Where is the California inmate today in the Jaime Osuna necklace story?

Jaime Osuna has attracted media attention for the murder of his cellmate. State records say he used a homemade knife to decapitate and dissect the body of his 44-year-old cellmate, Luis Romero.

The guards found Osuna wearing a necklace made from Romero’s body parts.

He has tattoos all over his face, professes to be a satanist and wears a cruel smile all the time. Furthermore, he has admitted that he has a villain’s face tattooed on his face.

Osuna was accused of disfiguring Romero by cutting out an eye, one of his fingers, some of his ribs and part of his lung from one of his cellmates.

Osuna reportedly took photos with Romero’s headless body after decapitating him and then chose to wear a necklace made out of his body parts. Romero had been imprisoned for 27 years and was about to be paroled when he died.

Wikipedia: Necklace Story by Jaime Osuna

On March 9, 2019, Jaime Osuna was accused of using a homemade knife to severe the body parts of the 44-year-old man in her California jail cell.

Before releasing a necklace made from his victim’s body parts, Jamie Osuna killed and tortured his cellmate.

Osuna reportedly chose to slaughter his cellmate some more, taking out one of Romero’s eyes, a finger and part of his lung before slicing the corners of his lips to give the impression that he was grinning.

The necklace, made up of fragments from Romero’s body that Jaime Osuna was wearing, was discovered by the guards when they went into the cell to check on the convicts.

Yvette Pena, a 37-year-old woman, was killed and tortured in a Bakersfield hotel in 2011, but Osuna received a life sentence.

Osuna’s 2017 trial earned him a bad rap for his facial tattoos and occult activities, which reminded several people of Charles Manson.

He mocked the victim’s family at the time and boasted to a reporter how much he enjoyed torturing people.

Movie by Jamie Osuna

Although Jaime Osuna’s documentary is not available on Netflix, you can listen to his interviews on the Thousand Faces podcast website and on the KGET News YouTube channel.

The documentary on Netflix The story of a man jailed for the 2011 murder of a woman in Bakersfield is narrated by Jaime Osuna. He was found unfit to stand trial for the murder of his cellmate two years ago. In the film, the situation with Osuna is revealed.

Luis Romero was murdered by Jamie Osuna

He was framed for the murder of Yvette Pea. He tormented his victim while she was imprisoned, leaving her with disfigured body parts. After more than three decades in a psychiatric hospital, he is still incarcerated for life with no chance of parole.

According to psychiatric doctors, he was diagnosed with a mental illness while in detention, which is why he cannot be released from detention.

Jailhouse interview requests were directed to Jaime Osuna by journalist Olivia LaVoice. She expected a now in return. Olivia was stunned when Jaime unexpectedly agreed to the interview.

The conversation is divided into six sections, beginning with his life story and ending with the level of the murder of his cellmate, Romero. It’s called the Thousand Faces Podcast because it’s said to have a thousand faces.

Romero’s murder has caused others to wonder why Osuna, who has a history of abusing his cellmates, was given a cellmate.

What happened to Jamie Osuna?

After his arrest for the murder of Yvette Pena, Jamie Osuna attracted media attention and was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of release. However, he is expected to plead guilty and refuse to pursue the case at the 2020 trial.

He was declared unfit to proceed with the trial. However, by 2021 he had returned to normal and the process had started again. Jamie Osuna’s trial was set for July 22, 2022, but no details of what happened in court were released.