Where is Leslie Parms now? Lyntell Washington update

The 40-year-old middle school teacher has been reported missing.

A few days later, her skeletal remains were found. But the investigation only began when a kind person named Leslie Parms saw Lyntell’s 3-year-old daughter alone in a parking lot and called 911. So if you’re wondering where he might be staying right now, you didn’t have to worry.

Leslie Parms

What does Leslie Parms do?

On June 9, 2016, Leslie Parms pulled into a parking lot and saw a teenage girl walking around without an adult with her. He walked over to the three-year-old girl and asked her, “Excuse me young lady, but where are your parents?” She just looked around in a daze and as she walked to her car I called the police.” Leslie called 911, to say that the girl, who was then three years old, was alone, holding a pillow.

Leslie said on the show that when he asked her where her mom or her car was, the little girl pointed to a car in the same parking lot. Leslie didn’t find the mother inside, but she did find blood. He said: “Just look at the pool of blood. I knew someone who had something really bad happen to them and I knew it wasn’t going to be good at all.” The girl was safely found and reunited with her family. Her mother Lyntell was then wanted by the police.

Lyntell was found dead in a ditch on June 14, 2016. An autopsy revealed she had been shot in the head. At the time, Lyntell’s daughter told police about Lyntell’s colleague, Robert Marks. She had an affair with him and when she was killed she was pregnant with his child. Robert was found guilty of killing Lyntell and the baby she was carrying and he was sentenced to life in prison.

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What is Leslie Parms doing now?

In the 1990s, Leslie Parms went to Louisiana State University. He later went to Southern University and A&M College in Louisiana, where he received a bachelor’s degree in theater. It was formerly part of US Marines Air Station Yuma, Arizona. On the show, he said that helping people has always been important to him. Leslie owns TriStar Global LLC and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She bought the company in May 2005. He uses social media and his posts show that he belongs to the Nation of Islam.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in June 2016, a 3-year-old girl was found wandering alone near a bloodied car in a parking lot. She had no shoes on and dried blood was all over her foot.

When she was found, a good Samaritan held her calm while he called 911 for help.

“I asked her, ‘Well, where’s your mom?’ Where’s mom’s car? Leslie Parms of 20/20 said, “She pointed to her mother’s car.” The girl’s mother, a popular teacher named Lyntell Washington, had disappeared.

What the girl said would lead police to find out what happened before Washington, who was pregnant when she was killed as if she were having a secret love affair.

On Friday, October 7 at 9 p.m. ET, a special episode of “20/20” will cover Washington’s murder and how her daughter helped solve the case.

Washington, 40, was a single mother who worked at Brookstown Middle Magnet Academy in Baton Rouge. She was popular with both school staff and students. She was even named teacher of the year at one school. She met Robert Marks, who was an assistant principal at Brookstown. Marks was married at the time, so the two began secretly dating.

Melissa Mason, a close friend of Washington’s, told 20/20 that Washington told her that Marks said he and his wife were getting a divorce but still live in the same house.

Mason told 20/20 that the man said there was a two-story house where his wife was upstairs and he was downstairs.

Washington would find out that Marks’ girlfriend was pregnant. A week before she went missing, she broke the news to her friend Jamicia Pink-Fisher, who was also an assistant principal at Brookstown.

Washington found out that Marks wasn’t getting a divorce and that he and his wife were actually on a cruise. Mason says the news made Washington very angry.

She texted Marks telling him he needed to tell her the truth and asking if he would support her and her child.

Leslie Parms
Leslie Parms

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After Washington’s daughter was found in the parking lot, detectives spoke to Marks, who admitted to having an affair with Washington’s daughter. He said that he and Washington spent the night before and that Washington’s daughter is with them.

A week later, Washington’s body was found in a sugar cane field in a ditch used to water the crops. Investigators said she was shot in the head and that her body was later found in a ditch.

Mason said, “I remember just falling to the ground and my husband catching me.” “I just couldn’t understand that she was dead.”

As detectives began investigating the case, Washington’s daughter gave them an important lead.

During Parms’ call to 911, the girl is heard saying, “Mr. Robbie poured the blood there,” apparently referring to Washington’s car.

Parms told 20/20 the woman knew who left her in the parking lot.

When a police officer came to the scene, the girl kept saying, “Mr. Robbie” put the blood there.

Fisher went to the crime scene and told the police about the affair. He said that the girl named Marks “Mr. Robbie.”

Fisher would take the girl to a counseling center where counselors would speak to her. There she said again that Mark’s blood got into the car and gave more information about what happened.

“You can hear the little girl say, ‘Mr. Robbie poured the blood into my car.” I heard a big crash. My mom started shaking. My mother sleeps by a lake,'” Chuck Smith, an investigator for the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s office, told 20/20.

Investigators also found that Marks was seeing a third woman that his wife and Washington were unaware of. According to records on their phones, Marks and Tramica Jackson called and texted each other multiple times the night Washington disappeared.

Jackson went to the police when he heard the news from Washington and helped investigators. She told her that Marks called her the night Washington went missing and asked to be picked up. The location was near where Washington’s daughter was found in the parking lot.

Investigators said Jackson did not know what happened and had nothing to do with Washington’s daughter being killed or left behind.

Marks was taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder, fetus and other crimes.

During the trial, prosecutors showed video of the girl’s interview, in which she talked about what happened the night her mother was killed. They also told police that Marks’ story made no sense and showed evidence he was looking for guns online right after Washington had an ultrasound showing the baby she was carrying was a girl.

“I told the jury that I would look up his Google history. I’ll look at his phone logs. “I’m going to take his computer, put everything on it in a pot and cook everything,” Iberville Parish District Attorney Tony Clayton told 20/20.

He said, “Let’s give it to him cold, like the ice water running through his veins.”

Marks’ attorney said there was insufficient evidence to convict his client. He didn’t call witnesses or make a definitive case. In December 2021, Marks was found guilty after a jury took 30 minutes to decide. Two months later he was sentenced to life in prison without a chance of parole.

After the verdict, Marks’ wife filed for a divorce and told 20/20 that she was shocked to learn of his multiple affairs.

Washington’s daughter lives with her father, Darren Glasper. She is 9 years old. Glasper told 20/20 that there are good days and bad days, but he’s helping her get through the trauma.

“She sometimes said, ‘I miss my mother. I wish my mom was here,'” he told 20/20. “I said to her, ‘Me too, but mommy is with the angels in heaven now.’

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