Where is Andrew Liu from Love is Blind Now?

Netflix’s Love is Blind is a reality dating show like no other. It’s real, raw and full of pure romance.

Ultimately, this “experiment” is about finding out if hopeful singles who fall in love without seeing each other can actually maintain a healthy relationship. So, yes, Andrew Liu’s time on the show in Season 3 left fans with a bad taste in their mouths. But now, if you just want to know more about him, we’ve got the details.

Andrew Liu from love is blind

Love is a Blind Journey by Andrew Liu

When we first saw Andrew on our screens, it was clear that he was not only a calm, collected person who didn’t seem to have any fears, but also someone who was ambitious, adventurous and passionate. That’s why Nancy Rodriguez, a successful speech therapist and real estate investor, felt “intellectually” and “financially” connected to him from the start, even agreeing that his experiences could help her. At first he was honest and said all the right things like saying he chased the money before deciding to follow his true passions but it wasn’t enough.

Andrew said in a confessional, “I like some of the better things in life.” “But my priorities are changing. The things that are most important to me now are how I spend my time and what I want to do before I die.” But although he did talk to Nancy about transcendental sex and sexual kung fu, which struck us as odd, she wanted not be with him because she couldn’t imagine being with him for the rest of her life. He even got on one knee without ever seeing her, but she couldn’t pull it off because she liked Bartise Bowden more.

“I’m impressed by a man who can trust what he’s done,” Nancy said of Andrew after the show ended. “But I’ve been honest about this whole thing, and men have a certain image they want to convey. So there’s a lot of lying.” And her gut feeling was right, as Andrew used eye drops not once but twice before saying that being rejected during his confession broke his heart. He said, “I never thought I could care for someone so much that they would make me cry.”

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What’s wrong with Andrew Liu?

As far as we know, Andrew currently resides in Austin, Texas, where he seems to pursue his passions in a way that makes him happy and comfortable. So he’s proud to be a wildlife photographer, urban explorer and operations manager at a trucking company called aifleet. He prefers to call himself “a curious monkey” on his website and other online platforms. It seems the 2014 graduate of the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin is still single, but his focus on his job seems to keep him happy.

Andrew wasn’t kidding when he said he worked as a software developer, analyst and management consultant before pursuing his real dreams. He was living in New York in the late 2010s when he discovered his love for adventure and photography. This took him to different places and cultures around the world. So the man from Shanghai, China, has been everywhere. He was in Bali, Singapore, Istanbul, Kenya and South Africa.


All men and women in the show are from the same big city and are looking for love. Men and women meet for 10 days in ‘pods’ made for the purpose. They can speak to each other over a speaker, but they cannot see each other. At first they go on “speed dates” but later they may decide to go on longer dates. The people on the date can ask each other for marriage whenever they are ready. After a marriage proposal is accepted, the two meet in person for the first time. The couples then go to a resort for a couples retreat. During this journey, they get to know each other better and have their first chance to touch each other physically. They also get to know the other pairs in the experiment.

After the retreat, the engaged couples move into the same apartment complex in the city where they live. While in the apartments, they meet their partners’ friends and families and learn more about their partners’ lives. They talk about money, hobbies, personal habits, and where their partner wants to live as a permanent home. They are also making plans for weddings that will take place in four weeks. During this time of wedding planning, the group of women shop wedding dresses together and the group of men shop suits together, with a few friends or family members joining them. They also decide things like the look and taste of their wedding cake. Everyone decides whether or not to say “yes” at the altar.

A few weeks ago, when everyone was just trying to get through this cursed month, Netflix dropped Love Is Blind with little fanfare. Life really hasn’t been the same since then. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, this very weird reality show follows 30 men and women who are looking for love and want to get closer to someone. Like the kind of bond where you don’t even know what the other person looks like. They meet while speed dating while hanging out in pods for 10 days. They only meet in person after a proposal. How commonplace! How could anything go wrong?

Andrew Liu from love is blind
Andrew Liu from love is blind

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Here’s how Netflix officially describes the idea: “Singles who want to be loved for who they are rather than how they look have so far signed up for a less traditional avenue where they hope to meet the person they share the rest of would like to spend their lives with… without ever having seen them. With nothing to distract them from the outside world, the singles talk to a steady stream of potential love interests. When they find someone they really like, they propose and then see their future spouse for the first time. Now that they’re engaged and back in the real world, the couples will quickly find out if they can turn their emotional connection into a physical one before the wedding.

Obviously, this is the best reality show since The Masked Singer. If you want to learn more about the contestants, click through to see their Instagrams, jobs, and the best bits of their very reputable Netflix bios.

Cameron is a nerdy scientist who says that figuring out the “structure of the mind” drives him. He is also very sensitive, and his last relationship lasted five years. It’s perfectly normal to go on a blind date after a breakup. No warning sign at all.

Oh, and Cameron told Netflix that most women mistake him for an athlete because of his looks. Have you ever heard of being humble?

Amber is a bartender and former military tank mechanic. She’s done with traditional dating because she feels like an object. What we can all understand. She’s also tired of men “making assumptions about her based on her looks.” She wants to make sure the next man she dates is serious about getting married and starting a family.

Carlton is a social media and marketing manager, in case you can’t tell from this thirst trap. Dude wants to get rid of the “shallow part of dating,” so it’s no surprise he took part in the weirdest reality show ever.

Because modern dating can be so superficial, it seems Carlton has trouble getting deep and wants to meet his wife-to-be “invisibly.” Sorry I have to go but I can’t hear the word “flat” without starting to sing so give me a minute.

So Mark is dying to get married, even though he’s only been legal drinking for about four years. But meeting women in bars and the gym doesn’t work because everyone wants to keep things casual. He seems to think that once someone hears about his passion for helping others, he’ll realize he’d make a great life partner.

We’ve got off to a good start, because I’m definitely looking forward to this picture.

Jessica calls herself a “burnt-out serial monogamist” who stays in relationships for far too long, even when that person isn’t right for her. Finding a partner has taken a back seat to her job in tech sales, and her last relationship was based solely on looks. In other words, she wants something different.

Kenny, the guy at the beach in socks and sneakers, works as a lighting consultant. I have no idea what that means, other than it sounds like he “loves lamps”.

Kenny says in his Netflix bio that it’s too easy to get lost on social media and “sell” yourself with the idea that someone else’s life is better than yours. He thinks that mindset is bad for relationships. Industrial fair.

Matt, who likes Taylor Swift, believes his previous relationships failed because he “put other people’s happiness ahead of his own” and “wanted to be loved so badly that he was blind to the fact that his significant others weren’t a good fit.” . ”

So, yeah, the guy just wants a serious partner and may or may not be a Swiftie. take it or leave it

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