin stepped in when he and Louie got into an argument about Louie’s propensity to attack cops. He explained to his boys that they were so caught up in their respective worlds that they forgot they could both be right.

He advised Louie to recognize that there were problems with the institution and to consider the entire city and country, rather than just his immediate surroundings. Franklin then turned his attention to Ward and chastised him for overconfidence in his ability to bring about real change in Boston.

On the other hand, Jenny kept meeting Doyle at the project she volunteered for. Doyle assumed Jenny didn’t have to have a good relationship with her father because he was unaware of her past. Doyle once came to Jenny’s house with her father and extended an invitation, much to Jenny’s chagrin. He roamed Jenny’s house as if he owned it, enraging her enough that she attacked him, necessitating Doyle’s intervention.

Siobhan struggled with her trauma even as she prepared to face the formidable organization responsible for the Big Dig. She tried to comfort Ward after waking up from a nightmare one night, but didn’t realize he was still at his father’s house. Ward made another attempt to persuade his father to accept treatment, but he failed and that evening he died.

In another scene from City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 2, Rick Dunleavy was attacked by Chris Caysen. After Victoria fled her home, her whereabouts became the episode’s biggest unsolved mystery. Jackie went to the guy’s college and threatened him, but he received nothing significant, leading the boy to conclude that Moustafa really loved Victoria.

Jackie later admitted that he had conducted his investigation in a fundamentally flawed manner while speaking to Letitia. Given that Dominique was Victoria’s only other friend outside of Moustafa, it made sense that she would be there.

When Sinclair visited Dominique shortly before her death, Jackie returned with the girl, the evidence, and the bottle of wine he had taken. To buy Jackie’s silence, Sinclair bought him a BMW near the end of City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 2.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming episode

Speak When You’re Angry, the upcoming episode of City on a Hill Season 3, will focus on Jenny not telling Jackie that Father Diarmuid visits her with her father and Jackie hits him afterwards, according to the official trailer. If Sinclair urges Veronica to leave, she can threaten to call the police and be sent away to London for three months.

Chuck MacLean, Tom Fontana, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jennifer Todd, James Mangold, Barry Levinson, Michael Cuesta, Aldis Hodge and Kevin Bacon are the show’s executive producers.

On Sunday August 14th, Season 3 Episode 3 of City on a Hill will be available on Showtime and Hotstar.