Where is political commentator Dana Perino headed when she leaves The Five at Fox News?


Dana Perino is rumored to be leaving Fox News’ The Five. However, it doesn’t look like the journalist will be leaving any time soon.

Dana Perino’s 26-year tenure as White House press secretary is well known. Despite this, she has been a journalist for more than ten years.


She currently co-hosts The Five and co-hosts America News Room on Fox News Channel. However, the internet was suddenly flooded with rumours.

Journalists fans are wondering if they would ever see their favorite journalist presenter again.


The Five: Is Dana Perino Retiring?

Dana Perino won’t be leaving The Five on Fox News, to be precise. She is the co-host of the program, in which experts comment on current issues, problems and civilizations.

Perino didn’t seem to be leaving as quickly as she seemed to be enjoying the show and her tenure at the network.


Rumors Dana Perino is leaving the Five

The journalist has also continued to identify as a co-host of the show, although she has not received any official notice of her termination.


In July 2011, she began serving as the co-host of “The Five” on the Fox News channel, a position she has held ever since. The journalist has been working there for over a year.

How did Dana Perino fare?

The Fox News host is in good health, but has not commented. She is an American political commentator.


The journalist had already lost her dog. Posting a picture of her dog, she added the caption on behalf of her husband and husband, “It is heartbroken Peter and I to announce that Jasper, America’s dog, passed away today.” She was saddened by Jasper’s death because he was a member of her family.

Dana was devastated when her nine-year-old cat died of cancer. Currently she enjoys spending time with her husband and their new cat, Percy, and is content.


She posted an Instagram picture of herself and Percy enjoying the summer.

The aim of the political commentator

Dana Perino continues to do her regular job at Fox News. She recently celebrated her birthday alongside the stars of the show.


The journalist also admitted to Page Six that working in front of the camera still makes her happy every day.

Dana explained that she is very thankful for her family, close friends and the work she woke up to every day in the most amazing city on earth.


Dana Perino’s Husband and Net Worth Details

Dana Perino is married to Peter McMahon. The couple married in 1998.

After meeting Peter, an Englishman born in August 1997, they eventually fell in love. The family got a new puppy named Percy after losing their first dog, Jasper.


In 2022, Perino’s net worth will surpass $5 million. She currently works as a political commentator and writer for Fox News.

She previously served as the White House press secretary under the George W. Bush administration.


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