Where is Stacy Feldman’s sister Susan Altman now?

Dateline: The Sisterhood on NBC News examines what happened when Stacy Feldman was killed in March 2015.

The 44-year-old’s sudden death ripped her family apart, and it was many years before she found out what had happened. Susan Malman Altman, Stacy’s older sister, never gave up on doing what was right. Robert Feldman, Stacy’s husband, was found guilty of murdering his wife after more than seven years. So if you’re wondering where Susan might be right now, here’s what we know.

Stacy Feldman

Who is Susan Altman?

When Susan Altman learned that her sister, Stacy Feldman, had passed away suddenly on March 1, 2015, she was deeply saddened. That night, Robert called 911 from the couple’s home in Denver, Colorado and said that Stacy was unresponsive in the bathroom. He later said he couldn’t remember whether his wife was face-up or face-down in the shower, but said he pulled her out and revived her until the ambulance arrived. But soon after, Stacy was reported dead and the cause of death was unknown.

In the months following the event, the family searched everywhere for answers. Susan and Stacy were very close and Stacy told her sister a lot about her life. Susan told Tamron Hall in a June 2022 interview that she never liked Robert and didn’t like the way he treated Stacy. She had even found out from Stacy that he had cheated on her. Susan said Stacy left Robert a couple of times, but each time he promised to change and bring her back. She thought Robert had too much control over Stacy and that it was a form of domestic violence.

After Stacy died, Robert got the life insurance money. Susan and the rest of the family tried to prevent this. However, in July 2019, the Supreme Court said it could use the money to pay for his defense. By then, police had heard from Susan McBride, a woman who said she was having an affair with Robert after he lied about being in a relationship and used a different name. She found Stacy and told her about it the day she was going to die. Susan pushed for the case to be prosecuted, but prosecutors reportedly didn’t feel they had enough until the affair was discussed in court and an outside doctor said Stacy had been killed.

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What is Susan Altman doing now?

After Robert Feldman was sentenced to life in prison in April 2022, Susan said, “I’ve been fighting for this for seven years because my sister deserves to rest in peace. This man has taken seven years of my life, seven years of my ability to live and be a mother to my children, and he won’t take another second.” Susan said she felt she had done the right thing by her sister, after the verdict was pronounced.

Susan and her husband currently live in Boston, Massachusetts. They have three daughters and it seems they have all left home to work. Before becoming CEO of Temple Shir Tikva in Wayland, Massachusetts, Susan worked for companies such as Combined Jewish Philanthropies and Hebrew SeniorLife. She worked there for just over six years before joining Partners In Health-CTC in 2020. Susan’s birthday wasn’t too long ago and she also went to Israel.

In March 2015, Stacy Feldman, a 44-year-old mother of two from Denver, was killed in her home along with her husband Robert and their young children. Robert said that afternoon when he came home from the children’s fair from the carnival that day, his wife hadn’t moved in the bath. The cause of death was long “unknown”.

It was later revealed that Stacy’s husband of 10 years did it after she confronted him that morning about an affair he was having with a woman he met on Tinder. Upon further investigation, shocking details about the death revealed that Robert had set it up to appear like an accident. In 2018, he was caught after a series of shocking discoveries and evidence.

My thoughts are with Stacy Malman Feldman’s family in Denver today. For seven painful years they tried to find out who killed them. Bob Feldman was found guilty of first-degree murder today.

Almost seven years later, in April 2022, after a lengthy trial, a jury found him guilty after less than three hours of deliberation. Robert was sentenced to life in prison without a chance of parole. Friends and family of the people he had hurt were relieved and said, “Justice has been served.”

Here are some shocking facts about the murder of Stacy Feldman ahead of NBC’s upcoming Dateline episode, The Sisterhood, which airs Friday, September 30, 2022 at 9 p.m. ET.

Five disturbing things about the 2015 murder of Stacy Feldman by her husband: 1) Robert Feldman didn’t want to help at the scene.

Robert Feldman said when he got home on March 1, 2015, his wife was asleep in the tub while the water was still running. He is said to have pulled her out, called for help and resuscitated her. First responders got to the scene, but nothing they did helped.

However, during the investigation, documents showed that Robert did not want to assist police at the scene of Stacy Feldman’s death on the day she was killed. He was rude to the police and paramedics at the scene where Stacy’s body was found and he told them he didn’t want an autopsy.

That morning, a few hours before her death, Stacy was talking to Robert

On the morning of March 1, the day Stacy Feldman died, she received an email from her husband’s mistress, the story goes. The mistress admitted she emailed Stacy to find out more about her marriage to Robert. He told her he was divorced so she wanted to know if they were still together.

On this day, the 44-year-old is said to have spoken to Robert about the affair. She even told him that she was “done with him” in her reply to his email. Sources say that Robert cheated on Stacy for the entire 10 years of their marriage and that Stacy found out about it many times. Susan Altman, her sister, said she once told her how he interacted with other women.

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The teenage daughter of the separating couple told the court what happened that day

The daughter of Robert and Stacy Feldman, who was just nine when the incident happened at her Denver home, testified as a teenager at the 2022 trial. She said the morning of March 1, 2015, the day her mother died suspiciously, was a “normal” day.

The girl told jurors that she and her brother attended religious school before going to the carnival and that her mother appeared happy and normal that morning. She also said she had to call Robert when her mother didn’t pick her up when she was supposed to. She also said they went to a bike shop before her father took her home.

Stacy Feldman
Stacy Feldman

Robert made it sound like his wife Stacy was ill the day she died

During the first part of the investigation, Robert told police that Stacy Feldman may have died from the edible marijuana she ate at a party the night before. He said she was ill that day and suggested she may have fallen over in the shower due to a health issue. The husband told police that he last saw Stacy in bed that day.

But when the former couple’s daughter spoke about her mother’s mood and health that day, she said nothing about the illness. The girl said that Stacy looked happy and normal that morning and said nothing about being sick or going back to bed. The daughter also said it was strange that her mother didn’t pick her up from school that day.

The true cause of Stacy Feldman’s death was found out by her lover and a doctor

The investigation into Stacy Feldman’s murder has dragged on for more than two years due to continued pressure from her family. In October 2017, Robert’s lover came forward and told police about her affair and her emails to the victim. This was the first major breakthrough in the case. The case then picked up steam and was pushed for more investigation.

Shortly thereafter, a medical expert conducted further tests and determined that Stacy’s death was actually caused by “an assault involving blunt force trauma, strangulation, and asphyxiation.” In February 2018, a few months later, Feldman was caught and charged with his wife’s murder. He was accused of killing Stacy and then making it look like she died in an accident.

At 6:20 a.m., Stacy Feldman received an email that would lead to a horrific event. She couldn’t ignore a stranger’s text because she was telling her something important, so she picked up the phone and called. At the end of the day, Stacy was dead.

As of March 2015, the 44-year-old was living in Denver, Colorado with her husband Robert Feldman and their two children. They had been together for ten years.

Stacy was an amazing mom who loved having fun with her kids and had a great sense of humor.

But on March 1, her husband called 911 to tell them of a tragedy. Feldman said when he got home his wife was in the tub, not moving, and the water was still running. He said he got her out of the car and resuscitated her.

Feldman was taking his kids from Sunday school to a carnival, and when they got back, Stacy was badly injured in the bathroom, he said.

Had she just showered and fallen? Although paramedics rushed to the scene, Stacy could not be saved.

Feldman told the police and fire department what he believed happened. He said she ate some marijuana and drank some wine at a party the night before. He also said she felt ill the next day, which could have led to a fall. He also said that she may have fallen because of a health issue.

With so many questions left unanswered, police were surprised when Feldman didn’t want an autopsy. Didn’t he want to find out why his wife had died? People who were there also found it strange that there wasn’t much water outside of the bath. How did they pull Stacy out without watering the whole floor?

A death scene was watched. Stacy was hurt but it was decided she got it when she fell or when she was pulled out of the bath.

Feldman said he did CPR, but it didn’t look like it. Instead, the paramedics did it, which can result in bruises.

There was also no evidence that Stacy had used marijuana. Her death was described as “unexplained” and her family was upset that they didn’t know why she died. Feldman also received $750,000 from a life insurance policy they bought five years ago.

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