Where is Katie Griggs, Christian Griggs’ ex-wife?

The latest installment in Investigation Discovery’s series, True Crime Story: It Couldn’t Happen Here, updates viewers on the heartbreaking events that unfolded in the life of a young parent. Christian Griggs was killed by gunfire outside his estranged father-in-law’s home shortly after he arrived there to pick up his then 4-year-old daughter Jaden. Katie Griggs, who had been separated from Christian at the time of the shooting, was present at the residence when it took place. So in case you were wondering what became of her, we know that’s the case.

Katie Griggs

Who is Katie Griggs?

Katie Chisenhall was known for being a shy and attractive girl growing up in Angier, North Carolina. Her hometown is Angier. At the age of 29 her father, Pat Chisenhall, began his career as a priest. Katie was the younger of the two children while her brother Patrick was the older of the two. Katie and Christian began dating shortly after they met at Harnett Central High School in North Carolina. Both schools are located in the state of North Carolina. Katie became pregnant during her senior year, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Jaden, in November 2008, just months after graduating from high school.

Although Christian received a full ROTC scholarship to attend North Carolina State University when he first enrolled there, he left school after just one year to join the military so he could care for his daughter. After some time, Christian’s parents said that Katie often accused them of insulting them. The fact that Katie’s parents and Christian’s parents didn’t meet until four months after the couple’s January 2009 wedding added to the high tensions that existed between everyone involved. The marriage was not without ups and downs. As part of his service, Christian was stationed in Iraq and returned home from duty in August 2011.

Later, Christian and Katie made the decision to buy a home in Harlem, Georgia; However, the time spent there was fraught with numerous challenges. Katie called 911 in May 2012 to report that Christian had locked himself in a room with a gun and she feared he was ending his own life. When police arrived, he said he only did it to scare Katie. The next month, in September 2012, Katie was in Georgia when she called 911 to report that Christian had expressed thoughts of suicide. He was at the time at his childhood home in North Carolina, which his parents owned. Christian told authorities he was asleep and last spoke to Katie a few hours ago.

The next day, she was in Angier when she called 911 again, this time stating that Christian had refused to leave and that they had argued over who should have custody of Jaden. Before deciding to end their relationship for good in 2013, the two gave their relationship one last chance to succeed. On October 11, 2013, Christian picked Jaden up as he did on alternate weekends when he had custody of her. However, an argument broke out between the two and Katie then reported to authorities that Christian had smashed a window and ripped out an air conditioner. That evening warrants were issued for Katie and Pat against Christian for burglary and trespassing.

On the morning of October 12, 2013, Christian came back to pick up Jaden; However, it is not known what happened after that. Pat reported to authorities that Christian was angry and had threatened her. So the pastor ordered his daughter to accompany him to the residence. Pat then claimed Christian had started banging on the house’s doors and windows and demanded that Katie be allowed out of the property. Katie, who said she hid in a closet before the shooting, called 911 and accused Christian of threatening her and breaking into the home. Katie said she was hiding in the closet before the shooting. In the end, Pat claimed he fired his gun in self-defense when confronted by his estranged son-in-law.

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Where can I find Katie Griggs right now?

Pat’s version of events is the only one found in the public record; The court in Harnett County, North Carolina, has decided to keep Katie Griggs’ account of what happened confidential. She was present during her father’s wrongful death trial, which was filed by Christian’s parents. In the end, her father was found civilly guilty of Christian’s death. For now, Katie is the legal guardian of Jaden, who is now a teenager.

Since 2018, Katie Griggs has been involved in a legal battle with Christian’s parents over the issue of Christian’s parents’ access to Jaden. Katie later remarried and in January 2018 began the court process needed for her daughter Jaden to take her new husband’s surname. The petition she filed reads, “This is my married name too and she wants our names to be the same.” Permission to do so was reportedly granted next month. As far as we can tell, she still makes her home in North Carolina, but is very quiet about her personal life.

Christian Griggs
Christian Griggs

Cause of Death of Christian Griggs

Christian Griggs was said to be a handsome young man who was also kind and made friends readily with others. He had a nomadic childhood, having been born to parents who served in the Army, eventually settling with his family in Angier, North Carolina. It was there that he made the connection that led to his marriage to Katie Chisenhall in January 2009, nearly a year after the couple welcomed Jaden into the world. Before joining the military to help support his family and care for his daughter Jaden, Christian received his education from North Carolina State University. After serving nearly three years, he eventually went back to school to study computer engineering.

Although Christian and Katie were no longer together at the time of the incident, they shared parental responsibility for their son Jaden. On October 12, 2013, the 23-year-old picked up her daughter by going to Katie’s house. But after a flurry of activities, Christian’s father Anthony, aka Tony, spotted his son face down on the porch of Katie’s father’s house. Tony is also Christian’s middle name. He had been shot at six times with an A.22 caliber rifle; The wounds were once on the left shoulder, once on the abdomen and four times on the back.

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