Where is Arianna Afsar from? Details we know about her ethnicity and parents


In the new Netflix film Wedding Season, Arianna Afsar played a member of an Indian family. Many of her fans thought she was from India, but she’s actually a mix of different cultures.

In the film, the beauty queen, singer and actress played Asha’s sister Priya. Many people liked her role in the film.


What race is Arianna Afsar? Where does she come from?

Arianna Afsar is an actress, singer and composer of mixed background. She was born in San Diego, but her parents are not from the same country.

Her mother is from Germany, her father from Bangladesh. But the woman who plays Eliza in Hamilton is American. She was born in the USA and grew up there.


But because she’s part Asian, she was able to play Priya in the Netflix movie Wedding Season. The good looks she got from her father was another thing that spoke for her. In the film she was part of an Indian family.

The film shows how Asha and Ravi had to work hard in their fake relationship to get through the wedding season. In the film, Priya is a doctor who is very close to her sister. If you need wise advice, the siblings are always there for each other.


Asha initially told Priya, who is also engaged to neurosurgeon Nick, about her plan to pretend to be dating Ravi (Sean Kleier).

Who are Arianna Afsar’s parents?

Muhammad Afsar and Karin Schumacher had a daughter named Arianna Afsar. Her father is Muslim, her mother is from Germany.


She often posts pictures of her parents on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She seemed to have embraced her Muslim father’s side in the family.

During her holidays she often traveled to her father’s native country. There are pictures on her social media account of her smiling and posing for photos with other family members and relatives.


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Age and Bio of Arianna Afsar on Wikipedia

Arianna Afsar is a beauty queen. She is 30 years old. She was born on October 22, 1991.


In August 2005, she went to Orlando, Florida to attend the inaugural Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Pageant. According to her Wikipedia biography, she represented California at the time.

In the same way, she won Miss San Diego County in 2010. In 2010, she entered the Miss California pageant for the first time and won the Miss California 2010 title.


In 2009, she also took part in the eighth season of American Idol. She has also appeared in plays as an actress. In Chicago she played the role of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton in the play Hamilton.

She has also appeared in films such as Martian Land and Canal Street. She had a small role in the Netflix film Wedding Season in 2022.


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