Where is Ryan Michael McGuire now?

The Murder Tapes: Two Neighbors on Investigation Discovery follows the brutal murders of neighbors Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman in Baltimore, Maryland, in May and June 2018.

However, the killer was caught within days thanks to surveillance footage from one of the victims’ homes. If you want to know more about the case and find out who did it and where they are now, you’ve come to the right place. Then let’s jump in, shall we?

Cindy Testerman

How did Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman die?

Cindy Berdina Testerman lived in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Her neighbors said she was a nice woman who was important to the community. Friends and family of the 61-year-old spoke about how much she loved art, gardening, spending time at the local craft shop and volunteering at a local senior center. Louann Feibel said of her friend in her 50s: “She had a heart of gold. She helped her neighbors. She was always there for her neighbors if they needed anything.”

Michael G. Testerman, Cindy’s husband, with whom she had a son named Robert, died long ago. The loving grandmother turned 62 on June 25, 2018 and the night before her birthday her friends and family called her. But when no one could reach her, her son went to see how she was doing. When Robert got to his mother’s house in Rosedale, he found her on the kitchen floor, not moving.

Robert immediately called the police and the first people to arrive at the scene said she was dead. They found evidence that she had been injured in the upper body, so it was decided that she had been killed. Cindy’s cause of death is said to have been “murder from trauma caused by an edged weapon.” When Baltimore County police arrived, they found that Cindy’s home had been broken into and that several valuable items, including her 2013 Honda Accord, had been stolen.

As part of their investigation, the police went to Cindy’s neighbor’s house. The woman who owned the house was Judy Elizabeth Slebzak and she was 66 years old. While Baltimore County police searched her home, they found Judy’s body in a cedar log. According to court records, she too was killed in a brutal attack with a sharp-edged weapon.

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Who killed Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak?

The police didn’t have to search long before they found a suspect. When detectives looked at Cindy’s doorbell camera footage, they found that 32-year-old Ryan Michael McGuire appeared to be the last person to enter her home on June 23, 2018 before her body was found the next day. Officers searched for Cindy’s missing Honda Accord, which they soon found at a Baltimore motel. There was no trouble when they caught Ryan. Several valuable items that had been reported missing from Cindy’s home were found in his possession.

Ryan was brought in for questioning on June 27, 2018 and reportedly admitted to killing both people. Police records show Ryan had no fixed address and was staying with his stepmother, Judy, at the time. He had been planning to kill her for some time and finally did so on May 20, 2018. Police believe he sold Judy’s things to buy drugs and also used her car to get around. Ryan may have even told police where he hid his stepmother’s body, leading to the body being found.

Ryan also said he wanted to kill Testerman because she asked “too many questions.” He said he killed his “curious” neighbor on June 23, 2018, took her valuables and car, and then ran away to get more drugs. Police also found a frightening post Ryan had posted to Facebook a week before the bodies of the two women were found. So he was charged with killing Judy and Cindy twice in the first degree.

Where is Ryan Michael McGuire now?

Court records show Ryan was on probation for breaking into a house while moving in with Judy. Prosecutors thought he intentionally gave his stepmother cocaine, fentanyl and morphine before putting her in the trunk. They said that the house and money are also reasons. Ryan Michael McGuire pleaded guilty to both counts of first-degree murder in November 2019. In December 2019, he was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. According to official court records, he is being held in a prison cell at Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Maryland.

Four years ago, cruel people killed Cindy Testerman and her neighbor Judy Slebzak. The show Murder Tapes on Investigation Discovery told the story of how they died. Find out what happened to Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak and where Ryan McGuire is now by reading the rest of this article.

Released in 2019, The Murder Taps: Two Neighbors tells the story of how neighbors Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak were brutally killed. After the documentary came out, the case attracted a lot of attention and was called one of the coldest blooded murders.

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What happened to Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak?

Cindy Testerman, who lived in Baltimore, was found unconscious in a pool of blood in the kitchen of her Rosedale home in 2018. When her neighbors hadn’t seen her for a while and didn’t see anyone in her house, they called the police.

Police began investigating her death and found it to be “murder from trauma caused by an edged weapon.”

Judy Slebzak, Cindy Testerman’s neighbor who lived directly across the street, was also found dead. While police were searching for evidence of Testerman’s death and searching the suspect’s home, her body was found in a cedar chest.

Judy Slebzak was the stepmother of the person who killed both Slebzak and Cindy Testerman, which was shocking.

How did Cindy Testerman live?

Cindy Berdina Testerman lived in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The 61-year-old woman lived in Rosedale, where her neighbors liked her and took care of her. People who lived near her said she was a kind, respected member of the community.

Testerman used to spend a lot of time at local craft stores and helping out at a senior center, they discovered. She also enjoyed making art and growing plants. “If her neighbors needed something, she was always there for them,” says Louann Fiebel, one of her friends.

Murders of Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman
Murders of Judy Slebzak and Cindy Testerman

Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak were killed. Who was it?

Cindy Testerman and Judy Slebzak were killed by Slebzak’s 32-year-old drug addict stepson, Ryan Michael McGuire. Security camera footage from Testerman’s home helped police determine McGuire was a suspect. Slebzak’s body was later found in the house where McGuire lived.

McGuire was initially held without bail after being charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Ryan McGuire first killed his stepmother, Judy Slebzak, and it turns out he used her car and sold her stuff to get drugs.

He later killed his neighbor Cindy Testerman, but he could not throw away her body like he had Judy’s. This prompted the police to launch an investigation and it didn’t take long for them to figure out who it was.

Why did they kill Cindy Testerman?

It is said that Cindy Testerman was killed because she was a “nosy” neighbor. Ryan McGuire killed her because he thought Cindy had told him that she thought there was something wrong with Judy and that was why she disappeared.

McGuire went to speak to Cindy knowing she would call the police. He ended up using a knife to kill Cindy Testerman. Murder Tapes, a documentary about Investigation Discovery, tells about the case.

What happened to Ryan McGuire?

Ryan McGuire is serving his time in a prison cell at Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Maryland. In November 2019, he said he was guilty of first-degree murder on both counts.

In December 2019, he was sentenced to two life terms that converge. Since then he has been imprisoned. Ryan was on probation for breaking into a house while moving in with Judy.

Prosecutors found that he gave his stepmother cocaine, fentanyl and morphine before putting her in the trunk as an additional reason to get her house and money.

The story is scary enough to give anyone goosebumps

The next episode of The Murder Tapes on Investigation Discovery tells the story of Ryan McGuire. McGuire brutally killed two women while high and trying to hide the truth. The 32-year-old has been charged with double murder and is now serving his sentence.

His stepmother, Judy Elizabeth Slebzak, was one of the people he hurt. He is said to have killed Judy first, but managed to hide the fact by placing her body in a chest. Then he killed Judy’s neighbor Cindy Berdina Testerman the night before she turned 62. McGuire allegedly killed her for asking about Judy the whole time. He also used the money from the sale of the women’s things to buy drugs.

The next episode of The Murder Tapes is called Two Neighbors and here’s what we know about it:

“Cindy Testerman was strangled to death in her own home by a family member, and a second woman went missing around the same time.”

Ryan McGuire’s stepmother’s body was hidden in a cedar chest.

Ryan McGuire is from Rosedale and is 32 years old. Before going to prison, he lived with his stepmother on Roseland Avenue. Ryan continued to do drugs, so he killed his stepmother to get money to buy drugs.

It was initially believed that Ryan was involved in the death of Testerman, who lived on the 7900 block of Roseland Avenue. When her body was found, police said she was killed. This triggered an extensive investigation. Investigators are said to have found Ryan McGuire using video evidence from a surveillance camera.

Jennifer Peach, speaking for Baltimore County, said

“We knew which house he was going to because we saw this person go into their house and then leave and go right across the street.”

Officials found Testerman’s body in the kitchen while investigating why she had been killed. Then they said that a cut from a sharp object killed them. After video evidence came to light, police began to believe Ryan was involved. In the later stages of the investigation, when they searched his home, they found Judy’s body in a cedar chest.

Authorities say Ryan McGuire killed his stepmother a few weeks ago and used her belongings to buy drugs. When her neighbor Testerman started asking questions, he killed her too and sold her things to make more money.

During an interview, McGuire reportedly admitted to killing both women. During his arrest he reportedly told investigators that he intended to kill again.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment twice in a row for killing his neighbor and stepmother. Gayle Robinson, the public defender, said he had a difficult childhood and was using drugs at the time. However, the judge said:

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