Where is Sheila LaBarre now in relation to the Kenneth Countie and Michael Deloge murders?


Kenneth Countie was living with Sheila LaBarre in 2006 when a strange series of incidents led to authorities showing up at her home to investigate what happened to him. But what followed was an investigation into not just one, but two murders. The subject of A&E’s “First Blood” is Sheila’s motivation for killing two men and how she is being investigated for a third murder. So if you want to know more, we can help you.

How did Michael Deloge and Kenneth Countie die?

Kenneth Countie was born in July 1981 in Malden, Massachusetts. According to his mother, the 24-year-old was described as a nice and trusting person with “mental disabilities”. Authorities found his bone and some flesh in a pile of fire and spattered with blood from various spots at the farmhouse where he lived in Epping, New Hampshire. In March 2006, the remains were discovered. He had been stabbed before being set on fire, officers determined after gathering more information.


Michael Deloge, a 37-year-old man, was last observed in the same farmhouse between September and October 2005. His dried blood was discovered by authorities in a bathroom in March 2006. A human bone, Michael’s birth certificate, a used bullet casing and his phone were discovered in the sewage tank. Michael was believed to have been murdered, although the cause of his death was unknown to authorities.

Who Murdered Michael Deloge and Kenneth Countie?

According to authorities, Kenneth was living with Sheila LaBarre at the time of the incident. He contacted her by phone and moved in with her in February 2006. On March 17, 2006, Kenneth was observed at a nearby Walmart in the days leading up to the incident with Sheila. He was reportedly in a wheelchair and had injuries to his hands and face in addition to gray skin. She was in the supermarket buying diesel when she introduced herself as his wife.


Then, on March 24, 2006, at 1:00 am, Sheila called the police. She played a recorded conversation in which she questioned Kenneth about pedophilia and obtained his admission. When the police arrived at the house, concerned for his well-being, they found that he had been killed and burned. Sheila’s life has been the subject of much investigation.

Sheila was born in Alabama, but she endured a rough childhood because she was allegedly abused by her father and his associates. Sheila also spent time in a psychiatric facility in the 1980s after attempting suicide. In 1987 she moved to Epping after responding to Wilfred LaBarre’s personal position. Not only did she receive his estate, but she also claimed to be his significant other. After Wilfred’s death in 2000, Sheila had produced two wills showing that he left nothing to his children and all to Sheila.


Sheila claimed to be Wilfred’s partner, but during this time she was also married to Wayne Ennis for approximately 16 months. He later said she had been violent towards him, occasionally denying him access to the phone, burning his clothes and shooting at him. Wayne also claimed that Sheila expressed a desire for Wilfred’s murder. She even urged Wayne to eventually kill him. Other evidence that Sheila broke into a trailer where her ex-boyfriend was sleeping existed.

Sheila eventually admitted to killing Kenneth and Michael, but it was then disputed whether or not she was “insane” at the time. Her legal team claimed that her client was hallucinating. Sheila once mentioned that she died in the form of an angel and returned to execute pedophiles. According to a testifying defense expert, she suffered from delusions or schizophrenic affect disorders, which led her to believe these individuals were pedophiles. Sheila also claimed that she killed Michael for allegedly abusing animals. Another witness claimed to have seen her hit Michael before he disappeared.


Prosecutors, on the other hand, claimed that Sheila was cunning and vengeful. According to a prosecution expert, she was mentally healthy at the time of the murders. “She didn’t kill them because they were pedophiles,” he continued. She may have used it as an excuse to murder her due to her cruel tendencies. I find this much more logical than their argument that it is morally imperative to remove pedophiles from society.

Where is Sheila LaBarre today?

Sheila LaBarre, then 48, was found guilty of the murders of Kenneth and Michael in June 2008. According to the verdict, she was sane at the time of the crimes. Sheila subsequently received a life sentence with no possibility of parole. Unidentified human toes were also discovered at the site by authorities. Sheila has also been accused of killing Wilfred, but she has refuted such claims. She remains at the Merrimack County Women’s Correctional Facility in Concord, New Hampshire for the time being.


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